[Mix]: Stigmatique – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2023




With his punk attitude and his unmistakable hypnotic-driving sounds, Stigmatique has been an integral part of not only the Leipzig, but also the German techno scene for more than five years now. In 2017, he founded the label Seelen with his friend and partner JANEIN, which has become an indispensable part of international techno culture.

As part of events in places like About Blank, Distillery, IFZ, Die Rakete, as well as international clubs like the Meet Compact Club in Italy or the Grellen Forelle in Vienna, he continued to make his way and began to assert himself against the old-established techno artists.

As a resident of the Distillery in Leipzig, he has been providing damp, sweaty club nights for three years now, and as the initiator of this year’s Distillery Tour, he is also playing throughout Germany.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2023”


01. Naruto Shippuden – Girei Pain’s Theme Song
02. Aethernal – The Persistence of Memory
03. Michel Lauriola – False Facts (JLTZ Remix)
04. Mrkv – Amygdala
05. Dave Wincent – Continuity
06. SCHRZØ – Broken Transistor (Trismus Remix)
07. BRÄLLE – Siege
08. BRÄLLE – Hallucination Failure
09. Slam – Trsmit
10. Rehmark – Roads
11. Kike Pravda – Noiser
12. Marsch – Eyes Closed
13. Maxime Dangles – Chatillon Montrouge (SRAMAANA Remix)


Stigmatique’s “Kollisionen” on DVNTT
Stigmatique’s “Unstoppable Desire EP” on Seelen Records
split EP “Synergy EP” w/ tracks on Seelen Records
split EP “KK003” w/ tracks on Kriptika Records
compilation “WIR Various Artists 001” w/ track on WIR Records
compilation “4 Elements Of Life” w/ track on Seelen Records
compilation “#challengeaccepted Alive” w/ track on Primus Recordings
compilation “Rebels United … Vol. 1” w/ track on Rebels Conspiracy
compilation “SEELEN.002” w/ track on Seelen Records
compilation “SEELEN.001” w/ track on Seelen Records
Tsorn’s “Psycho Bitch EP” w/ remix on Hypress
“Nullelf” by Kimbownaut | Patrick Dre w/ remix on Drec
all stuff on Seelen. (co-run by Stigmatique)




Stigmatique @ Instagram
Stigmatique @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Głós – 10 Years Of Głós: The Essential Live Mix




’10 Years Of Głós: The Essential Live Mix’ is a special mix that contains all the classics and all your favourite club bangers that I made in the last ten years.

It’s both a celebration for long-time followers as well as a showcase for new listeners, illustrating how a Głós live show can sound like.


“10 Years Of Głós: The Essential Live Mix”


01. Głós – Twenty-Nine Stabs
02. Głós – Prayer
03. Głós – Phosphore (Cut Through Lingerie)
04. Głós – Psalm (A Handbook That Becomes A Poem)
05. Głós – Psalm (Lo-Fi Glamour)
06. Głós – Cut Tongues
07. Głós – Cut Throats
08. Głós – Man Is The Cruellest Animal
09. Głós – Twenty-Seven Stabs
10. Głós – Through Limbs & Wires
11. Głós – Ultima – Code Is Law


Głós’ “Ten” on Non-Print
Głós’ “Wounds” on Diffuse Reality Records
Głós’ “Poems” on Non-Print
Głós’ “Twenty-Seven Stabs” on Flyance Records
Głós’ “Psalms” on Escapism


Głós @ Instagram
Głós @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Insolate – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2023




True powerhouse of the Croatian techno scene, Insolate has been establishing herself worldwide as a DJ and producer for over 20 years, both as the head of the Out Of Place label and as the creative force behind the electrifying HUSH! and TRAUM events. Hailing from Osijek, Croatia, in the far east of the country, she took her first steps as a DJ in 1997 before moving on to European and global clubs.

Insolate being an international messenger of techno was recognised by Ambassador award that gave her a title “Croatia’s ambassador overseas” for 2017. and 2018. and Elector awards gave her recognition in 2022. for the best Croatian DJ. Insolate is also a major contributor to the Croatian techno scene, so much so that she was in Ibiza to receive the award for “Dance Nation of the Year” at the DJ Awards on behalf of her nation.

She’s already played some of the world’s most renowned clubs and festivals including Berghain, Rex, Tresor, Under Club, Detroit Movement Festival, Exit Festival, Tomorrowland, ADE and Dimensions Festival plus numerous Colombian and USA tours over the years plus Kina and Argentina tour added to the list in 2019.

