[Mix]: Buried Secrets – NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2021


Buried Secrets


Buried Secrets is a Techno-project based in Germany. Constantly reworking and developing its live set, Buried Secrets delivers high-octane Techno, creating a unique sonic blend of various genres. Through self-produced performance videos frequently shared online, the artists showcase the constant reworking of their live set. Taking the time freed up by not having to dig for music to play to instead refine their own craft.

To let the music speak for itself, Buried Secrets remains an anonymous project. The name refers to the inspiration behind the music: Buried Secrets aims to unearth the artists previously dismissed musical influences, drawing mainly on the tough and fast sound of Techstep Drum & Bass.

After its first releases on Labels like Ōtomo, Codec992, Buried Secrets quickly gained notoriety with releases on Monnom Black, Soma Records, Green Fetisch Records, and Black/Plague..


“NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2021”


01. Buried Secrets – “Cold Ground”
01. Aahan – “Dishonour Among Fiends”
01. SHDW & Obscure Shape – “Die Augen Des Teufels (Stigmata Version 1)”
01. Manni Dee – “False Dawn”
01. Dahryl – “Hypertension”
01. New Frames – “Eine Andere Welt”
01. Buried Secrets – “Vanishing Point”
01. Buried Secrets – “Mind Of The Machine”
01. VII Circle – “Brutal Void”
01. Buried Secrets – “Of Lost Things (Obscure Shape & SHDW Tool Remix)”
01. Glenn Wilson – “Serum (Lars Klein Remix)”
01. Buried Secrets – “Affliction Of The Absent”
01. Monocore – “Sudden Drop”
01. Lattenheim – “Braincell-Error”
01. Quail + AISHA – “Gower”
01. Buried Secrets – “The Poison Sky”


Buried Secrets’ “Destiny Defeated EP” on Soma Records
Buried Secrets’ “Of Lost Things EP” on Soma Records
Buried Secrets’ “Echoes From The Past EP” on Soma Records
Buried Secrets’ “Fallen World EP” on Green Fetish Records
Buried Secrets’ “Abandoned In Destiny EP” on Codec 992
“Global Death Wish 02” by New Frames & Buried Secrets on GDW
compilation “The World Of … II ” w/ Buried Secrets track on Monnom Black
sampler “Decoded Identity” w/ Buried Secrets track on Codec 992
VII Circle’ “Fearless EP” w/ Buried Secrets remix on Destroy To Rebuild
DYEN’ “Bloody Eyes EP” w/ Buried Secrets remix on Invert Music


Outlined AM


Buried Secrets @ Facebook
Buried Secrets @ Instagram
Buried Secrets @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: B2 – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2021




Young producer from Nuremberg with Greek roots … ADAPTER Events resident @ Mauerpfeiffer


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2021”


perhaps later 😉


B2’s “Let Me Die In Peace” on Jahanam
B2’s self-released “Watch Me Take Control”
B2’s self-released “She Never Said Goodbye EP”
B2’s “Hymnen Der Nacht” on C O U P
sampler “MUTTERVA001” w/ B2 track on Mutter Records
compilation “Various Artists 01” w/ B2 track on Agathism Records
compilation “TOTVA002” w/ B2 track on Thump Out Traxx
compilation “1down” w/ B2 track on Not At Sine Records
compilation “ISMVA002.1” w/ B2 track on Ismus
compilation “ISMVA001.1” w/ B2 track on Ismus
compilation “Black On Ammo” w/ B2 track on C O U P
Lukas Meunier’s “Verlangen EP” w/ B2 remix on Märked
Tkivilsaari’s “Die Reue EP” w/ B2 remix on Jaelos


B2 @ Facebook
B2 @ Instagram
B2 @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Alpha Tracks – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2021


Alpha Tracks


Felix Benedikt, alias Alpha Tracks, is a Techno producer based in Vienna, Austria.

At the beginning of the millennium, he received his basic musical education under the wings of Erdem Tunakan at Cheap Records and started DJing. Since 2012 Benedikt works at TONGUES, a Viennese record store with an in-house studio, where 2015 the project Alpha Tracks was born. The first release on Erdem Tunakan’s reactivated label Morbid has had strong international resonance, even the tone-setting Recordstore HARDWAX was so enthusiastic that they bought the entire edition and have since taken over distribution of the project. The music of Alpha Tracks is mainly produced live on analog machines with different guest musicians, focussing less on technical fetishism than on live dynamics of studio collaborations. The result is a sound that refers to the rave era of the early nineties. Alpha Tracks blithely ignores tempo limits or taste doctrines. Aesthetic taboos or even fragments of often maligned genres, are not picked up as a retro fetish but are folded into the contemporary oeuvre with playful Viennese charm.

