[Mix]: Mejle – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2020




MEJLE is a Danish DJ who runs the Berlin based record label, promoter and collective, Mechatronica.

His rugged and dynamic approach to DJing blends with a decade-long passion for collecting music and mixing records, to produce energetic sets that surf across electro, acid, EBM, breaks, techno, new beat, industrial and more.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2020”


01. Inhalt – Language (Rhys Fulber Remix)
02. L.F.T. – Chemical Confidence
03. Asquith – Temple Runner
04. December – 64 Way To Rob A Friend – Return To Disorder
05. Grienkho – Ritual Dance – XCPT
06. Krypton 81 – Lunar Landing (LAU Remix)
07. Rhythmic Theory – Decadence Of Delay
08. Cestrian – Annihilator – Future Flash
09. Vault – Up Through The Concrete – Gravitational Waves
10. Mono Junk – Apache Acid (The Raindance)
11. X-313 – Interferon (Dave Clarke’s DeConstructed Remake)
12. Wax Doctor – A New Direction – Basement Records
13. Gian – 041
14. Ronan – Crystal Viewer
15. Luxus Varta – Fade Away (Maelstrom Remix)
16. Sepehr – Hallucination Express
17. CRZKNY – Resist (DJ Stingray Bag Job Mix)
18. Karen Gwyer – Mahler’s Heartbeat


Dez Williams’ “Forlorn Figures in Godforsaken Places EP” on Mechatronica
sampler “MTRON002 EP” on Mechatronica
sampler “MTRON001 EP” on Mechatronica




[Mix]: Boyd Schidt – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2020


Boyd Schidt


Leon Lolishvili a.k.a. Boyd Schidt is a georgian electoronic producer and DJ, better known as a half of the long-running techno duo Greenbeam & Leon. Boyd Schidt’s music is characterised by variety of musical selections from industrial techno to soft and melancholic sounds. Artist loves synthesising different kind of sounds, and his work has been released on labels such as: Studio R, WaveReform records, Subsist records and 2529 KM. In 2014, he released “Mornig Utopia” as a part of Studio R°’s “Various 003?, alongside Mike Parker, Brendon Moeller, Zadig, Exercise One, followed by next 12”, “Structure EP” on Waveform. Nowadays, Georgia’s techno pioneer is still actively engaged in the process of composing music and DJing around the world.

He’s resident DJ at KHIDI.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2020”


01. Rommek – Crack The Whip
02. SOJ – SB02
03. Rhys Fulber – Right Hand Of The Free World (Phase Fatale Remix)
04. Nathaniel – Blood Under Nails
05. Velvet May – Though With Tears
06. Filmmaker – Extinction Wave
07. Peder Mannerfelt – Black Alert
08. Raum – Anamm Se
09. Alpha & Necromante – Falsos Positivos
10. JK Flesh – Bayley Tower (New Mix)
11. Relaxer – My Reminiscence
12. Blush Response – Acceptance By Exclusion
13. Boyd schidt – Living in absurd
14. Asymetrik – Exit Stage Left
15. Paal + Umwelt – Event Horizon
16. Unknown Artist – B4 STAUB 05


Boyd Schidt’s self-released EP “003”
Boyd Schidt’s self-released EP “002”
Boyd Schidt’s self-released EP “001”
sampler “OHNE003” w/ Boyd Schidt track on Ohne Kommerzielle Wert
compilation “Sammelwerk I” w/ Boyd Schidt track on Konflkt
“The Haze Of Dust” by Greenbeam & Leon on ATT Series
“Abandoned Tales” by Greenbeam & Leon on WaveReform Records




Boyd Schidt


[Mix]: MSKD – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2020




MSKD is the answer of his own techno’s vision, influences by all the electronic’s movement and subgenre, or any artists like Jeroen Search, Keith Carnal or Kangding ray.

MSKD’s project was born by the desire to make a techno for a dancefloor and characterized by a feeling, an expression of melancholia and multiples sorts of emotions. This is explained by some atmosphere with subtle tones, strong and fast rythmic with a personnal touch.

