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Mark Groot


Mark Groot is a 20 year old guy from Amsterdam who started to study law but then decided to do what he really love: music.

Nowadays his life is centered around his work at a record shop, djing and experimenting with sounds. So he released his first EP “Never Try Never Know” in January – and got signed now by Canadian label Naught Music for a new EP coming in April.

Here is his second official mix presented by Naught Music and NovaFuture Blog. It also contains some of his own productions.


01. Talismann – Russia
02. Exos – Birds in Bedroom
03. Gunnar Haslam – Athabaskan Languages
04. Ben Klock – You
05. Developer – In A Pure Form 14
06. Developer – In A Pure Form 11
07. Talismann – Germany
08. Mark Groot – Never Try
09. Mark Groot – Your Wish
10. Mark Groot – My Command
11. Jonas Kopp – Take me Higher
12. Talismann – Mars Wars
13. Oak/Pine – Cider Sword
14. Voiski – Galaxy Call




self-released 2 track EP “Never Try Never Know”


Mark Groot
Mark Groot @ Resident Advisor
Naught Music


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