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With his punk attitude and his unmistakable hypnotic-driving sounds, Stigmatique has been an integral part of not only the Leipzig, but also the German techno scene for more than five years now. In 2017, he founded the label Seelen with his friend and partner JANEIN, which has become an indispensable part of international techno culture.

As part of events in places like About Blank, Distillery, IFZ, Die Rakete, as well as international clubs like the Meet Compact Club in Italy or the Grellen Forelle in Vienna, he continued to make his way and began to assert himself against the old-established techno artists.

As a resident of the Distillery in Leipzig, he has been providing damp, sweaty club nights for three years now, and as the initiator of this year’s Distillery Tour, he is also playing throughout Germany.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2023”


01. Naruto Shippuden – Girei Pain’s Theme Song
02. Aethernal – The Persistence of Memory
03. Michel Lauriola – False Facts (JLTZ Remix)
04. Mrkv – Amygdala
05. Dave Wincent – Continuity
06. SCHRZØ – Broken Transistor (Trismus Remix)
07. BRÄLLE – Siege
08. BRÄLLE – Hallucination Failure
09. Slam – Trsmit
10. Rehmark – Roads
11. Kike Pravda – Noiser
12. Marsch – Eyes Closed
13. Maxime Dangles – Chatillon Montrouge (SRAMAANA Remix)


Stigmatique’s “Kollisionen” on DVNTT
Stigmatique’s “Unstoppable Desire EP” on Seelen Records
split EP “Synergy EP” w/ tracks on Seelen Records
split EP “KK003” w/ tracks on Kriptika Records
compilation “WIR Various Artists 001” w/ track on WIR Records
compilation “4 Elements Of Life” w/ track on Seelen Records
compilation “#challengeaccepted Alive” w/ track on Primus Recordings
compilation “Rebels United … Vol. 1” w/ track on Rebels Conspiracy
compilation “SEELEN.002” w/ track on Seelen Records
compilation “SEELEN.001” w/ track on Seelen Records
Tsorn’s “Psycho Bitch EP” w/ remix on Hypress
“Nullelf” by Kimbownaut | Patrick Dre w/ remix on Drec
all stuff on Seelen. (co-run by Stigmatique)




Stigmatique @ Instagram
Stigmatique @ Soundcloud


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