As a producer, she’s had a string of releases on highly respected labels including Luke Slater’s Mote-Evolver, Ellen Alien’s BPitch Rec, Ben Sims’s Symbolism and DJ Deep’s Deeply Rooted – supported and played by some of techno’s finest including Laurent Garnier, DVS1, Dax J, Ben Klock and many others.

As a DJ, Insolate is well known for her pure and energetic techno sets. It is clear to anyone who has seen her perform that she is an artist with a lot of experience, but also a lot of inspiration and ambition, and a deep knowledge of techno. . She is simply a natural presence in a DJ booth. If you’ve seen her play, you will know exactly what this means.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2023”


01. Anastasia Kristensen – Irregularity
02. Highlimiter – Structure (Åregone Remix)
03. Maccari – Resurgence
04. Talismann – Anna (Purple Mix)
05. William Arist – Visiting From Mars (Gene Richards Jr Remix)
06. Fresko – Problematico
07. Insolate – Go With U
08. Disguised – Isarn
09. Ben Reymann -Transmitter
10. Vidrik – Procione
11. Jannik Aßfalg – Inject
12. Uncertain -Eclipse
13. J.Blofeld – Synap
14. Maōh – Dengue
15. Yan Cook – Balance Point
16. Ackermann – Wagwan Blud
17. Misstress Barbara – Effet Karma (Stef Mendesidis Remix)
18. Connor Wall – Return To Engage
19. Olēka – The Timeless Art Of Seduction
20. Ricardo Gardun – Trip On Tension
21. Strathy – Bite Me


Insolate’s “Push EP” on Mote-Evolver
Insolate’s “Order Is Chaos (Remixed)” on Out Of Place
Insolate’s “Order Is Chaos” on Out Of Place
compilation “Arkham Friends Part 1” w/ Insolate track on Arkham Audio
compilation “100 Years Of Colombia” w/ Insolate track on Planet X
compilation “We Are Not Alone (Part 1)” w/ Insolate track on BPitch
compilation “Uncertain Landscape (Part 2)” w/ Insolate track on Gradient
compilation “Black Lives Matter …” w/ Insolate track on Prodigal Son
compilation “Nord 006” w/ Insolate track on Nord Ltd
compilation “UX Remixed Vol. 2” w/ Insolate track on User Experience
Cri Du Coeur’s “Jeffrey EP” w/ Insolate remix on Arkham Audio
Assumption’s “Imperial EP” on Insolate’s label Out Of Place


AD Sound for Insolate


Insolate @ Soundcloud


[DJ Set]: Tempus Fugit – @ Staub on 09th September 2023


Tempus Fugit


DJ creating a pumping, harsh, industrial and heavy electronic sound to take you down to hell!

This set was recorded at Staub on the 09th September 2023


“@ Staub on 09th September 2023”


no tracklist at the moment


our interview with Tempus Fugit from 2017
other Staub Sets & Mixes
Staub Parties


Tempus Fugit
Tempus Fugit @ Instagram
Tempus Fugit @ Mixcloud
Staub @ Instagram
Staub @ Soundcloud


[Live Set]: Cellarkalt – NovaFuture Blog Live Set September 2023




Cellarkalt, that’s the oldest project of Benedikt Schmidt (Snuffo / Snuff Crew). Launched in the late 90s in the basement of his parent’s house, it’s about creating experimental soundscapes and keeping a DIY and Dada approach. Cellarkalt music got releases by labels such as Konglomerat, New York Haunted, Jetztwelt. Ardetha Records, Elephant Recordings, Bella Ursa Recordings and Killekill – plus through cellarkalt.bandcamp.com


Artist About The Set:
The live set, Cellarkalt recorded for NovaFuture Blog is something different and something challenging. It’s a 60 minutes and 35 seconds long free improvisation.

The artist just switched on his machines and started performing, without knowing where the journey will take him to.

Nothing was prepared before, everything happened on the fly, in a deep frenzy of sound. The result is a sonic mayhem full of floating drones and harsh noises, it is an intense experience of experimental music. And it’s also a preview of the Cellarkalt stage performances.

Artwork is based on photo by Halbert Ramis


“NovaFuture Blog Live Set September 2023”


live set – no tracklist


Cellarkalt’s “Blaue Stunde, Kleidermann” on Konglomerat
Snuff Crew’s “Still Doin’ It EP” on Next Door
Snuffo’s “In Restless Dreams I Walk” on Solemne Records
Snuffo’s “Twisted Mind Phone” on Analog Records