20th November 2021: 25 Years Of Raster – Day 1 @ Silent Green, Berlin(Germany)


25 Years Of Raster – Day 1


Date & Time:
20th November 2021 at 08:00pm


Byetone live
Atom™ live & A/V


Betonhalle / Silent Green, Berlin(Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Since its inception in 1996, raster has always considered itself not only as a label, but also as an independent ‘artistic platform’ that would not be imaginable without the diverse engagement of its associated artists. It was founded with the aim of releasing groundbreaking electronic music and by means of serial concepts as well as a focus on audio-visual performances, artistic standards were defined early on. At the same time there has always been room for experimentation in order to avoid being trapped in a niche.

For its 25th anniversary, raster is working on several showcase presentations, for example at the Betonhalle of the Silent Green. The idea behind such showcases is to present the broad spectrum of artists that have contributed to the label until this date in the form of concerts, also incorporating installation works.

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Byetone – “LEVpodcast (L.E.V. 2012)”

Atom™ – “The Bunker Podcast 106”


“<3" by Atom™ on Raster
“0.9” by Atom™ on Raster
“HD” by Atom™ on Raster-Noton
“Riding The Void” by Atom™ on Raster-Noton
“Ich Bin Meine Maschine” by Atom™ on Raster-Noton
“Physik 1 EP” by Atom™ & Tobias. on Ostgut Ton


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Silent Green


19th November 2021: Rubber Goes Kinky w./ New Frames @ Untertage, Berlin(Germany)


Rubber Goes Kinky w./ New Frames


Date & Time:
19th November 2021 at 11:00pm


New Frames
Afem Syko
Izzy aka Izzi Bizzi
Secret Act


Untertage, Berlin(Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Rubber is a sex-positive techno avant-garde project that stands for hard techno and hedonism and is open to all gender and identities.

Rubber is a space for individualism and serves your desire for dancing, excess and intoxicating nightlife adventures.

Rubber is hard, loud and dark.

Rubber invites you to do whatever pleases you! Everyone is self-determined and knows and respects their boundaries!

Rubber does not tolerate racist, sexist, discriminatory and violent behavior. Any violation will result in immediate exclusion!

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Izzi Bizzi – “.defaultbox Podcast 063”

New Frames – “Possession Podcast #147”

Afem Syko – “Vault Sessions #017”

Rasval – “Elements Podcast 031”


New Frames’ “Burn Rate EP” on Live From Earth Klub
New Frames’ “Outer Limits EP” on Bite
New Frames’ “Schweres Wasser” on HANDS
“Global Death Wish 02” by New Frames & Buried Secrets on GDW
New Frames’ “Stylized Fear EP” on Haven
New Frames’ “RNF2” on R-Label Group
New Frames’ “RNF1” on R-Label Group
compilation “Various Artists III” w/ New Frames on RND. Records
compilation “Sektion I” w/ New Frames on R-Label Group
Shaleen’s “Consolidation EP” w/ New Frames remix on Seelen Records


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19th November 2021: Seelen. with Henning Baer @ Funkhaus, Berlin (Germany)


Seelen. with Henning Baer


Date & Time:
19th November 2021 at 11:10pm
Unfortunately this event was canceled by the venue.


Henning Baer
Sue Lèwig live


Funkhaus, Berlin(Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Two Facts :

Punk is a music genre that developed in the mid-1970s widely known through it’s production style of fast-paced songs, with hard-edged melodies and stripped-down instrumentation paired with an embrace of DIY-culture and the rejection of established rules.

SEELEN. is an independent Techno record label founded in 2018 by JANEIN and Stigmatique, that is based out of Leipzig, Germany.

While at first glance these might not have a lot in common, upon closer inspection you begin to notice, clear as day, there is a distinctly punk mentality in the labels modus operandi. From their cover artworks, that have more in common with a record-stores Death Metal section, to the fact that the label is completely self-distributed to avoid the industry machinery that crushes the spirits of many trying to go through it.

SEELEN.’s musical foundation can no doubt be found in this mentality as well. Formed around a tightly knit crew of artists sharing a single vision, it has sharp corners, an often eye-melting tempo and bleeds from every pore with ecstatic raving madness. Utilizing this, the label exploded onto the scene with two 12” compilations that garnered enormous support from audiences and industry heavy weights alike and also led to them being noticed by Leipzig’s reveled club Institut fuer Zukunft, Blitz Club Munich or objekt klein a Dresden.

If reading all this has not convinced you yet however, then that’s fine though.

Because SEELEN. is not trying to win you over.

SEELEN. comes from the hearts of the people who form it.

It is a rejection of the mainstream.

SEELEN. is Punk

It has been a long time, too long really, since we were tempted to set up something like this.

But after almost 21 months, we are very happy to welcome you back.

The wait and the adherence to various rules have finally paid off.

We are happy to announce that on 19.11.2021 from 23:30 to 10:00 we will be able to open the gates of hell for you again in the usual composition but in a new location.

The time is ripe to revive the old and long nights of days gone by.

