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DURCH​[​digital​]​Solidarity 001






Release Date:
05th March 2021


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Victima G

Projekt Gestalten
Never Phase Me

Sagacious Subversion

Without Prejudice

BWSS (Backwithasicksound)


Rox A Ria

Body Politics

Sparkly Pony & Dgeral


Press Info:
DURCH is a queer collective with a clear vision of solidarity and community building. DURCH operates in Tel Aviv and Berlin trying to bring queer people together, building a culture of inclusion, diversity and tolerance. In the tradition of original raves DURCH organizes solidarity events ranging from parties, to art and community events, with the strong belief that raves are a much needed place for people to come together, celebrate their diversity and learn to respect each other. Musically DURCH is eclectic inspired by hardcore, straight forward techno, ghetto and scouse house and 90s acid.

In that spirit DURCH[digital]SOLIDARITY 001 is the first of three releases this summer and a love letter to queerness.

An eclectic collection of queer and FLINT* artists as well as vocal supporters of the queer community.

DURCH[digital]SOLIDARITY features some of the most exciting up and coming techno artists, ranging from politica, noisy hardcore to dark EBM inspired new-wave to melancholic techno.

Durch is a non-profit organization, donating all the revenue from releases to organizations helping queer, BIPOC and trans people in need.

The revenue of this release goes to: TransInterQueer e.V. (TrIQ) and Casa Kuà.

Tsorn from Leipzig kicks off our first release with “Victima G” a new-wave, EBM inspired slowdance, pushed by destructive spanish vocals, also in the content of the lyrics.

It`s about getting confronted with european nationalism and classism while listen in a concert to „La camisa negra“.

„víctima g conche tu madre / lo siento, no / conche tu madre / la camisa negra la camisa negra / tengo en tu funeral / la camisa negra / tengo en tu funeral tu víctima italiano / cocino mala pasta / rompe tu nariz /y enviarte a casa ya voy con perro / perro de pelea / y tu estas muerto / y tu estas muerto él va a destrozar / toda tu cabeza / él va a destrozar / toda tu cabeza“

Projekt Gestalten
Their bold feminine and queer spirit has made Projekt Gestalten a key figure in the Berlin queer scence and a much appreciated DJ and producer, touring all over the world.

Sissy queer emotional techno! The VRAAA label head “Never Phase Me” brings acid, squirming through and over a fast, straight forward techno beat.

Hybral, a new unapologetic non-binary voice delivers straight to the point non-compromising techno with noise influences. Hybral’s sound is hard, dark and political. The track policy is driven by the intertwining of left politics and industrial techno. Sagacious Subversion overall comes across very raw and rough, including different driving kick patterns and gritty crushing percussions that are being contextualized with screaming ambiences and lurking synths that aim to raid normative standards and binary codes.

Chlär is one of the most exciting techno artists emerging over the last years. He’s made a name for himself with fun, genre-bending DJ sets and a relentlessly growing catalogue of original music on Bipolar Disorder, Selected and RAW.

With the use of scientific and meticulous methods, he continues to fine tune the progress of his search for increasingly organic, pounding grooves and soundscapes to create simple and subtle elements that embody effective, „energetic and highly infectious’’ pieces of music. Now at ease with the production of many genres: from straight forward techno, nostalgic trancy sounds, electro-break-your-neck beats, to old-school pounding grooves, Chlär successfully demonstrated his skills by releasing a wide range of „futuristic bangers’’.

His track „No Prejudices” is a hard kicking modern rave banger with its huge and intense soundscapes hoovering over strong and punchy drums. It’s illuminating a diverse society and shows us the need of standing up for our rights.

Hailing from Paris, France, and currently residing in Berlin, CLTX. The young artist and founder of TX Records has been heavily influenced by the warehouse-scene in Paris, which has left a noticeable imprint on his own sound as well. This signature sound of his focuses on hard kicks and raw textures, all while maintaining a high energy level. CLTX marks the heart of the release with a dancefloor banger. Hardcore, euphoric, melodic 4 to the floor.

BWSS, which means “Back again with a sicksound”, is a mixture of different musical inpirations. A powerful bassline, industrial percussions, accompanied by vocals that make this track overflowing with energy!

While Räel iconically brings us 2010 summer vibes on a dark techno dancefloor. The founder of the techno label Hardest Soft mixes industrials sounds with mesmerising melodies. His track, Napalm, named after the deadly combat weapon, was inspired by his move to Berlin and several heartbreaks. He’s part of the Parisian collective Concordance and an exciting new queer techno artist.

Elykua is a techno DJ and producer born in Naples, Italy.

He shows influences from punk, metal and rock music that have developed inside the artist into an industrial techno style, characterized by spectral, dark and sometimes ambient sounds.

„Rox A Ria“ is an ambivalent track: the strong kick and the mystical vocal, extrapolated from an oriental mantra, give a special energy. The latter is immersed in EBM lines and industrial sounds.With fast and hard rhythms.

The title is dedicated to a lovely person who gave the inspiration to the artist.

Fluid is a queer DJ and producer based in Berlin. Supporting FLINT* DJ, producer and party events are one of his most important goal. He got into producing this year and is still modelling his sound. His interest in electronic music goes from industrial techno to ebm to trance to hypnotic techno.

This track has a dark moodiness and the bassline comes to add a sensorial overload. Fluid produced a dark, instrumental and noisy track using ambient recordings he made at home.

Body Politics was initially an online journal focusing on the history of the body. The term ‘body politics’ sees the body as an object of research. It also refers to the relationship between how society assigns social constructions to the body and how it affects them. Bodies are politic and impregnated by culture. Bodies, and especially femininity on bodies, are continuously policed.

Bodies play a role in one’s everyday life and opportunities.

Uteruses are controlled by the states and by those who don’t have one, like recently in Poland where abortion got banned.

Beauty standards are regulated through strict rules and bodies that do not comply are discriminated.

Body-shaming is real.

Discrimination against fat bodies still exists,
Discrimination against trans bodies still exists,
Discrimination against disabled bodies still exists,
Discrimination against non-white bodies still exists,
Discrimination against non-conform bodies still exists.

Sparkly Pony & Dgeral
Sparkly Pony & Dgeral are a DJ collective from Malmö, hosting the infamously wild queer and trans club night SWEAT. “Hydro” is melancholic, melody driven techno 90s inspired techno.


Full Track Streaming:


Sparkly Pony & Dgeral – “Hydro”

Chlär – “Without Prejudices”


Tsorn – “Liveset 2020”

Chlär – “From Another Mind Podcast 013”

Fluid – “DURCH Podcast No 23”

Hybral – “DURCH Podcast No 17”

Projekt Gestalten – “Pornceptual Quarantine Music #4”

CLTX – “HOR: Durch Showcase December 30”

Raël – “Technopsis Podcast 042”


Chlär’s “Don’t Give Yourselves EP” on C O U P
Chlär’s “Artificial Supremacy EP” on Bipolar Disorder
Chlär’s “Only The Past EP” on selected
Tsorn’s “Psycho Bitch EP” on Hypress
Projekt Gestalten’s “Wretched Cuts EP” on Mild Fantasy
Projekt Gestalten’s “He Bleeds Stories EP” on VRAAA Records


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