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Sonus Diēi Vol. II


Vitus’ Curse




Release Date:
12th November 2021


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Distant Arrival


Murky fm
At Peace

Antic Soul
Licht Und Schatten

Current Vibrations


Noah Choi
Mr. Anderson


Not Modest
Fainted Signs

Any Mello


Press Info:
Vitus’ Curse strikes once again and brings its second compilation coming in two parts „sonus noctis“ and „sonus diēi“ representing the sound of both, night and day featuring 19 artists with a total of 20 tracks. With a journey from multifaceted rave atmospheres and pumping locked grooves to vivid after hour euphoria and pure emotions we proudly present our meticulously curated selection of modern, dynamic club sounds settled in and around the realm of Techno.” Vitus’ Curse stands for freedom, peace, and togetherness. Diversity is our message, dancing is our weapon.

Aethernal – “Distant Arrival”
Resembling the feeling when the first sunbeams touch your skin at sunrise “Distant Arrival” carries you along with warm, uplifting, almost divine synthesizer melodies. Full of emotions Aethernal’s latest atmospheric gem lets you lose yourself in its tapestry of sound that transforms back and forth from tranquility to utterly elation driven by its intense and thoroughly crafted sound design.

Talfelt – “Memories”
With “Memories” Talfelt once again delivers a joyful but driving journey through ethereal spaces spiked with moody twists., its distinctively analog charm, and slightly melancholic touch. Perfectly reflecting after hour vibes as well as particularly emotional moments this gem shall lighten up all present souls with seldomly heard excellence.

Murky fm – “At Peace”
To continue the captivating yet sentimental streak of Sonus Diēi, Murky fm provided his moderately paced but charming opus “At Peace”. Clean and powerful it drifts like a flying carpet flying over the hustle and bustle of raving conveying a deeply peaceful and relaxed state of mind – mesmerizing but still pounding.

Antic Soul – “Licht Und Schatten”
Like a dichotomous interplay between light and darkness Antic Souls’ “Licht und Schatten” takes the listener along on a vivid and driving ride characterized by the alternating appearance of high and low melodic sequences that give the track its unique energy and joy. Authentic and ever-changing layers of textures, classic drum patterns, and percussions at a spanking pace make it the perfect tool for playful vibes on every dancefloor causing an irresistible and endless urge for dancing.

Blanka – “Current Vibrations”
Functional and with a more tool-ish approach Room Trax co-founder BLANKA contributes her hypnotic, percussion, and bassline-driven track “Current Vibrations” that assertively captures and evokes endless dancing with style. Groovy and in an old-school manner it uncannily blends into a moody almost cloudy version of itself and back to its original bouncy state revitalizing the power of the audience.

Mamwadi – “Rotation”
Driven by groovy drums and percussions and its propelling bassline “Rotation” excellently works as a bouncy tool perfectly warming up for any kind of dance-off. Strongly defined by ist spacial textures moving throughout the stereo panorama it fetches the listener with its pure and unstoppable flow – another gem by young talent Mamwadi.

Noah Choi – “Mr. Anderson”
Deep but mesmerizing Noah Choi’s “Mr. Anderson” sucks all present courtesy into a mindbending and otherworldly atmosphere filled with hypnotic progressions, textures, and the distinctive acid lead melody. Combined with the punching bass letting you plunge into a sensual state of mind it almost seems that the rules of gravity no longer matter – it’s time to get lost.

Swooh – “Asphyxia”
Apart from her devotion to fast Trance-infused Techno weapons – that she proved more than once – Swooh seamlessly creates the finest offgrid electronic cuts once of a kind. Following this approach “Asphyxia” comes as a breathtaking and sweaty heater with a savagely blasting bassline, nasty breakbeat patterns, and its fiery energy quickly changing the mood with style.

Not Modest – “Fainted Signs”
Embedded in an experimental set of percussions and atmospheric pads, paired with the abrupt onset of a deep synthesizer and the advent of the distant angelic vocals “Fainted Signs” comes as an ambivalent off-grid excursion. Both, otherworldly harmonious and imposingly oppressive it tells a smooth, weightless, and unique story contributed by Vitus’ Curse label head Not Modest.

Any Mello – “Wimm”
As if in a dream, Any Mello asks one of the most existential questions one can ask, answering it with playful ease through a melody that is both firm and mellow. “Wimm” conveys peacefulness, depth, and tranquility as few other tracks can. It is playful with emotional depth, melancholic with optimism, like waking up to birdsongs after unsettling dreams – Any Mello like never heard before.


Full Track Streaming:


Aethernal – “Ritual Practices [031]”

Talfelt – “Openair Liveset”

Murky fm – “Contrebande Poadcast #003”

Blanka – “Elements Podcast 032”

Noah Choi – “Forest Stage”

Not Modest – “Tek-No Prisoners 050”

Any Mello – “@ Instant Rave #046”


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