out now: Evil Dust – Fatality [NovaFuture Recordings]


Evil Dust




NovaFuture Recordings




Release Date:
15th January 2021 (Bandcamp)
12th February 2021 (all other stores)


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Press Info:
After being part of our most recent vinyl release “Modern Love” Evil Dust’s “Fatality” will now also be available digitally. Hailing from London, the young producer, also working under the name Mutual Gaze, quickly developed a unqiue blend of techno, industrial and dark wave influences as showcased on labels such as X-IMG, Autonome Records and Crave Tapes.

His track “Fatality” is a straight forward Industrial Techno cut suitable for peak time hours – or whenever one craves such vibes at home. It combines harsh sounding, looping synths, thudding kicks and layers of noise and distortion into one versatile tool.

After his immaculate last set in Berlin with Crave Tapes founder Tizaresh and Eve Schwarz at Dream Baby Dream, we hope to hear Evil Dust soon again – until then, we are happy to present “Fatality” digitally on 15th January 2021.

— Text by Felix Ansmann —


Full Track Streaming:


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all stuff on NovaFuture Recordings


Buy Download:
NovaFuture Recordings @ Bandcamp
more soon


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Evil Dust
NovaFuture Recordings


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