[Mix]: Gewalt – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 20021




As a young Parisian producer, Gewalt immersed himself in the 1980s, mixing styles from cold-wave to the most brutal techno. Inspired by the night, he makes brutality often melancholic.

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“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2021”




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[Mix]: CEO Of NovaFuture – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2020


CEO Of NovaFuture


The story about the CEO Of NovaFuture and the life of Jürgen, the guy behind this moniker, is strongly connected with the British band Depeche Mode and the label Mute.
It started in the late 80ies when his brother already forced him to listen to Depeche Mode at the age of 8 years (living in one room) but it took years until he became a true Mode fan himself.

In 1993, now fully flashed by their music, he bought the first album right on release date, “Songs Of Faith And Devotion”. The singles for this album contained a few remixes with technoid sounds – a direction for the 12”s they have already started earlier and then continued e.g. in 1997 with interpretations by Andrea Parker, Speedy J, Hardfloor, Motorbass & Plastikman. As he liked these remixes but hated what people on mainstream tv called “Techno” he wanted to know more about the remix artists. While doing the same information digging for bands like Nitzer Ebb, Nick Cave, Fad Gadget and others coming from the “gothic scene”, another influence from his brother, one name popped up again and again: Mute Records and its sublabel novamute. So he discovered and explored the very interesting and diverse roster of Mute and its sublabels by buying more and more stuff of bands like Renegade Soundwave, Goldfrapp, Moby, Erasure or the ones mentioned above but also his general interest in techno grew.
With developing some fan websites he got in touch with a few techno guys and other people working for labels so getting connected with music scene and being a part of it.

In September 2009 he started the NovaFuture Blog to share music he likes. Over the years the blog grew so mixes, interviews and many other stuff became part of it. Check it out at http://www.novafuture-blog.com

2019 he has finally started his own label NovaFuture Recordings – after working for labels such as Mute Germany, Ibadan Records, Mote-Evolver and Calyx Records and co-running the Escapism label. Have a look at ww.novafuture-recordings.com


And why “CEO Of NovaFuture”?
In 2002 he needed a username for the new collectors platform: Discogs. While thinking about a username he saw the album “Mission:Statement” by Si Begg’s S.I. Futures on his computer desk. The booklet contains a text that is signed by „CEO SI Futures“. So I created my online name “CEO of NovaFutures”. nova taken from the label name. Futures from … yeah you see it. Later it became NovaFutures and for the blog & label activities also the s disappeared.


original photo used for the artwork was made by Laura Herz


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2020”


01. Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach (Temponauta ‘Desert Storm’ Remix)
02. Paul Van Dyk – A Magical Moment
03. Fortran 5 – Persian Blues (3YE1270 Mix)
04. Juno Reactor – High Energy Protons
05. Moby – James Bond Theme (Moby’s Re-Version – LSG Remix)
06. Luke Slater – I Can Complete You (Luke Slater’s Inflight Freefall Mix)
07. The Prodigy – No Good (Start The Dance) (CJ Bolland Museum Remix)
08. Yazoo – Situation (Deadline Mix)
09. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog remix)
10. Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Remix)
11. Plastikman – Are Friends Elektrik?
12. Depeche Mode – Something To Do (Metal Mix)


all releases on NovaFuture Recordings


CEO Of NovaFuture
NovaFuture Blog
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[Mix]: Ferdinger – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2020




Originally from the south of Germany, Ferdinger is a techno producer and DJ based in Paris since 2018.

His signature sound is characterised by a sphere of hypnotic, dreamy and minimalistic grooves. Key elements being the evolution of and variety in repetition, unique timbres, structural shape shifts and diverse sound textures.

Although grounded in the Berlin and UK electronic music scenes since the early days, his influences extend much further. Eclectic and varied, the range of his scope encompasses amongst others hip-hop, Krautrock and contemporary music.

2020 has seen him debut on the renowned ARTS X series with his EP Sog and release the third EP Euphoria on his own label Life In Patterns.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2020”


01. Jake Muir – The Dimness Of The Sealed Eye
02. Call Super – Every Mouth Teeth Missing
03. Maelstrom – Lost Axis
04. Versalife – Fractal
05. Fractions – Vipers
06. Bambounou – Tftt
07. Lucinee – The Devil Has Feelings
08. Paleman – Searching
09. Drvsh – Never Start With The Head
10. Sera J – Amelia
11. Krl Mx – Miss Universe
12. Ferdinger – Hindsight
13. Proxyma – A Fulcrum Surrounded By The Void
14. PVS – Grande Giove
15. Roman Flügel – Pattern 13
16. Liquid Marble – Evolution
17. Ferdinger – Hades
18. Baby T – I Wish
19. Dj Gigola & Kev Koko – Ibiza 2007
20. Sugar – New Life
21. Ferdinger – Hypertension
22. Σndym – Thrust Fault

