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He’s released on Suara, Autektone Dark, PTR Berlin, Reload, Funk’ N Deep, Silver M and others.

Support: Charlotte Dewitte, Paula Temple, Ellien Alien, Amanda Mussi, Chris Liebeng, Emmanuel Arts, Luigi Madonna, Ghost in the Machine, Lorenzo Raganzini (HEX), Endlec (Mord Records), Raphael Dincsoy (Lehmann Club), Fernanda Martins (Devotion, AudioCode), Raven (Rekids), Non Reversible (Soma, A R T S ), NovaFuture Blog, Arjun Vargale, Frankyeffe (Riot Recordings / Suara / Second State), George Tounisidis (Suara), Ayako Mori, Drumcomplex, Spektre, Fatima Hajji, T-78, Shay De Castro, Brennen Grey, Giovanni Carozza, Hollen, Stephen Disario (Planet Rhythm, 6AM), Hiroaki Iizuka (Self Reflektion), Sam Jones (Open Up Radio), Maxima FM Madrid

He began his journey in dance music as a raver in the 04-08 trance era while studying Economics at University of Texas in Austin. During his studies he was blessed with the opportunity to travel and rave in places like Amsterdam to discover the underground dub and bass scene and Miami to explore WMC and UMF. Shortly after he made a transition from his rap music background and began DJing techno and trance music in 08.

After college he attended audio school in 2010, received his audio engineering certifications and began his 15k+ hours in the studio. His first self release in 2011 was a minimal techno release. He won support from Todd Terry winning a remix contest in 2012 before venturing into progressive, trance and psychedelic sounds for some years.

In 2017, while living outside of LA, he decided to return to his techno roots. Start of 2018 he launched his Chemtrailz alias. Since then he has released a number of EPs and singles on labels like Autektone Dark (top 20 Hard charts peaking #13), Funk’N Deep, The Yellowheads’ Reload and Fatima Hajji’s Silver M. During this time he gained a bit of prominence playing and throwing parties in the Los Angeles underground warehouse and desert party scene- where he developed much of his deep, hard, hypnotic techno sound and attracted his first concentrated following.

More recently in 2020 after returning to Texas, during the pandemic, he won favor from Suara in winning a remix contest for Coyu’s rave banger Descontrol- slated for release on a 4 track EP beginning of 2021 with Flug, Temudo and Jay Clarke.

He also won a second contest in 2020, in collaboration with James Sanchez aka Amuck(LA, Technoids), landing two remixes for Ayako Mori; scheduled for release Dec 9 2020 on PTR Berlin.

During the 2020 Lions Gate Portal he was compelled to launch his own imprint Terra Novae.

When he is not in the studio or playing he is usually growing plants or snowboarding. To support his music journey he has been a master horticulturist for the most part of 15 years. Lately he only consults horticulture part time to make more time for his art.


Video by PPLC (Timo Dufner):


Listen on SC & Download (soon):
“NovaFuture Blog Visual Mix 011”


01. Chemtrailz – Play Me In 2086 (BRÄLLE Remix)
02. BRÄLLE – Sycophant
03. Chemtrailz – Warm Embrace
04. Farrago – Fall To Ruin
05. Chemtrailz – To Be Right Now
06. Schiller with Heppner – I Feel You (Trudge Edit)
07. Chemtrailz – Stargatecrasher
08. Brecc – Cripple
09. Ayako Mori – Gegen Dungeon (Chemtrailz & Amuck Acid Mix)
10. JKS – Get Crackin’
11. Krl Mx – Make Entertainment Great Again
12. VII Circle – Brutal Void
13. SNTS – Judged By Uncertainty
14. Linnea & Marcus Schossow- Fire (Chemtrailz Bootleg Mix)
15. Chlär – Crying For Identity
16. KlangKuenstler – Untergang
17. Aethernal – The Temple
18. SNTS – Hopeless (Paula Temple’s Descent Into Madness Remix)
19. Trudge – Ice On My Neck
20. Chemtrailz – Wheat From The Chaff
21. Dallaniel – Lost Tales
22. Krl Mx – Monica Makes Boyz Cry
23. Chemtrailz – Churn Of The Age
24. Remco Beekwilder – Skeemask (I Hate Models ‘Eternal Snow’ Remix)
25. Sekulahr – Aid


Chemtrailz’ “Stargatecrasher EP” on Terra Novae
Chemtrailz’ “Churn Of The Age EP” on Terra Novae
Chemtrailz’ “All Is Not Lost EP” on Terra Novae


PPLC (Timo Dufner)


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