MSKD is also the owner of the imprint record label “Diligences Records”, designed for this electronic’s vision.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2020”


01. MSKD – unreleased
02. Fragment Dimension – Ventricle
03. ASEC – Solitary Predatory
04. Moteka – Final Confrontation
05. Blame The Mono – Keramos
06. Keikari – Therapy
07. Kalter Ende – Access Control
08. Vela Uniform & Blawan – Crispy
09. Rustal – Transmission
10. Fabrizio Rat – Lucid Dream
11. Moteka – Words from Xyceon
12. Kastil – Diode (Oscar Mulero Remix)
13. Kangding Ray – Polygon


MSKD’s self-released single “Acid Voice”
MSKD’s “Alea Jacta Est” on Diligences Records
MSKD’s “Solar System” on Vector Functions Records
MSKD’s “After The Death EP” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “Millions of Galaxies EP” on Diligences Records
sampler “Rave Series I” w/ MSKD track on Diligences Records
sampler “RR003” w/ MSKD track on Recollection Records
compilation “Selected Cells Vol​.​2” w/ MSKD track on Binary Cells
compilation “ISMVA001.2” w/ MSKD track on Ismus
sampler “Jaelos 01” w/ MSKD track on Jaelos
EP “Eternal Disaster” by MSKD aka Ghost Effects on C O U P
EP “World War III” by MSKD aka Ghost Effects on Eradys Records


Steer Management




[Mix]: Alfredo Mazzilli – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2019


Alfredo Mazzilli


Born and raised in Italy, Alfredo Mazzilli, approaches the world of music very early. His first passion is the guitar but, with time, his penchant for electronic music becomes increasingly clear.

He shows an extremely versatile nature, as well as his desire to experiment with different genres, not giving up, however, to a consistency that leads him to range in the vast musical landscape, while remaining true to his style that favors ambient and techno sounds.

Based in Milan.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2019”


01. 747 – The Gate Of Life
02. Radioslave – Another club (Charlotte De Witte Remix)
03. Cloned – Prototype I (Kyle Geiger Remix)
04. Amelie Lens – Man Over Machine
05. Phase – Xylo 3 (Steve Bicknell Remix)
06. Christian Gerlach – Alioth
07. Steve Bicknell – Defence Mechanism
08. Asec – Solitary Predatory
09. Menwood – Aronax (Tensal Remix)
10. Dyad – Depletion
11. Alfredo Mazzilli – Controlling
12. Rove Ranger – Dish you
13. Blue Hour- Front (D.Dan Remix)
14. Hioll – Seems To Be Casual
15. Mystics – The Dress With Pockets
16. Inox Traxx – CRTRS
17. Rove Rager – Unstable Current
18. Below Surfaces – From The Archives


Alfredo Mazzilli’s “Murder Situation EP” on Planet Rhythm
Alfredo Mazzilli’s “Heliodor” on ARTS Records
Alfredo Mazzilli’s “Nibiru” on Lanthan.Audio
sampler “VA_03” w/ Alfredo Mazzilli track on Ascetic Limited
Ken Karter’s “DSX_ENV_00 REMIXED” w/ Mazzilli remix on Escapism


Miracle Management


Alfredo Mazzilli


[Mix]: SDB – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2019




Born (1996) and raised in Saarbrücken, Germany .

Started producing music at the age of 17 and started producing techno soon after experiencing it in the Mauerpfeiffer.

Releases on Märked, Code is Law, FBM Roster and Ismus.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2019”


01. Massimo – Mortuary
02. Rommwick – Zunt
03. Roll Dann – The Fist
04. Mike Humphries & Glenn Wilson – Shackled
05. Temudo & Norbak – Value of Icons
06. ADM – Breaking The Silence
07. 21 Gram – Cocaine
08. Rusk – Hiroshima
09. Ignition Technition – Cronk Hustler
10. Veleno – Tanz mit dem Teufel (SDB Remix)
11. SDB – untitled & unreleased
12. Mike Humphries – Train Traxx
13. B2 – Dreaming
14. Contact Noise Crew – untitled & unreleased
15. Inland – Noisefields
16. Fac3less – Obscure Moon
17. William Arist – Quintaesencia I
18. Jamie Taylor – Dub Science
19. SDB – Loadout
20. secret weapon
21. Less Distress – Black Parade (Club Edit)


SDB’s “Youth EP” on Autonome Records
SDB’s “Restrepo EP” on Märked
sampler “Black On Ammo” w/ SDB track on C O U P
compilation “ISMVA001.2” w/ SDB track on Ismus
sampler “Golden Circle 5” w/ SDB track on Code Is Law
sampler “Golden Circle 4” w/ SDB track on Code Is Law
sampler “Golden Circle 3” w/ SDB track on Code Is Law