[Mix]: Pfirter – NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2018




Pfirter is one of Argentina’s finest techno exports. Pushing a sound that is at once dark and uplifting, old school and fresh, he’s gradually evolved into a club music all-rounder, deejaying, producing and running one of techno’s brightest imprints, MindTrip. He’s put out massive records on the likes of CLR, Figure and Stroboscopic Artefacts, and performed everywhere from Berghain and Trésor to Awakenings, I Love Techno and Time Warp.

It was in his hometown of Buenos Aires that Juan Pablo Pfirter first made a name for himself, starting out on radio as a fresh-faced fifteen-year-old youth. In 2000, after stints behind the decks at various clubs in the capital, he left radio to focus on deejaying. Soon after, he turned his hand to production, and by 2005 he was embarking on his first European tour. What he’d experience there would change his outlook forever. Twelve months later, in 2006, he set up the first version of MindTrip Music.

This eventually led Pfirter, following the likes of Barem and Jonas Kopp, across the Atlantic to Europe in 2012. That same year, he rebranded the label MindTrip Rec. The move has worked wonders, and he’s since released music from Oscar Mulero, Lucy, Chris Liebing, Tripeo and Markus Suckut, as well as six EPs of his own original material.

2018 will see further development of the label, with a select group of releases scheduled as well as the recently launched MindTrip Podcast, which is a monthly offering of exclusively curated music from artists that best represent the sound and vision of the label. It is anyone’s guess as to just how far Pfirter can continue to challenge and push himself and the wider techno scene.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2018


01. Pfirter – When You Let Go
02. Oisel – Eteronoma
03. Oliver Rosemann – Unmaker
04. Phara – LFO Unit
05. Pfirter – New Physics
06. Cleric – The 6th Day
07. Blue Hour – Instrospective III (Operator Remix)
08. Dustmite – Dilating
09. Kuf – Passiv
10. Donato Dozzy – Duetto
11. Roseen – Toxin
12. Phase – Suspended Animation (Stroke)
13. Kuf & Dold – Mint
14. Ausgang – Overload
15. Oliver Rosemann – Pro04
16. Makaton – She Hunts
17. DisX3 – Strike
18. D.Dan – Vaults
19. Sleeparchive – Roses
20. Pfirter – Note To Self
21. Pfirter – I Am


EP “More Cuts On Hurting” w/ Pfirter remix on Ressort Imprint






[Mix]: Kaiser – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2018




Based near Bari in the south of Italy, Gianluca Caiati aka Kaiser started making his first steps in 2007 by practicing on old turntables, mixing house, classic, disco, funky and electronic music.

Introduced to the international scene since the very young age of 18, Kaiser started to make his own music and during the years he has released his productions for such labels like Planet Rhythm, Animal Farm, Konflkt, Quant, End Of Dayz, made of CONCRETE, with great results and feedbacks by international artists who regularly play his music.

Moreover, he is working for great clubs around the Italy and for best places in the EU techno scene and also, has shared the major club console with the best international artists.

In the mid of 2018 Kaiser starts his own imprint “K S R” where the meeting of his multi-faceted art takes shape.

Of course, he is always working and looking forward on new discographic productions and most of all improving himself to reach new goals.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2018


1. Mekas – Entropic Ruins
2. Pyramidal Decode – Ashes
3. Holldën – T.A.P. (Osse Remix)
4. Tadeo – The Intruder
5. Oisel – Erosione
6. JX-216 – Violet Dream
7. Refracted – Meta
8. Active Fragments – Kwanta
9. Kølpøs – Cloruted
10. Kaiser – Collision (Eric Fetcher Remix)
11. Concept Of Thrill – Micro 23
12. Tensal – Santolaya (Shifted Remix)
13. Oscar Mulero – Triad
14. Alderaan – Clarity (Tadeo Remix)
15. Rhyw – Droogs
16. CUB (Regis) – Primite Sleep
17. Plant43 – Metamaterial Cloaking


“State Of Existence EP” on KSR
“Debris EP” on made of CONCRETE
“Sogno EP” on Voight
“Sottotono EP” on made of CONCRETE


Thrust Agency




[Mix]: Inland – NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2018




Inland aka Ed Davenport is a British DJ and Producer based in Berlin. A long-term love affair with intelligent, hypnotic and ecstatic shades of House and Techno led to his first releases in 2006. More than 10 years on Ed continues to pour his heart into what he does best; producing records, DJing and performing live, and running his Counterchange label.

