04th June 2022: NovaFuture x .defaultbox Open Air @ 15827 Dahlewitz near Berlin (Germany)


NovaFuture x .defaultbox Open Air 2022


Date & Time:
04th June 2022 at 12:00 – 10:00pm


Denise Rabe


Eschenweg 3, 15827 Dahlewitz bei Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
15€ +


Press Info:
We do it again! After the first successful open air last summer by NovaFuture and .defaultbox, we have decided to go into the second round and put one on it. The event will take place like last year as open air close to Berlin, in Dahlewitz. Be curious about the new designed area, there are some changes, for all of you who were already there last year.

Save the date, stay tuned and see you on the dancefloor!

Denise Rabe
Introducing our artist starting with our special guest: Denise Rabe.

After her first release on Mutewax in 2015 she had well received releases e.g. on labels like ARTS & Stroboscopic Artefacts. During this time she also actualized her own eponymous label Rabe for her own output incl. remixes by Rrose, Shxcxchcxsh, Kwartz and many more.

Grown up as a child of the 90’s near Berlin, aem.aze was stamped by the influences of the east Berlin techno scene.

Started with his first gig in 1998 he played on more than 100 gigs like the Summer Spirit Festival and the Somewhere Festival in Copenhagen.

His music could be described as a warm and harmonic interaction between past, present and future. With his very own style he always creates special and individual sounds.
He released 2 own EPs on defaultbox plus one split EP with defaultbox label head Patrick Brosin.

In his youth Barrel played drums and guitar, where he already discovered his love for music. Inspired by metal music, he took over this feeling of hardness into his interpretation of techno music.

In 2018 Barrel delivered the magnificent three track EP “ROD3 ” on defaultbox after he had releases on Modul and Paradoxal Records.

With his sets he wants to create special moments for the listeners, take them on a journey to his mind and to produce a gorgeous smile in their faces.

Ōtomo, Carcères Records, Jaelos, VOICES FROM BEYOND and more are labels that realized the quality of Hephaistos’ output. Later he founded his own label Mutter Records.

That output caught the attention of our CEO Of NovaFuture who featured the stuff on his NovaFuture Blog. So it was just a question of time til he also asked Hephaistos for a track.

This track will be part of the upcoming vinyl sampler “We Are Flying High” which is due to be released in June – right in time for our open air.

… and the last artist to be introduced is MSKD, who just released his single “Entropy And Versatile” on NovaFuture Recordings.

MSKD, also active as Ghost Effects, is a young French DJ and producer now based in Berlin, who runs his own imprints Diligences records and MSKDR.
We (from NovaFuture Blog & Recordings) have been following and supporting his career for a long time and are very happy to welcome him after previous releases on Jaelos, C O U P and Maison Close Records etc.

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Event @ Resident Advisor


Denise Rabe – “Modular Expansion Podcast #132”

aem.aze – “@Rekombination2012april”

Barrel – “Geheimclub Podcast 029”

Hephaistos – “NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2020”

MSKD – “Nyctophilia Podcast 030”


Denise Rabe – “Chant”

Denise Rabe – “Living Backwards”

Hephaistos – “The Devil’s Tongue”

Denise Rabe – “Sunfall”

Hephaistos – “Discharge”

aem.aze – “Red Cube”

aem.aze – “Kombinat 2”

Barrel – “Lost George”

Denise Rabe – “Return Of The Dash”

Barrel – “STKLM”

Hephaistos – “Kill Them With Kindness”

Hephaistos – “Genesis”

MSKD – “Entropy And Versatile”

aem.aze – “Dirty”

MSKD – “Musik Vertreibt Den Hass”

MSKD – “Red Mountain”

MSKD – “Calling Center”

Barrel – “Träume”

aem.aze – “Synewave Neukölln”

Barrel – “Lirpa”


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