out now: Kutkh Jackdaw – Sweat & Thunder EP [Dark Disco]


Kutkh Jackdaw


Sweat & Thunder EP


Dark Disco




Release Date:
28th August 2020


cassette & digital


Sweat & Thunder

Fires In Your Garden

The Parasite Will Eat You From The Inside Out

Sweat & Thunder
(Chrome Corpse Remix)

Sweat & Thunder
(Evil Dust Remix)

Sweat & Thunder
(Notausgang Remix)

Sweat & Thunder


Press Info:
Kutkh Jackdaw is a Scottish producer and DJ, now based in Brighton, whose productions take influence from a wide variety of different genres, from post-punk and techno, to EBM, synth and even traditional tribal music and dub. He uses a range of techniques including a heavy use of inventive sampling, combined with extensive use of vintage 80’s hardware. His tracks have been remixed by Evil Dust, Notausgang, SHPSHFT, Drumterror, and Movement, and he has had mixes released on Unmasked Discussion, The Hiddens, and Northern Industrial Movement podcast series.

Uplifting, punk infused killer Techno EP by UK based Kutkh Jackdaw with 3 autor’s tracks & remix bombs by :
Chrome Corpse, Seattle EBM band known for releases on labels like FORKHA, Oraculo Records, AREA Z, Vertex ..

Evil Dust, young and talented artist from London and resident of parties like Unmasked in Elektrowerkz having music released on X-IMG, Autonome Records, Total Control Collective, I N T E R V A L, Crave Tapes, I-Traxx Red Editions, Dead By Overdose…

Notausgang, former guitarist, nourished by the 60′ and 70′ rock and psychedelic scene, who creates with a bunch of old and new synths. Messy and noisy EBM, Techno or Industrial stuff, to rumble your ears, and makes you begging to stop to that musical torture.

SHPSHFT, Techno/Acid/Rave/Industrial duo based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Full Track Streaming:


Buy Cassette:
Dark Disco @ Bandcamp
more soon


Buy Digital:
Dark Disco @ Bandcamp
more soon


Kutkh Jackdaw
Dark Disco


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