[Mix]: V/sions – NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 008




V/sions was founded in Dresden, Germany, at the beginning of 2016. He already won a DJ-Contest in autumn 2016 and gave his berlin debut at suicide circus in January 2019 on the well-known label Aufnahme + Wiedergabe.

His musical conception is extensive. Impressed by Industrial and Power Electronics, his love located in the techno of the early 90s, EBM and belgian‘s new beat style. All these musical influences are part of his DJ sets, which he combines with his own touch. Music as a universal language forms its conceptual orientation, for which he always provides surprises and a liveliness in his performances.


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“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 008”

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01. Jennifer Touch – Elec
02. Acid Commando – Acid Generation (Bonus Beats)
03. Art Kinder Industrie – Sabbath Of Love
04. Frontline Assembly – Obsession
05. Diamond Version – Forever New Frontiers
06. Esplendor Geométrico – Bombotó
07. IV Horsemen – Cor Contritum
08. Qual – Motherblood
09. About: Kaos – The Man In The Clock
10. Stahlwerk 9 – Wohin Die Pferde Ziehn (V/sions Edit)
11. Amnesia – Ibiza
12. Chico Crew – Acid Pages (Church Mix)
13. Die Selektion – Der Augenblick Explodiert (Ancient Methods Remix)
14. Sawf – Stispilia
15. Rasthof Dachau – A Prison Poem
16. Unhuman & Surit – Moral Poverty
17. Mass-X-Odus – Slumlord
18. Conrad Schnitzler – Fabrik
19. Crystal Geometry – Submission
20. Maenad Veyl – Subtle Violence
21. Das Ich – Kain Und Abel
22. Scalameriya – Majin (V/sions Edit)
23. Velvet May – Unknown Bodies (Years Of Denial Remix)
24. Tronik Youth & Tunnel Signs – Beathrills
25. Buzz Kull – Ode To Hate
26. Millimetric – Who Killed Bambi
27. W.LV.S. – Black Diva
28. W.M.T.I.D. – Sidewinder
29. S.A.F. – The Three
30. This Mortal Coil – Fond Affections (V/sions Edit)




[Mix]: Ancient Methods – NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 007


Ancient Methods


Ancient Methods is the project of Michael Wollenhaupt.

Since its emergence the project the has been often labelled as „pitch black techno war funk“ (quoted after an early Boomkat review) and closely associated to what later on would be tagged as the „industrial techno“ – movement. This is possibly due to the radical machine aesthetics Ancient Methods has developed into an unmistakable trademark sound, since more than a decade. However the mechanical framework is – no more, no less – a physical ambassador for a deeper content, there is a profound human emotionality enclosed in the rhythmic shell.

The project is pictorially associated with „The Fall Of Jericho“-picture, that adorned the first releases of the eponymous „Ancient Methods“ label. The wall-breaking image is metaphorical not only for the sound of the project. Bringing formerly rather dissociated musical subcultures closer to each other has been an integral and fertile part of Michael Wollenhaupt’s work. The results are not only well documented by releases on labels like aufnahme + wiedergabe, Hands and Hospital Productions. As a prolific remixer he worked among many others for the post-punkers of Soft Moon, synth-pop greats Wolfsheim, industrial-legends Bourbonese Qualk, synth-wave icon Beta Evers and beat-scientist Powell. The project has also been playing genrecrossing festivals like Maschinenfest, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, or Positive Education – to name a few.

The genre-crossing qualities of the projects not only become obvious in his productions or during the live shows (the latter supported by Wahiba Khadri on drums and guitar) but also during Ancient Methods’ DJ-sets. Michael is dragging his obvious influences such as wave, EBM, industrial but also classical, liturgical, psychedelic and folk music into the techno frame to drop them on the dance floors and hereby delivering an intimate, rather introverted euphoria. Under the Room 506 moniker some of his DJ-edits (e.g. for Killian Camera or Deutsch Nepal) received vinyl releases due to public demand.

Throughout the years Wollenhaupt has been collaborating with Regis to form Ugandan Methods, with Orphx as Eschaton, with Cindytalk as In The Mouth Of The Wolf, and Prurient taking the project to new levels.

The border crossing is furthermore elaborated with a monthly radio show on Berlin Community Radio and the launch of a new label from Ancient Methods, Persephonic Sirens, which aim is to support new and like-minded artists.


