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We Are Flying High


NovaFuture Recordings




Release Date:
17th June 2022




Entropy And Versatile

The Dance Of The Misanthropes

Deine Worte

The Horrorist


Press Info:
The Berlin-based blog and record label, NovaFuture returns with their fourth vinyl release, “We Are Flying High”. The record is a compilation featuring the work from four of the blog’s affiliate artists and incorporates elements of techno and trance, with uplifting, arpeggiated leads and dark, distorted beats.

The four-track sampler opens with MSKD’s “Entropy And Versatile”, a melancholic and atmospheric track reflecting the young French DJ’s exploration of classic techno influences. A reverb heavy trance lead is layered against sharp percussive elements and broken kick patterns for a versatile, dance floor-ready sound.

The second track, “The Dance Of The Misanthropes” by Tsorn, dives into the underground with a hard, repeating synth line and thumping kick driving the record forward. Her early musical influences from black metal are apparent as the Leipzig-based producer crafts this crushing and uncompromising techno release.

“Deine Worte” from Hephaistos follows, contrasting ambient pads and vocal ambiences with energetic drums for a dark yet ethereal soundscape. The track builds and opens up as synths and trance leads come in, adding energy for a pumping and vibrant high.

The final track, “Red”, comes from the Berlin-based American DJ, The Horrorist. While its title seems fit with NovaFuture’s signature red artwork, the track deviates sonically from the rest of the release for an intense and suffocating experience. Noisy industrial sounds, distorted drones, and crushed vocals are all mangled together to create a pulsing wall of hiss, buzz and screams that leaves the listener gasping for a breath.

Carefully curated by the CEO Of NovaFuture, “We Are Flying High” is a thrilling experience that will be released via their own label on the 17th of June 2022.

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Full Track Streaming:
MSKD – “Entropy And Versatile”

more soon


MSKD – “nyctophilia Podcast 030”

Tsorn – “Liveset 2020”

Hephaistos – “NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2020”

The Horrorist – “Tracklistings Mixtape #300 (2018.01.20)”


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NovaFuture Recordings @ Bandcamp
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Vault Music for MSKD


NovaFuture Recordings


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