As Inland, his output stands for purist, atmospheric club music with weight and soul; its feet firmly planted on the dancefloor, while its head scans the outer-limits for more experimental formations. The outcome is modernist electronic music that manifests itself as Techno. He performs Live and DJs in clubs worldwide playing surging, visceral selections new and old. Inland productions have surfaced on Berlin’s Ostgut Ton, Counterchange, Function’s Infrastructure New York imprint and Boddika’s respected UK bastion Nonplus+.

Productions under his real name focus of deeper, hypnotic house, euphoric late night moments and melodic minimalism. Releases like his acclaimed ‘Silver Walks’ EP on Mano Le Tough, Baikal and The Drifter’s Maeve label, or the extensive 2 x 12” ‘Festnetz’ for Adriatique’s Siamese label only solidify Ed’s skills at constructing timeless, harmonically addictive club outings at slower tempos.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2018


01. P.T.A – 01
02. Crvel – VEO III
03. Brothers Black – Cold Shoulder
04. Seleccion Natural – Random Mutations
05. Rush Plus – Sweat
06. Murat – Pilgrimage D1
06. Singular Anomalies – Arrogance
07. Untitled – Untitled
08. Voiski – Karaoke Night
09. Woody McBride – Pure Idease
10. Magna Pia – Ys Ura
11. Svreca / Retina.it – Avenza (Wata Igarashi Remix)
12. Jan Cook – Octa
13. Fugal – Arrival
14. Yogg – Rassco
15. Donato Dozzy – Duetto
16. Mark Forshaw – Elexorcist
17. Gez Varley – Slaunch


Inland’s “Metatlantic” on Black Crow Records
Inland’s “Coriolis” on Counterchange Recordings
Ed Davenport’s “Festnetz” on Siamese Records


Sweat Lodge Agency


Counterchange Recordings


[Mix]: Silent-One – NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2018




Benedikt Merkl aka Silent-One is a foundering member of From Another Mind crew member, living in Swabia near Stuttgart. Two years ago he started the ambient label Intimate Silence.

Read our interview with Benedikt here talking about his DJ carrier, FAM, Intimate Silence and more


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2018


no tracklist available


all releases on Intimate Silence incl. Silent-One’s EP “Lost Souls”


Drift Agency for Silent-One


Intimate Silence


[Mix]: Mistake Made – NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2018


Mistake Made


Berlin based duo Mistake Made first appeared in 2014 with their debut release on Vault Series. Since then they have contributed a hand full of EPs, remixes and compilation tracks to the label’s discography and its recently founded sub label Lost Gems. In April they released their third full length EP “Vault Series 23.0“.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2018


01. Chevel – Data Recovery
02. Wata Igarashi – The Reel
03. Echoplex – Entering The Sky
04. Mike Gervais – Fist (Dustin Zahn Remix)
05. Clay Wilson – Arado
06. Damon Wild -Red
07. Ø Phase – Microdose
08. Banke – Simenon
09. Troy – Ceres
10. Marco Shuttle – Ewe Tech
11. Z.I.P.P.O – Dark Swing
12. Tobias – Keep Me Insane
13. Answer Code Request – Ab Intus
14. Andrejko & Subjected – Caldera
15. DJ Bone – Power Outage
16. Markus Suckut – Mistakes Are For Everyone
17. Opuswerk – Spatium (Antigone Remix)
18. Alex.Do – Stiller
19. Atom™ – Spacey
20. NHK yx Koyxen – M
21. Inland – R-13 (BNJMN Remix)
22. Fink – White Flag (Nachteule143)


Mistake Made’s EP “Vault Series 23.0” on Vault Series
Mistake Made’s EP “Vault Series 17.0” on Vault Series
Mistake Made’s EP “Vault Series 15.0” on Vault Series
sampler “Lost Gems Part One” w/ Mistake Made track on Vault Series
sampler “Vault Series 19.0” w/ Mistake Made track on Vault Series


Mistake Made