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“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 007”


01. Gewalt – Eiswürfel
02. Lbeeze – Racked
03. Violet Poison – Trauma Oblivion (Broken English Club Remix) / December – Intervention Tune!
04. Umwelt – Tremblement
05. New Frames – Mumiae / O Saal Sakraal – Stasis
06. Celldöd – Smalspar
07. Crystal Geometry – (no) Fatality / Herz Jühning – Wiedereintritt
08. Hakai – Where Common Knowledge Is Distorted And Strange
09. Tommy Fourseven – 2084 / J.Carter – The Ropes Become Water As We Roll Together Towards Dawn
10. Velvet May – Your Eyes Resemble Mud
11. Nehmet – Claim Your Way
12. Trepaneringsritualen – Serpent Seed (Ancient Methods Remix)
13. Glenn Wilson – Salvation
14. Takaaki Itoh – Anarchists
15. Sharplines – Heading For Hell
16. RVDE – TRX1
17. Dimitri Angelis – Index / Blasterkorps – Mercenaire
18. Keepsakes – Seep / Monoton – Ein Wort / Samantha Glass – Discreet & Perfect For Travel
19. Fraction Directe – Les Abysses / The Nent – Veritas
20. Time Traveller – Chronicles from 1957 (A1) / Boards Of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden
21. Dalhia – Apoptosis / Orphan Ann – The Practice Of Surrender
22. IV Horsemen – Carve The Hour (Bring Her)
23. Klara – Deconstruction / Sonologyst – Nocturnal Anomalies
24. Hypnoskull – Der Neue Held
25. Randolph & Mortimer – The Light
26. Illnurse – The Absurd
27. Ancient Methods – Hommage Aux Machines
28. Sawf – Farania
29. Manni Dee – A Philistine Like You / Smaland – Rabbit Lane
30. Rhys Fulber & Blush Response – Dissipate
31. Qual – Inject Your Mind
32. Empire State – Tight
33. Black Merlin – Psych73 / Zamilska – Hollow
34. Architectural – The Barbershop
35. Harkon Rüttmer – Untitled
36. Rendered – Slamming / Dean McPhee – Valerian
37. Female – Surrounded By Enemies
38. UVB 76 – Shugo/Nox / Saba Alizadeh – Grettings To The Earthfire
39. Cloama – Sellaista Kuolemaa Ei Ole / Shifted – Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart (AM edit)


Ancient Methods’ album “The Jericho Records” on Ancient Methods
sampler “Wiedergaben Vol. 2” w/ AM track & remixes on A + W
“Exstinctio Conscientia” by w/ AM tracks on Fondation Sonore
“SDGXXV EP” by APB w/ AM remix on Pitch Black Drive Productions
Wolfsheim’s “The Sparrow And ..” w/ AM remix on Dark Entries Records
AM’s “The First Siren” on Persephonic Sirens
all stuff on Persephonic Sirens, the label run by AM


Triangle Agency


the29nov films
Ancient Methods


© Photo By Marie Staggat

[Mix]: Brothers Black – NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 006


Brothers Black


Brothers Black are brothers James Sison and Edward Antonio. Originally from London but now based in Berlin, their 2017 highlights include a slew of releases on family labels Voxnox Records and Safer at Night, labels Counter Pulse and Gynoid Audio, and their own self-titled, vinyl-only label Brothers Black. Breakout tracks such as Network and Timerunner have been supported widely throughout the techno community, with regular playtime at clubs like Berghain. The pair are launching into 2018 by beginning a streak of EPs with high profile remixers: Artefakt, Invite, Cosmin TRG and Jeff Rushin. Their label will also see appearances from Delta Funktionen, Eric Cloutier and High Mobility Weapons unit among others this year. In addition to developing their sound the brothers have also enjoyed a growing touring schedule, headlining clubs like Griessmühle in Berlin as well as making their debut in the legendary Tresor dungeon.


Video by Future Error:


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“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 006”


01. Overlook – Crisis
02. Total – Shadow 4
03. Kaiser – Parachute
04. Mary Velo – Code of Behaviour
05. Sedvs & Peel – Endurance
06. Oscar Mulero – The Cycle
07. Patrick Siech – Sektor 214
08. Magna Pia – YS Ura
09. Regis – VD Hospital
10. Fixeer – Sleepwalker
11. Maurkook – Acid Slave
12. Christian Gerlach – NAOS
13. Rebeval – Braniac
14. Cadans – Slit
15. Vladw – The History Will Absolve
16. Fumiya Tanaka – Continuation
17. Brothers Black – Late Night Call
18. Steve Stoll – Top Fuel
19. Mike Parker – Druma
20. Martyn – Cutting Tone


“E-150” on Safer At Night | Brothers Black
“Trails EP” on Voxnox Records
“Network EP” on Bade Records
“BRBL001” on Brothers Black
“Marianas EP” on Voxnox Records


Thrust Agency


Future Error
Brothers Black


[Mix]: Kevin de Vries – NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 005


Kevin de Vries


Kevin de Vries is a young and coming Producer based in Berlin, Germany.

Showing his very own trance inspired techno sound with his first EP called “A Journey Through Life” released on Complexed Records in 2015, he gained the support from the biggest Players in the Scene. Names like Adam Beyer, Richie Hawtin and many more started to support him.

