10th June 2023: Kiss Klub feat. Introversion, Blue Hour & Philippa Pacho @ Die Rakete, Nuremberg (Germany)


Kiss Klub feat. Introversion, Blue Hour & Philippa Pacho


Dates & Time:
10th June 2023 at 11:00pm


Blue Hour b2b Philippa Pacho
Johnny Sheppard
Marco Lautner
Matteo Pantera
Michael Rosmann
Theatral Soup


Die Rakete, Nuremberg (Germany)


Press Info

Event @ Facebook


Introversion – “Fast Forward Audio Series #78”

Blue Hour & Philippa Pacho – “Fist Mix 34”

Johnny Sheppard – “at Kiss Klub 09.11.19 / Die Rakete”

Marco Lautner – “FCKNG RVRS x Raving Monkeys | 11.09.21”

Matteo Pantera – “@Haus33 X Ciao! Inc. 29.10.2022”

Michael Rosmann – “Die Rakete Podcast”

Theatral Soup – “Dystopian Dimensions 003”


compilation “Kias Kollektion Vol. 1” on Kias
Fiedel’s “Transference EP” on Kias
our special about Introversion and his releases
stuff on Blue Hour’s label we featured




Kiss Klub
Die Rakete


16th June 2023: Dystropico III by Inherencia x .defaultbox @ Suicide Club, Berlin (Germany)


Dystropico III by Inherencia x .defaultbox


Date & Time:
16th June 2023 at 11pm CET


Robert Hoff
Lucas Vazz
10.000 BC


Suicide Club, Berlin (Germany)


Press Info:
Welcome back to Dystrópico’s island: a place between the concepts of tropics and dystopia, an invitation to rethink our Latin diaspora in the immediacy of a fast and uncertain Europe, a call to enjoy our diversity, to generate counter-culture, to decolonise with hedonism and deconstruct the sediments of a supposed tropical dream.

With this in mind (and body) our artists will re-interpret diverse rhythms from their homelands in an amalgam of electronic textures and colours: house, techno, Reggaeton, Cumbia, electro, breaks.

Dystropic is a movement against Eurocentrism. A line of defence against the exoticisation of our cultures, a cry against extraccionism, against the neoliberal empire and its patriarchal ideology, against classicism and racism, sexism and any kind of heteronormativity. We want to offer a safe space for BIPOC and LGTBQI+ people and all those who identify with our values.

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


10.000 BC – “NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2023”

Lucas Vazz – “at Secret Garden // Berlin”

KONZ – “:ˈvɛːrɪənt: Podcast Mix”

Robert Hoff – “Sleaze Mix Series #5”


Asymmetrical Signal’s “Encounter EP” on Inherencia
compilation “Justice, Dignity And Peace” on Inherencia
compilation “In Absence And Violence Of The State, …” on Inherencia
compilation “Against The Violation Of Human Rights” on Inherencia
all stuff on .defaultbox


Suicide Club


10th June 2023: Staub XXL @ ://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Staub XXL


Date & Time:
10th June 2023 at 10:00 am


a secret that will be a secret until … the party ends


://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Info (German):
Samstag // XXL // Garten // Techno // Staub

Eine Party bei der Lineups der Vergangenheit angehören und Techno den Geräten überlassen wird um eine musikalische Reise zu erzählen.

Eine Party bei der das Publikum sich den überraschenden Moment der Ungewissheit hingibt, nur getragen von ausgesuchten Künstlern und Newcomern.

Veranstaltung @ Resident Advisor
Veranstaltung @ Facebook


Info (English):
Line-up? Dust from yesterday.

It remains exciting: Saturday // XXL // Garden // Techno // Staub

A party where lineups are a thing of the past and techno is left to its devices narrating a musical journey.

A party where the audience gives in to the surprise of uncertainty, carried by carefully selected artists and newcomers.

Event @ Resident Advisor
Event @ Facebook


someone or someone else – “Mixes recorded at Staub parties”


“Groove Podcast 146” (5 years anniversary feature)


Video Specials:
Sebastian Kökow – “Staub 10 Years”

“Staub #36.1”

“Staub #36.2”

“Staub #38”

“Staub #39”

“Staub #40”

“Staub #41”

“Staub #44”

“Staub #57”

Sebastian Kökow – “Staub 25/05/2019”


sampler “Staub 007”
sampler “Staub 006”
sampler “Staub 005”
sampler “Staub 004”
sampler “Staub 002”
sampler “Staub 003”
sampler “Staub 001”
sampler “Moments 1”
sampler “Moments 2”


://about blank


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