out now: Various – DEADCERTBLACK002 [DEAD CERT. Records]






DEAD CERT. Records




Release Date:
13th August 2020




Marco Effe

Arnaud Le Texier

William Arist



Press Info:
DEAD CERT. Records is a label linked to the deathtechno.com website ran by Jack! Who? in the UK.

DEADCERTBLACK002 is the return of the vinyl only series limited to 200 copies.

The second instalment features individual tracks from a selection of handpicked artists. Featuring known and established artists, but also those breaking into the industry.

This EP contains quality cuts from Marco Effe in Berlin, Arnaud Le Texier in London, William Arist from Uruguay and Qphoriq who is based in Russia.

A1. Marco Effe – Sonorgram
Marco Effe has a vast history, diversity and pedigree of productions on the likes of Sven Väth’s Cocoon, Dubfire’s SCI+TEC, Luca Agnelli’s Etruria Beat and Planet Rhythm to name only a few. “Sonorgam” is a hypnotic, rolling, analogue jam with an alluring hook and full of masterful suspense ready for the club floor.

A2. Arnaud Le Texier – Corrode
Arnaud Le Texier is known for heading up the highly respected Children of Tomorrow label and his music has also been released on Slam’s Soma, Sven Väth’s Cocoon and Christian Wünsch’s Tsunami Records. “Corrode” wastes no time driving it’s droning, stabbing synth into the airwaves complemented by chopping hi-hats that create a raw, sonic intensity delivered with power and precision.

B1. William Arist – Cyanophyta
William Arist is an established artist from Uruguay with over 100 tracks released across vinyl and digital formats using a multitude of monikers. His productions have caught the ear of heads such as Ben Sims and his quality can be heard instantly. “Cyanophyta” is a moody and twisted techno beast that uses engaging, esoteric and looping tones to capture the imagination with a powerful style bursting with energy.

B2. Qphoriq – Statique
Russian talent Leo Vasilets aka Qphoriq makes his debut on DEAD CERT. in distinguished style here. “Statique” is a thumping and euphoric effort using dreamy chords and distinctive drum rolls to create a compelling tapestry of sound design with emotional connection that excites and satisfies with its depth and character.


Full Track Streaming:


Marco Effe – “Der Hirsch, 01.01.2020”

Arnaud Le Texier – “Reinkarnation # 002”

William Arist – “DEADCERTPODCAST012”


“Smoke Of Dead EP” w/ William Arist on Liberta Records
William Arist’s “Steam EP” on Tauten
William Arist’s “PERR003” on Perseverancia Records
William Arist’s “Quintaesencia” on Animal Farm Records
compilation “Black Lives Matter” w/ Arnaud Le Texier on Prodigal Son
compilation “SEELEN.002” w/ Arnaud Le Texier on Seelen Records
H. Paul’s “Asceticism” on DEAD CERT. Records


Buy Vinyl:
Red Eye Records
Disco Piu
more soon


DEAD CERT. Records


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