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Henning Baer – “Artaphine Series 082”

Sue Lèwig – “SEELEN.podcast.009”

JANEIN – “Cosmonauts Podcast #017”

Verschwender – “Radio 80000 x Blitz Take Over”

Narciss – “Ismcast Presents 135”

Stigmatique – “T3R Hyperspace 24”


Stigmatique – “A Never Forgotten Soul”

Stigmatique – “Virus”

Verschwender – “The Social Anthem”

Stigmatique – “Unholy Discription”

Verschwender & Narciss – “Lebwohl”

Narciss – “Actions Speak Louder Than Words”

JANEIN – “Apollo”

JANEIN – “1129514 (Inhalt Der Nacht Rekonstruktion Remix)”

Narciss – “Brennpunkt”


Verschwender – “Luzifer Mob”

Narciss – “Vandale Und Liebe”

Narciss – “Tall People”

Narciss – “Pop The Hood”

JANEIN & Verschwender – “Megalithic Symmetry”

JANEIN & Verschwender – “Collective Consciousness”

Verschwender – “Social Anthem (JANEIN Welcome To Hell 666 Remix)”

Stigmatique – “Samael, Der Ankläger Der Lebenden”

JANEIN – “Asan”

JANEIN – “Kobald M”

Verschwender – “Face Of Silence”


all stuff on Seelen. Records
Stigmatique’s “Kollisionen” on DVNTT
Narciss’ “Dear Diary EP” on Lobster Theremin
Narciss’ “Iridescent Adolescence EP” on 10 Pills Mate
split EP “KK003” by Rezystor | Stigmatique on Kriptika Records
sampler “Artcub Records 003” w/JANEIN Track on Artcub Records
EP “Stadt ohne Namen” by Narciss on Drvms Ltd.
EP “Selection 002” by Verschwender on Voxnox Records
Henning Baer’s “Shatterproof (Remixes)” on Manhigh Recordings
Henning Baer’s “Rigger” on Manhigh Recordings
Henning Baer’s “Shatterproof” on Manhigh Recordings
Henning Baer’s “In Pursuit Of Myself” on Sonic Groove Records






20th November 2021: PAN x [selected] w/ Matrixxman & MCR-T @ PAN, Hanover (Germany)


PAN x [selected]


Date & Time:
20th November 2021 at 11:00pm




PAN, Hanover (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:

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Kaczorek – “SURD | Podcast 016”

Matrixxman – “We Are The Brave Radio 167”

MCR-T – “BCCO Podcast 027”

Lyric – “SPOKEN014”


MCR-T – “Just Run (Matrixxman Kaotic 95 Mix)”

MCR-T – “Anal OG”

Matrixxman – “Dissipate”

MCR-T – “Mars Defense System”

Lyric – “Eternal”

Lyric – “Neologism”

MCR-T – “Just Run”

MCR-T – “King Of My Jungle”

Matrixxman – “O00O00O”

Lyric – “Related”

Lyric – “Declination”

Matrixxman – “Deep Mind”


Matrixxman – The Grid 001″ on The Grid
Matrixxman – Deep Mind” on Manhigh Recordings
Matrixxman – Planet X EP” on Planet X]
Matrixxman – Sector III: Polyphony” on Dekmantel
split EP “Foʞus Expiration EP” w/ Matrixxman & Echologist on Format
“Pitch Black EP” by Matrixxman x Setaoc Mass on Figure
“Offline EP” by Echologist & Matrixxman on Planet Rhythm
“No Rush EP” by Matrixxman & Bauernfeind on Live From Earth
sampler “High Communications” w/ Matrixxman on KSR
Lyric’ “Hemisphere EP” on selected
all releases on Selected




05th November 2021: Gegen >< Image @ Kit Kat Club, Berlin (Germany)


Gegen >< Image


Date & Time:
05th November 2021 at 10:00pm


Gegen Floor
Bloody Mary
Flavia Laus
Non Reversible
Yha Yha

Dragon Floor
Alessandro Nero
Kris Baha
Philipp Strobel

House Of Gegen
Mike Starr
Mikey.Woodbridge feat. Lucio Vidal

Bear Cave


Kit Kat Club, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:

Event @ Facebook
Event @ Resident Advisor


Bloody Mary – “Dame Music Mix Series 020”

Flavia Laus – “Deestricted Podcast 031”

Mar/us – “Gegen Berlin – 10 Years”

Non Reversible – “@ Outbreed Showcase Geheimclub”

Yha Yha – “Rhythmic Culture 054”

Alessandro Nero – “BCCO Podcast 068”

Bombardier – “@ Industrial Hardcore Lockdown”

Kris Baha – “KHIDI Podcast NR.38”

Philipp Strobel – “Upperberry”

Farhan – “Vitamin R 052 – September 2nd 2021”

Mike Starr – “Raiders Vol 33”


our special with all featured releases for Non Reversible
Alessandro Nero’s “Infected By Ideology” on X​-​IMG
Alessandro Nero’s “Gory Days EP” on Kindcrime Recordings
Alessandro Nero’s “A Drugs Dealer’s Dream EP” on Obscuur Records
“The Grace” by Oliver Deutschmann | La Fraicheur & Leonard De Leonard on Gegen Records
“GEGEN001” by Esther Duijn | Ayarcana on Gegen Records


Gegen Berlin
Kit Kat Club