Felix recently associated with Filip Storvseen (who also plays under the alias Oprofessionell and is one of the label heads of the Norwegian label UTE) for KINETA a new musical project.

text from gentleriot.net


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2021”


01. Ø – Heijastuva
02. Plastikman – Korridor
03. Bochum Welt – Lauren Canyon
04. Autechre – Kalpol Introl
05. Basic Channel – Presence Edit
06. Robert Leiner – Dream Or Reality
07. Aphex Twin – #25 [match sticks]
08. The Dosadi Experiments – The Hidden World
09. Omformer – Spheroid
10. Blue Hour – Mira’s Theme (Reprise)
11. Speedy J – Symmetry
12. DJ Ungel – Velah
13. Carl Craig – At Les
14. Mikkel Rev – Immensity
15. Choice – Acid Eiffel
16. Shifted Phases – Lonely Journey Of the Comet Bopp


Alpha Tracks’ “Contract Labour EP” on Blue Hour Music
Alpha Tracks’ “White Keys Vol. 2” on Morbid Records
Alpha Tracks’ “White Keys Vol. 1” on Morbid Records
compilation “We Are Not Alone (Part 1)” w/ Alpha Tracks on Bpitch Control
sampler “Ute Remixes” w/ Alpha Tracks on Blue Hour Music
compilation “ISMVA003.3” w/ Alpha Tracks on Ismus


Gentle Riot


Alpha Tracks


[Mix]: Gewalt – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2021




As a young Parisian producer, Gewalt immersed himself in the 1980s, mixing styles from cold-wave to the most brutal techno. Inspired by the night, he makes brutality often melancholic.

text from edyfis-agency.com


“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2021”




sampler “Modern Love” w/ Gewalt track on NovaFuture Recordings
Gewalt’s single “What Can I Do” on NovaFuture Recordings
Gewalt’s single “What Can I Do (Instrumental)” on NovaFuture Recordings
Gewalt’s “Perdu EP” on RND. Records
Gewalt’s “Rose Noire EP” on RND. Records
Gewalt‘s “Die Hände der Hexe EP” on RND. Records


Edyfis Agency




[Mix]: CEO Of NovaFuture – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2020


CEO Of NovaFuture


The story about the CEO Of NovaFuture and the life of Jürgen, the guy behind this moniker, is strongly connected with the British band Depeche Mode and the label Mute.
It started in the late 80ies when his brother already forced him to listen to Depeche Mode at the age of 8 years (living in one room) but it took years until he became a true Mode fan himself.

In 1993, now fully flashed by their music, he bought the first album right on release date, “Songs Of Faith And Devotion”. The singles for this album contained a few remixes with technoid sounds – a direction for the 12”s they have already started earlier and then continued e.g. in 1997 with interpretations by Andrea Parker, Speedy J, Hardfloor, Motorbass & Plastikman. As he liked these remixes but hated what people on mainstream tv called “Techno” he wanted to know more about the remix artists. While doing the same information digging for bands like Nitzer Ebb, Nick Cave, Fad Gadget and others coming from the “gothic scene”, another influence from his brother, one name popped up again and again: Mute Records and its sublabel novamute. So he discovered and explored the very interesting and diverse roster of Mute and its sublabels by buying more and more stuff of bands like Renegade Soundwave, Goldfrapp, Moby, Erasure or the ones mentioned above but also his general interest in techno grew.
With developing some fan websites he got in touch with a few techno guys and other people working for labels so getting connected with music scene and being a part of it.

In September 2009 he started the NovaFuture Blog to share music he likes. Over the years the blog grew so mixes, interviews and many other stuff became part of it. Check it out at http://www.novafuture-blog.com

2019 he has finally started his own label NovaFuture Recordings – after working for labels such as Mute Germany, Ibadan Records, Mote-Evolver and Calyx Records and co-running the Escapism label. Have a look at ww.novafuture-recordings.com


And why “CEO Of NovaFuture”?
In 2002 he needed a username for the new collectors platform: Discogs. While thinking about a username he saw the album “Mission:Statement” by Si Begg’s S.I. Futures on his computer desk. The booklet contains a text that is signed by „CEO SI Futures“. So I created my online name “CEO of NovaFutures”. nova taken from the label name. Futures from … yeah you see it. Later it became NovaFutures and for the blog & label activities also the s disappeared.


original photo used for the artwork was made by Laura Herz


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2020”


01. Laibach – Tanz Mit Laibach (Temponauta ‘Desert Storm’ Remix)
02. Paul Van Dyk – A Magical Moment
03. Fortran 5 – Persian Blues (3YE1270 Mix)
04. Juno Reactor – High Energy Protons
05. Moby – James Bond Theme (Moby’s Re-Version – LSG Remix)
06. Luke Slater – I Can Complete You (Luke Slater’s Inflight Freefall Mix)
07. The Prodigy – No Good (Start The Dance) (CJ Bolland Museum Remix)
08. Yazoo – Situation (Deadline Mix)
09. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex The Dog Remix)
10. Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Remix)
11. Plastikman – Are Friends Elektrik?
12. Depeche Mode – Something To Do (Metal Mix)


all releases on NovaFuture Recordings


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