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Modern Love


NovaFuture Recordings




Release Date:
18th December 2020




What Can I Do

Matias Aldana
Savi Host

Evil Dust

Stay Sharp


Press Info:
On 18th December, NovaFuture Recordings is releasing its third vinyl sampler “Modern Love”. In addition to the previously digitally released “What Can I Do?” by Gewalt and “Savi Host” by Matias Aldana, the sampler will include new tracks by Evil Dust and Sharplines. “Modern Love” presents a synthesis of Cold Wave, EBM and Techno, introducing key musical influences of the blog to the label’s catalogue.

Gewalt’s “What Can I do?” is not only the first cold-wave track on NovaFuture Recordings, but also the first vocal track, featuring the Parisian artists melancholic lyrics.

Matis Aldana’s trance-techno-electro crossover “Savi Host” presents another novum for NovaFuture Recordings, as the Colombian producer is the only artist on the label who has not been featured on the blog before.

Evil Dust, also working under the alias Mutual Gaze, previously released via Crave Tapes, X-IMG, Autonome Records, Dead by Overdose and others. The young London producers track “Fatality” is peaktime ready industrial techno that still manages to keep a groove going, upping the energy on the B side of “Modern Love”.

Sharplines’ “Stay Sharp” closes the sampler, mixing distorted industrial aesthetics and EBM patterns into a peak-time techno tool brimming with energy. The Italian producer runs the Dead by Overdose label and has releases on RND. Records and Ancient Methods’ Persephonic Sirens label.

— Text by Felix Ansmann —


Full Track Streaming:


Gewalt – “Phase Podcast #014”

Matias Aldana – “B2B Radio Pres …”

Evil Dust – “Northern Industrial Movement Podcast Series : EP.24”

Sharplines – “Abaddon Podcast 101”


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