MSKD is a young DJ / producer influenced in the field by the “Rave party” which he met at the age of 16 years and the techno of the 90s from Detroit / Chicago or London and Berlin.
First of all he is a big fan of the electronic music, where he approaches the techno in all directions possible by leaving it with his personal touch.
He draws his inspiration from the big pioneers of this movement such as Jeff Mills, Chris Liberator, Bas Mooy, DJ Arne, or still Emmanuel.

MSKD is the answer of his own techno’s vision, influences by all the electronic’s movement and subgenre, or any artists like Jeroen Search, Dax J or Kangding ray.
MSKD’s project was born by the desire to make a techno for a dancefloor and characterized by a feeling, an expression of melancholia and multiples sorts of emotions. This is explained by some atmosphere with subtle tones, strong and fast rythmic with a personnal touch.
MSKD is also the owner of the imprint record label “Diligences Records”, designed for this electronic’s vision.

Ghost Effects is another alias of MSKD.


EPs, Singles & Albums (featured on our blog):
MSKD’s “Thérapie” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “Entropy And Versatile” on NovaFuture Recordings
MSKD’s self-released “Musik Vertreibt Den Hass”
MSKD’s “AG006” on Agora Records
MSKD’s “Piupiu Dance With A Beretta” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “Prototype C” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “A Tear Hidden In A Eye” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “Narcisstic People EP” on MSKDR
MSKD’s self-released “Acid Voice”
MSKD’s “Alea Jacta Est” on Diligences Records
MSKD’s “Solar System” on Vector Functions Records
MSKD’s “After The Death EP” on MSKDR
MSKD’s “Millions of Galaxies EP” on Diligences Records
MSKD’s “リバティウォーク” on MSKDR
Ghost Effects’ “World War III EP” on Eradys Records
Ghost Effects’ “Eternal Disaster EP” on C O U P
Ghost Effects’ “No Lines” on Diligences Records


Compilation & Split EP Contributions (featured on our blog):
compilation “We Are Flying High” w/ MSKD on NovaFuture Recordings
compilation “Various Artists 001” w/ MSKD on MITSU2000
compilation “MCVA002” w/ MSKD on Maison Close Records
compilation “Fifth Gate” w/ MSKD on Union Trance Mission
compilation “ISMVA001.2” w/ MSKD on Ismus
compilation “RR003” w/ MSKD on Recollection Records
compilation “Selected Cells Vol​.​2” w/ MSKD on Binary Cells
sampler “Rave Series I” w/ MSKD on Diligences Records
sampler “Orbital Program” w/ MSKD on Blockchain Records
sampler “Various Artists A” w/ MSKD on Kriptika Records
sampler “Jaelos 01” w/ MSKD on Jaelos
compilation “There’s No Light Here” w/ Ghost Effects on Diligences Records


Remixes (featured on our blog):
Sylvie Maziarz’ “Durch Die Nacht”
Norberto Lusso’s “Pigments”
WAST’ “Black Demon”


NovaFuture Blog Streams (Tracks & Remixes):


Our Very Own Mix:


Mixes (summed up by himself):


Vaulted Music


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