Tracks 12 & 17 yet unreleased


Ferdinger’s “Euphoria” on Life In Patterns
Ferdinger’s “Abbild” on Life In Patterns
Ferdinger’s “Gelände” on Life In Patterns
Ferdinger’s “Sog EP” on ARTS Records
compilation “ISMVA002.1” w/ Ferdinger track on Ismus


Life In Patterns


[Mix]: Cristian Vogel – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2020


Cristian Vogel


Cristian Vogel is a music technologist and sonic innovator. His independent career in music and audio technology has won prizes and awards establishing him as an outstanding influence in the fields of composition and sonic design. He has lived in Brighton, Barcelona, Berlin and Geneva and is now permanently based in Copenhagen where he continues creating technologically based music, sound and audio technology at his design studios Ekometic and NeverEngineLabs. He founded a number of labels over his career, Mosquito, RiseRobotsRise, Sleep Debt and currently runs Endless Process ( http://www.endless-process.net ) – he has released on legendary labels such as Tresor, SubRosa, Novamute, Shitkatapult and others. Together with Jamie Lidell, he formed the sci-fi funk band Super_Collider.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2020”


Lidell Townsend / Kool Rok Steady – “I’ll Make You Dance”
Cristian Vogel – “Dirt System”
Søs Gunver Ryberg – “He Accident”
The Automatic Message – “Insidious Witch, How To Do Nothing”
Cristian Vogel – “New Values ”
Cristian Vogel – “Barefoot Agnete (Ad Hoc Remix)”
Cristian Vogel – “Untitled
Cristian Vogel – “Untitled (Ad Hoc Spectral Blur)”
Søs Gunver Ryberg – “Let Go”
Cristian Vogel – “Untitled (Ad Hoc Granulation)”
Sigmar Aigner – “La Mer (Cristian Vogel Remix)”
Bjørn Svin – “2 Point 5 Step Pets”
Qebrs & Qebo – “Orion”
Søs Gunver Ryberg – “Flux”
Cristian Vogel – “New Vestige (+8)”
Cristian Vogel – “Acceleration Morphosis (Mind Control Version)”


Cristian Vogel’s “The Misty Quay EP” on EPM Music
NEL’s EP “It Starts At The End EP” on EPM Music
NEL’s EP “Jelly Vision” on EPM Music
NEL’s EP “Gaussi Fighter” on EPM Music
Cristian Vogel’s “The Assistenz” on Shitkatapult
Cristian Vogel’s “Polyphonic Beings” on Shitkatapult
Cristian Vogel’s “Enter The Tub” on Shitkatapult
Cristian Vogel’s “The Inertials” on Shitkatapult


Cristian Vogel


[Mix]: Strathy – NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2020






“NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2020”


01. FraKtur – Coce Trail
02. Perc – Snare
03. WAST- Penalty
04. Nico Moreno – Hey Bast**d
05. Jokasti & Nek – How Low
06. Mall Grab – Leaving Tokyo
07. Regal – Ego Wars
08. von Wrangel – Control
09. VUUDUU – Can’t Stop My Head
10. Jan Vercauteren – Rock ‘n Roll
11. AIROD – Can’t Fuck With Rave
12. Endlec – Use For Punishment
13. Desroi – Indifferent (Phase Fatale Remix)
14. Sept – Art Of Compromise
15. SAIKE – Born To Be Slytherin (Tbilisi Mix)
16. Tham – Raw Reverbation
17. PLVS VLTRA – Hatred Feeds The Will
18. Nordstaat – Black Madic Ordnance
19. DYEN – Get Naked
20. New Frames – Morgengrau
21. Code Walk – Bent On Six
22. Random XS – Give Your Body (Delta Funktionen 3AM Mix)


compilation “OHNED001” w/ Strathy track on Ohne Kommerziellen Wert
sampler “OHNE005” w/ Strathy track on Ohne Kommerziellen Wert
sampler “OHNE003” w/ Strathy & Boyd Schidt track on Ohne Kommerziellen Wert
sampler “OHNE002” w/ Strathy on Ohne Kommerziellen Wert
“Vault Series 24.0” by Strathy on Vault Series
split “Serie Nera 003” w/ Strathy on Mechanical Thoughts Records