With his Tracks “Eternity”, released on Adam Beyer’s renowned Drumcode Label, and “Time Traveller”, which was one of the most played tracks by no one else than Sven Väth in that Season, he had a successful year in 2016 and got signed by the well-known agency Blakksheep, where he joined the rooster alongside Sam Paganini, Johannes Hel, Sasha Carassi and others.

In 2017 Kevin started to play international shows including Festivals like Extrema Outdoor, Nature One, Winterworld but also played in clubs like Watergate, Borderline, Gewölbe, Studio Club, Melkweg or Sisyphos to name a few.

With a Remix by dutch legend Secret Cinema on his latest EP “Infinity” on Unrilis, a collaboration with Suara’s Coyu, Kevin’s future looks very promising.

His latest EP “Cataract” with Weska on Odd Recordings was supported by the biggest names from Adam Beyer to Pan-Pot, charted into the Top 20 and is still comfortable in the Beatport Top 100 few weeks after it’s release.

In February 2018 Kevin will be featured on one of the most respected Mix-CD’s out there. The italian masters Tale of Us included his Track “Path To Immortality” for their fabric 97 mix and continued their support after Kevin’s Tracks became a regular part of their set’s.


Video by Nikolozka:


Listen on SC & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 005”


01. Pisetzky – Vahana
02. The Ancient Memories – No Regrets
03. Pisetzky – Bakwas
04. Jon Hester – Cypher
05. Deas – Monotheism
06. Yan Cook – Sand
07. Blicz – Hydra
08. Bastinov – Paradox
09. Ilija Djokovic – Nebula
10. Deas – Paranoia
11. Kevin de Vries – Meraki
12. Kevin de Vries – Fanaa


Kevin De Vries’ EP “Out Of Mind” on Complexed Records
Kevin De Vries’ EP “Time Traveler” on Extrasolar Records
Kevin De Vries’ EP “We Are All Prisoners” on Advanced
Kevin De Vries’ EP “Platon” on Arts Digital


Neptune Music for Kevin De Vries


Kevin De Vries


[Mix]: Emanuel De Vayrac – NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 004


Emanuel De Vayrac


Emanuel De Vayrac is the the right person to take us on a trippy, hypnotizing and spaced out journey along his long musical experiences.

Organising in Hamburgs mid-nineties illegal open air raves and techno parties in the notorious Rote Flora, he first started producing and djing ambient/experimental sounds. After some musical stopovers (like in glamy synthpop) he found his home in drifty but sophisticated Techno.

The Goethe Institut invited him in 2007 as Berlin’s representative underground DJ to play in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Other international bookings brought him e.g. to Tokyo, Toronto, Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

In between he visited the class of soundartist Michaela Melián at art university HfBK and worked as a lawyer in film companies. After suspending the work as a lawyer in favour of music, Emanuel started a one-year-residency at the House club Chalet but quickly turned towards Techno-hot-spots like Griessmuehle, Sisyphos, Humboldthain, Tresor or the Fusion Festival.

His Habitus parties, inviting artists like Hector Oaks, Keith Carnal, Dadub, Arnaud Le Texier, Nikita Zabelin, The Transhumans, Deepbass, Joachim Spieth, Głós, Manuel Münster, Christian Gerlach or RVDS were for several years


Video by Timdufner:


Listen on SC & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 004”


01. TGV Arrival at Besançon Station, Sept, 6th, 2016
02. Głos – Heptagons
03. Abul Mogard – Slate-Coloured Storm
04. Tim Hecker – Scene From A French Zoo
05. Avatism – Hessdalen
06. Christian Renou – Ex-Voto (Wire-FM Mix)
07. Tarwater – N´existe Pas
08. Sigha – Remembrance
09. DJ Spooky – The Terran Invasion Of Alpha Centauri 2794
10. Alec Empire – 37.2 Pt.2
11. Beat Pharmacy – Sunday
12. Cio D´or – Organza (Samuli Kemppi Remix)
13. Klaus Schulze – Zeitgeist (Zeit)
14. Aion (aka Edoardo) – Intro (Etereal)
15. Alva Noto – T3 (for Dieter Rams)
16. Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange – The Dreams, 4: Sea
17. Encre – Plexus
18. Harmonious Thelonious – I Found A New Way Of Loving You
19. Autechre – Overand
20. Biosphere – The things I tell you
21. Nene Hatun – Yakup
22. Coh – Mort aux vaches (ca min. 30-33 from 38 min)
23. Eomac – Untitled Unreleased Track
24. Joachim Spieth – Candela
25. Emanuel De Vayrac – Anicca
26. Mark Hollis – A life (1895 – 1915)
27. Alva Noto – Interim (for Dieter Rams)
28. Fhom – Alice avait raison
29. Chas Smith – False Security Of Numbers
30. Roman Flügel – Fantasy
31. TGV Door shutting, Sept. 6th 2016, between Frankfurt and Avignon


Emanuel De Vayrac