[Mix]: Rocko Garoni – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2023


Rocko Garoni


Rocko Garoni has been socialised by Bremen’s Drum ‘n Bass scene and the Berlin Techno from the late 90s. Well experienced, he transfers his sounds into future – raw, trippy and driving.

Starting his career in the early 2000s as a DnB vinyl DJ, he often melds Breaks and straight Techno.

With his positive energy and his charismatic sounds he shakes every venue. With CDJs and also turntables, he loves to test out musical boundaries.

While leaving his mark on almost every puzzle piece in the scene, Rocko also started as a music producer. During the last five years he turned his sound to his favorite likes. As a gear freak Rocko discovers always a new way to create his kind of Techno. His releases are signed on Second State, Etruria Beat, Odd Recordings, Tresor Records.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2023”


01. Planetary Assault Systems – Red
02. Mark Broom – She Don’t Like The Collar (Mike Parker Remix)
03. Zenker Brothers – Bias
04. Rene Wise – Don’t Care
05. Amotik – Daya
06. Mathys Lenne – I.F.Z.
07. Rene Wise – Changa
08. Edgar De Ramon – New Territories (Gimeno Remix)
09. Angelo Stasi – Radiation Effects
10. Kwartz – Hole
11. Yan Cook – Toucan
12. Ricardo Garduno – PMTL
13. no.name – Grind
14. A.Morgan – Zip Groove
15. Psyk – Powder
16. Answer Code Request – Calm Down
17. Daniel Bell & DBX – Losing Control (Remastered)
18. Justin Walter – 1001


“Surf EP” by Komfortrauschen x Rocko Garoni on No Love
Rocko Garoni’s “Blank EP” on Second State
Rocko Garoni’s “Ammoniak EP” on Second State
Rocko Garoni’s “Phobia EP” on Second State
compilation “Pronomina II” w/ Rocko Garoni track on Substantiv
compilation “Room 004” w/ Rocko Garoni track on Room Trax
Johannes Menzel’s “Gestalter EP” w/ Rocko Garoni remix on Suspekt
“Dirty Pattern EP” by Angioma & Blanka w/ Rocko Garoni rmx on Room Trax


Rocko Garoni
Rocko Garoni @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Black Mirror Park – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2023


Black Mirror Park


Black Mirror Park is DJ and producer located in Berlin, Germany. He’s been a founding member of Sonntagsinstitut Collective, a crew that works on the intersection of club culture, electronic music and politics and has been hosting a radio show, curating a label and throwing parties for a few years already. Black Mirror Park has played DJ-sets at clubs and events like ://about.blank, Institut für Zukunft, Anomalie, Arena, Rummels Bucht, Mensch Meier and Sa Terza Metari Festival and many more. He’s released tracks and EPs on KONFLKT, Entourage Concept, trau-ma, Front Left Records, Sonntagsinstitut Records, Death Bell Records, Ōtomo Trax, Be Sure and Axaminer Records. More tracks, remixes and EPs will follow very soon.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2023”


01. Moddullar – Full Moon
02. тпсб – Laika’s Revenge
03. Reformed Society – Headspace (Bambounou Remix)
04. LUAP – Contigo
05. Pino Peña – Officer Rumba
06. Tobhias Guerrero – Elemental Force
07. Maccari – The Clue
08. Fergus Sweetland – What You Warp
09. Maloog – SX3
10. CucaRafa – Deves Achar Que Eu Nasci Ontem
11. Rill – Tripple Sec
12. PKD – What Would We Do
13. Aiken – Dominance
14. Palma – In The Loop
15. Alessandro Cocco – Refuse
16. Kameliia – At The Edge
17. Radar – Code 2
18. jxxxo – XXX02
19. Sev Dah – 1984
20. Krow – Floor It
21. MZR – Closing


Black Mirror Park’s “Reel To Reel EP” on Konflkt
Black Mirror Park’s “Golden Groove EP” on Entourage Concept
Black Mirror Park’s “The Second Coming EP” on Death Bell Records
Black Mirror Park’s “Arcade Tryout EP” on Trau-Ma
compilation “Be Sure Selected Vol. 4” w/ BMP track on Be Sure
compilation “#TheSceneAgainstWar” w/ BMP track on Entourage Concept
compilation “Sonntagsinstitut 001” w/ BMP track on Sonntagsinstitut
compilation “Front Left VA 01” w/ BMP track on Front Left Records
compilation “Ōtomo Trax Compilation II” w/ BMP track on Ōtomo
Elad Magdasi’s “Hold The Night EP” w/ BMP remix on Front Left Records


Black Mirror Park
Black Mirror Park @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Wittes – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2023




– a dj, promoter and dancer, associated with numerous Berlin nightlife institutions like Tresor, :// about blank, Griessmuehle, Arena Club and Golden Gate.
– the mastermind of such club nights like Deep Fried & Slave To The Rave


