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Ancient Methods


Ancient Methods is the project of Michael Wollenhaupt.

Since its emergence the project the has been often labelled as „pitch black techno war funk“ (quoted after an early Boomkat review) and closely associated to what later on would be tagged as the „industrial techno“ – movement. This is possibly due to the radical machine aesthetics Ancient Methods has developed into an unmistakable trademark sound, since more than a decade. However the mechanical framework is – no more, no less – a physical ambassador for a deeper content, there is a profound human emotionality enclosed in the rhythmic shell.

The project is pictorially associated with „The Fall Of Jericho“-picture, that adorned the first releases of the eponymous „Ancient Methods“ label. The wall-breaking image is metaphorical not only for the sound of the project. Bringing formerly rather dissociated musical subcultures closer to each other has been an integral and fertile part of Michael Wollenhaupt’s work. The results are not only well documented by releases on labels like aufnahme + wiedergabe, Hands and Hospital Productions. As a prolific remixer he worked among many others for the post-punkers of Soft Moon, synth-pop greats Wolfsheim, industrial-legends Bourbonese Qualk, synth-wave icon Beta Evers and beat-scientist Powell. The project has also been playing genrecrossing festivals like Maschinenfest, Wave-Gotik-Treffen, or Positive Education – to name a few.

The genre-crossing qualities of the projects not only become obvious in his productions or during the live shows (the latter supported by Wahiba Khadri on drums and guitar) but also during Ancient Methods’ DJ-sets. Michael is dragging his obvious influences such as wave, EBM, industrial but also classical, liturgical, psychedelic and folk music into the techno frame to drop them on the dance floors and hereby delivering an intimate, rather introverted euphoria. Under the Room 506 moniker some of his DJ-edits (e.g. for Killian Camera or Deutsch Nepal) received vinyl releases due to public demand.

Throughout the years Wollenhaupt has been collaborating with Regis to form Ugandan Methods, with Orphx as Eschaton, with Cindytalk as In The Mouth Of The Wolf, and Prurient taking the project to new levels.

The border crossing is furthermore elaborated with a monthly radio show on Berlin Community Radio and the launch of a new label from Ancient Methods, Persephonic Sirens, which aim is to support new and like-minded artists.


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“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 007”


01. Gewalt – Eiswürfel
02. Lbeeze – Racked
03. Violet Poison – Trauma Oblivion (Broken English Club Remix) / December – Intervention Tune!
04. Umwelt – Tremblement
05. New Frames – Mumiae / O Saal Sakraal – Stasis
06. Celldöd – Smalspar
07. Crystal Geometry – (no) Fatality / Herz Jühning – Wiedereintritt
08. Hakai – Where Common Knowledge Is Distorted And Strange
09. Tommy Fourseven – 2084 / J.Carter – The Ropes Become Water As We Roll Together Towards Dawn
10. Velvet May – Your Eyes Resemble Mud
11. Nehmet – Claim Your Way
12. Trepaneringsritualen – Serpent Seed (Ancient Methods Remix)
13. Glenn Wilson – Salvation
14. Takaaki Itoh – Anarchists
15. Sharplines – Heading For Hell
16. RVDE – TRX1
17. Dimitri Angelis – Index / Blasterkorps – Mercenaire
18. Keepsakes – Seep / Monoton – Ein Wort / Samantha Glass – Discreet & Perfect For Travel
19. Fraction Directe – Les Abysses / The Nent – Veritas
20. Time Traveller – Chronicles from 1957 (A1) / Boards Of Canada – Amo Bishop Roden
21. Dalhia – Apoptosis / Orphan Ann – The Practice Of Surrender
22. IV Horsemen – Carve The Hour (Bring Her)
23. Klara – Deconstruction / Sonologyst – Nocturnal Anomalies
24. Hypnoskull – Der Neue Held
25. Randolph & Mortimer – The Light
26. Illnurse – The Absurd
27. Ancient Methods – Hommage Aux Machines
28. Sawf – Farania
29. Manni Dee – A Philistine Like You / Smaland – Rabbit Lane
30. Rhys Fulber & Blush Response – Dissipate
31. Qual – Inject Your Mind
32. Empire State – Tight
33. Black Merlin – Psych73 / Zamilska – Hollow
34. Architectural – The Barbershop
35. Harkon Rüttmer – Untitled
36. Rendered – Slamming / Dean McPhee – Valerian
37. Female – Surrounded By Enemies
38. UVB 76 – Shugo/Nox / Saba Alizadeh – Grettings To The Earthfire
39. Cloama – Sellaista Kuolemaa Ei Ole / Shifted – Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart (AM edit)


Ancient Methods’ album “The Jericho Records” on Ancient Methods
sampler “Wiedergaben Vol. 2” w/ AM track & remixes on A + W
“Exstinctio Conscientia” by w/ AM tracks on Fondation Sonore
“SDGXXV EP” by APB w/ AM remix on Pitch Black Drive Productions
Wolfsheim’s “The Sparrow And ..” w/ AM remix on Dark Entries Records
AM’s “The Asking Breath Comes To Each” on Candela Rising
AM’s “The First Siren” on Persephonic Sirens
all stuff on Persephonic Sirens, the label run by AM


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the29nov films
Ancient Methods


© Photo By Marie Staggat

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