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Denise Rabe


Denise Rabe released her first 12” on German imprint Mutewax in 2015. A solo EP on Arts sub label Arts Collective quickly succeeded her debut the same year, leading up to the label publishing her third release in 2017. This is also the year Denise actualized her own eponymous label Rabe. September 2019 she announced her EP „Manifesto“ on the well established label Stroboscopic Artefacts.

Rabe the label, just like its founder, is all about techno. So far, three hyper modern brutalist sounding 12-inches from Denise herself has seen the light of day. Rabe’s productions are frantic yet deep industrial adventures, all carrying a hefty gothic presence. Her talent has not only caught the ears of eager fans, but also of recognized producers such as Rrose and Shxcxchcxsh, who both have contributed remixes for the artist.

Brought up on hip hop in a small German town, Denise learned to DJ at the age of 16, scratching and mixing, later diving further into electronic music via drum ‘n’ bass and jungle. From there exploring various styles of house, only to some years later finally ending up in techno territory, understanding this is where she truly belonged. Her DJ-sets are powered with the same energy as her own productions: dark minimalistic heavy-hitting eerie techno, often flirting with elements reminiscing of modern tribal- and trance.

Denise Rabe is a pragmatic grounded artist with a clear vision. Her passion for music has led her to be involved in the scene on many levels; whether it has been as a booker for Berlin venue Ipse; a radio show host for the city’s Sweatlodge channel or a club promoter for her own night HIDE and SEEK at “Humboldthain”.


EPs, Singles & Albums (featured on our blog):
EP “Blame Me EP” on Arkham Audio Records
EP “Capricorn EP” w/ Ricardo Garduno on Rabe
EP “Penumbra” on ARTS Records
EP “The Monkey And The Cat” on Rabe
EP “The Lion And The Mouse” on Rabe
EP “Outa Body EP” on Blacklabel Distillery
EP “Manifesto” on Stroboscopic Artefacts
EP “The Tortoise And The Eagle” on Rabe
EP “The Frogs Pick A King” on Rabe
EP “The Lion’s Share” on Rabe
EP “The Fox And The Raven” on Rabe
EP “Oneirology” on ARTS Records


Compilation & Split EP Contributions (featured on our blog):
compilation “Touch | Together For Ukraine” on Sublunar Records
compilation “Arkham Friends Part 1” on Arkham Audio Records
compilation “Sammelwerk III” on Konflkt
compilation “The Storms We Became” on Acts Of Rebellion
compilation “Serpent Series I” on Voxnox Records
compilation “More Cuts On Loving Part II” on Ressort Imprint
compilation “MuteWax 003” on Mutewax


Remixes (featured on our blog):
Pascal Hetzel’s “Noxious Stimulus” on Caduceus Records
Bastian Balders’ “Wormed” on MONOTON:audio


NovaFuture Blog Streams (Tracks & Remixes):


Our Very Own Mix:


Mixes (summed up by herself):


Outlined AM


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