“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2023”


01. Local Group – Laser Dome (Dexorcist Remix)
02. Fear-E – Presha
03. Wheez-Ie – Stolen Moments
04. Mani Festo – Dreadnaught
05. Something System – Cortez
06. Kooxla – Eternity
07. Skynside – Hold Tight
08. Prism B.R.K. – Area 8
09. Hoosick – Hard In The Paint
10. Pouty’S Rage – Atmozong
11. Nova Cheq – Blow Up
12. Rory K – Put Yo Ass Up
13. Skynside – Dubplate Mashdown
14. Trax Haven – Rhymes (Dom Peri Peri Edit)
15. Coco Bryce – Get On Up
16. Rotteen – Dark Pyramid Fm
17. Nova Cheq – Quick Draw
18. Dj Y – Speed Fever


Wittes @ Instagram
Wittes @ Soundcloud
Slave To The Rave


[Mix]: Desolate Discotheque – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2022


Desolate Discotheque


After 15 years experience as a promoter and performing as a DJ, Berlin based Desolate Discotheque established himself. Back in 2019, he fulfilled a personal dream by starting his own independent cassette label, Crave Tapes.

The inspiration he draws from 80’s underground electronic music and the goth culture, is manifested in his exorbitant, authentic and excessive style – a wild mixture between EBM, Industrial, New Beat, Cold/Dark-Wave, Post-Punk and some Techno.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2022”


01. Upcoming Crave Tapes
02. OTHR – Deltoid
03. Upcoming Crave Tapes
04. Aspecto Humano – Volt Thrower (Kris Baha Remix)
05. Brandski – Brute Factor
06. Black Dahlia – Fire In The Hole
07. Tense – Disconnect Myself (kkoee Remxi)
08. Antoni Maiovvi – Velvet Summer (Cardopusher Remix)
09. Soft Crash – Your Last Everything Part 1
10. Time Modem – Werkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens
11. 3Teeth – Dissolve (Raul Parra Remix)
12. Choke Chain – Losing The Way (Mind | Matter EBM Ritual Mix)
13. The Undertaker’s Tapes – Flesh Lust
14. Unconscious – You Belong To Me Now
15. Publics. – Ecstasy (Struck 9 Remix)
16. Upcoming Crave Tapes
17. Unknown Artist – Untitled 7
18. Karlyv Tyn – Ukusil Sugrob
19. The Sisters Of Mercy – Amphetamine Logic


all stuff on Crave Tapes, the label run by Desolate Discotheque, we featured


Desolate Discotheque @ Instagram
Desolate Discotheque @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Krl Mx – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2022


Krl Mx


Without a doubt Krl Mx (Karl Max) is one of the most promising up and coming artists. After having released tracks on Kobosil’s R-Label or Amelie Lens’ Exhale, Krl Mx imposes his intense and effective style.

Kobosil’s protégé has already performed for Synoid, Blackworks or at the Rex Club and spreads with confidence his presence on the European techno scene from Berlin to Madrid through Zurich.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2022”


01. Oguz & Nyctonian – Golden Szn
02. Anetha & Mac Declos – Push Push
03. DJ Daddy Trance – My Body Rocks The Rhythm
04. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement
05. SDK – Emergency Beat
06. Läuff X Hnas – Ap
07. Mareux – The Perfect Girl (Sept Edit)
08. Bours? – XCIXCIXCI
09. Aesztetik & Thoqy – Chaos In My Brain
10. Voodoo And Serano – Blood Is Pumpin
11. Renegade System – Dropkick
12. Roentgen Limiter – Readyhard Techno Mix
13. Mr. Kitty – After Dark (Funk Tribu Edit)
14. Kreayshawn– Go Hard Kx.Sirk Rebuild


Krl Mx’ “Manifesto 666” on Ismus
Krl Mx’ “Shifter Pro EP” on Maison Close Records
Krl Mx’ “FC Arrogance” on Ismus
Krl Mx’ “Sexy, Vif & Furieux EP” on C O U P
compilation “Sektion 2” w/ Krl Mx track on R-Label Group
compilation “MCVA004 Vol. II” w/ Krl Mx track on Maison Close Records
compilation “Spektrum” w/ Krl Mx track on Life In Patterns
compilation “Exhale VA003” (Vinyl 2 & Digital) w/ Krl Mx track on Exhale
compilation “Various Artists 001” w/ Krl Mx track on Kreatur
compilation “ISMVA003.1” w/ Krl Mx track on Ismus
Geerson’ “Make Sense EP” w/ Krl Mx remix on Ismus


Raise Agency for Krl Mx


Krl Mx @ Facebook
Krl Mx @ Soundcloud