08th April 2016: Liber Null XIV @ Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


Liber Null


Liber Null XIV – Agony


Date & Time:
08th April 2016 at 11:59pm


Jade Lee Petersen & Kewin Bonono
Geistform live
Blush Response live
Chris Stanford
DE vs. Troit
Sirio Gry J


Arena Club, Berlin (Germany)


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tba EUR


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Agony as the state of being under immense physical or mental suffering.
Have you ever felt extreme pain?
Everlasting, unbearable, paroxysmal pain?
Have you ever been tortured?
Mentally tormented?

Psychological pain as an inescapable aspect of human existence.
Did you ever cause pain to someone?
Did you ever experience intoxicating emotional suffering?
Did you ever endure the last seconds?

Pleasure blossoms through agony.

Walk through the labyrinth.
Enter Liber Null.

Jade Lee Petersen & Kewin Bonono
South African male contortionist Jade Lee Petersen showcases extreme physical flexibility using his androgynous figure. The need of experimenting with physical limits and the urge to relieve energies through the body is his crossing point with the work of Kewin Bonono. Born in France with a mix of african roots, Kewin Bonono transforms his life experiences into performances and reactions within states of emergency. They both live, work and share rituals in Berlin.

Rafael Martinez Espinosa, known as Geistform, a Spanish industrial/electro music producer and performer based in Rubí (Barcelona). Espinosa started his career in the early 2000’s and released 5 electrified albums on labels such as Germany’s Hands Productions and Belgium’s Daft Records managed by authoritative artist Dirk Ivens (Dive, Klinik, Absolute Body Control etc.). Espinosa also collaborated with Ivens on the “Behind The Sun” album thus immediately gained a worldwide recognition and reputation amongst harsh and noisy rhythmical composition listeners. Geistform production is influenced by minimal techno and industrial sound. His powerful electronic beats, intense analog textures and distortions are generated mostly from analog sources, oscillators and strictly electronic tones. Geistform’s live shows are known to be locomotive, penetrating and extremely danceable. His performances at notable shows such as Maschinenfest, Forms Of Hands and others across Europe mirrors his high technical skillfulness and pure conceptuality.

Blush Response
Blush response is Joey Blush, a cuban-american artist and sound designer hailing from nyc who now resides in berlin. blush cut his teeth doing programming work for artists such as fear factory, rhys fulber, cristian castro, and as a touring member of joey jordison (slipknot)’s alternative rock project scar the martyr. a fascinating, vibrant new artist, frequenting the outer realms of post punk, industrial, techno, you-name-it and has a plethora of releases on cd, vinyl, digital and even cassette tape format to date.
The intention behind blush response is to always push the limits of sound, structure, and perception, creating a modern version of what he perceives industrial music to be: brutal, inventive, uncompromising and always innovative. throbbing gristle, surgeon or front 242 have left audible traces in his sound, and his goal is to recapture the core spirit of these originators, and then to evolve it even further. performing on hardware synthesizers is a big part of the essence of blush response. his approach is very ‘hands on’ and thus 90% of the changes you hear on his sounds are done by hand without any automation. blush believes in performative gestures over cut and paste editing, and strives to explore the limits of human-machine interactions. his live performances are 100% improvised and mostly unplanned which includes mistakes and happy accidents, and this philosophy is also reflected in his studio work.
Blush response’s music is characterized by a heavy approach to sound design, combining rough, glitch-heavy beats with thick, distorted synths. pounding, head-tripping kick drums intermix with abrasive, dark sequences generating huge walls of cavernous sonics. a pulsating slice of straightforward noise-filtered techno with a good dose of industrial and ebm influences while blush’s improvising skills enable a sound that blurs the lines between these genres. a barely tamed beast, biting and piercing holes in eardrums and somehow magically managing to make your feet tap along or, at considerable volume, rave.

Chris Stanford
‘Chris Stanford’ holds an amount respect in London having held residencies as a DJ at various venues in and around the city since 2005. But probably the most influential of those is happening right now at ‘Corsica Studios’ where he plays most Sunday morning/ afternoons for the legendary ‘Jaded’ which is inspiring a generation of young Londoners.
Not just as a DJ, Chris has been pushing techno in London for a long time, it started with throwing parties, booking well known artists from across the world to play. Then his interests begun to sway more towards music production and label management, this happened around 2010, he had been the running EarToGround parties alongside ‘Gareth Wild’. Meanwhile Chris met ‘Dax J’, already a talented producer having been making Drum & Bass previously, something that ETG guys all hold in common in fact is an early love for D&B, Jungle, Hardcore, UK Rave.
So Chris & Dax took their tracks to Gareth and EarToGround Records was born, the tracks they have done together have been remixed by the likes of ‘Truss’, ‘Shifted’, ‘AnD’ and ‘Ryan Elliott’. Now the label has grown a lot and continues to thrive with seventeen releases around five years. There is also a not so secret sub label VA project called ‘LDNwht’ that Chris, Gareth & Dax run together.
Theres also some other projects Chris works on by himself, he recently launched his new vinyl project ‘Prodigal Son’, with they first release by newcomer French producer ‘Exal’ that he discovered via the well known ‘Blocaus’ parties in Paris, with remixes by ‘Inigo Kennedy’ and ‘Hector Oaks’, illustrated artwork makes it a great start to the new imprint. As well as this Chris’s digital release only label Quant reaches its tenth release very soon and will celebrate doing so with a compilation including some artists already initiated and one that will be releasing EP’s in the not so distant future. This year there will also be some of the first Chris Stanford solo produced tracks, as everything so far has been a collaboration, work is in progress and eagurely awaited upon, one thing being certain is his commitment to good, forward thinking, techno.

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Geistform – “Live at RoomStudio for Secret 13/”

Blush Response – “Live at Night Of The Machines”

Chris Stanford – “Reclaim Your City Podcast 161”

DE vs. Troit – “Shape of Void Podcast 003”

MXM – “Monolith Podcast #28”

Sirio Gry J – “Liber Null Podcast Dec. 2014”

Unhuman – “Monolith Podcast #25”


Blush Response – “Transcendence”

Sirio Gry J – “Badcid (Labarome T.M.I. Acid Remix)”

Blush Response – “Fenix”

Video 1 & 3 created by the29nov films


Blush Response’ “Reshaper” on Ant-Zen
Sirio Gry J’s “Three Laws Of Robotics” on Monolith Records
Blush Response’ “Future Tyrants EP” on Aufnahme+Wiedergabe


Aufnahme+Wiedergabe for Blush Response
EarToGround for Chris Stanford


Liber Null
Arena Club


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