[News]: Young French talent Blaxad is now part of our “Favourite Artists” special series




We continue our “Favourite Artists” series with a special about the young French talent Blaxad ….


Feature & Special Overview:
Special Feature about Blaxad
Soundcloud playlist with our premieres for Blaxad
Special Overview


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[News]: Densie Rabe is now featured in our special artist series ….


Densie Rabe


Densie Rabe is the latest addition to our special artist series just called “Favourite Artists” …


Feature & Special Overview:
Feature about Denise Rabe
Special Overview


Outlined AM


Denise Rabe @ Facebook
Denise Rabe @ Soundcloud


[News]: Support Your Favourite Club


Support Your Favourite Club


Hard times … We want to support the scene a little bit by collecting links of pages & campaigns where you can donate, buy stuff etc to help your favourite club.

If you know such a link, feel free to send an email with name of the club, city and country plus the link where the donation etc can be done. Email: support-your-favourite-club -at- novafuture.biz

Every club itself is responsible for the content of these pages, we are not connected to any of these actions (just spreading the news) and we don’t get any share or whatever.


Link To The Special:
click here


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