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Sonus Noctis


Vitus’ Curse




Release Date:
20th November 2020 (Spotify & Beatport)
04th December 2020 (all other stores)




Red Rooms


My Problem Child

Galax 2143


LostButFollowed aka LBF


King Kunta

Corrupted Data

Murky fm


Press Info:
Emerging from the depths of the unknown vitus’ curse is about to be summoned. Destined to set every gathering in motion, the freshly started label-collective’s first release comes in two parts „Sonus Noctis“ and „Sonus Diēi“ representing the sound of both, night and day featuring 17 artists with a total of 20 tracks. With a journey from diverse rave atmospheres to vivid after hour euphoria we proudly present our meticulously curated selection of modern, dynamic club sounds settled in and around the realm of Techno. That being said, we’re more than prepared for the resurrection of a post-pandemic rave culture and we hope to see you, soon. Brace yourselves, the movement starts now.

Cyb – “Restless”
As label head of Immaterial.Archives Cyb already worked with a broad variety of artists from the scene all over Europe and steadily keeps delivering solid, driving club weapons to be played on dancefloors all around the world both on his own and through the label. Now we gladly present his newest opus called “Restless”. Stocked with thick drums and subtle percussions this bassline driven peak time tool confidently builds up tension from end to end.

Egotik – “Corrupted Data”
After his excellent releases on Occult Rhythms, COUP, Hardest Soft and Insane Industry the young Spaniard now reappears on vitus’ curse with his newest highly energetic peak time weapon “Corrupted data”. Packed with sweltering bunker-atmosphere and thick drive it comes with the usual Egotik-treatment and convinces with its utmost intense rave atmosphere.

Goden – “Blutfluss”
With his first official release “Devil’s Gate” as contribution to Obsessions’ “Don’t Stop The Rave” VA and now his mindblowing “The Torture Never Stops EP” via Greenfetish Records GODEN surely made his way on the radar of the scene. “Blutfluss” now appears on vitus’ curse as the young swiss’ latest straightforward peak-time banger full of energy, a slightly EBM-ish touch and an eerie, almost dystopian vibe – a perfect complement to “vitus’ curse: sonus noctis”.

Graastein – “My Problem Child”
Highly underrated but all the more surprising Graastein from Norway now makes his first appearance on vitus’ curse bringing along his latest stomping creation “My Problem Child”. Coming in heavy and with a sinister and thrusting mood it keeps up its high energy all the way through. Modern straight forward techno cut out for dark sweaty club nights – absolutely massive.

King Kunta – “Expressions”
With his first two releases “A Castle In The Sky” and “Cerberus” on the Italian label Insane Industry King Kunta already made his point quite clear. His name stands for fast, energetic and heavy productions setting dancefloors into motion. His latest production “Expressions” comes as propelling as ever with an industrial-ish touch and an entrancing and outstanding atmospheric break.

LostButFollowed aka LBF – “Konter”
Deeply rooted in the nightlife of Berlin LBF now emerges with a new approach and a bunch of thrilling peak time weapons. With uncompromising drive, energetic drum-patterns and its unique atmosphere “Konter” is the freshly crafted second strike of up and coming artist LBF alongside his first release on the Berlin Label ‘Berlina fuer Techno’ and many more to come.

Murky fm – “Tuesday”
Both, as part of the Nebula Collective in Leipzig and on his own he already put out a recognizable amount of quality productions. Faithfully to his name Murky fm now reappears on vitus’ curse presenting his newest vibrant creation “Tuesday”. Powerful and rampant drum-rhythms paired with a hypnotic and shroud-like atmosphere starting every night in a perfect manner – definitely club vibes.

Red Rooms – “Rhun”
With his releases on Aesir Records, Õtomo and even more under the name Dominik Hisslinger he already showed a broad variety regarding his productions. Straight forward techno and fresh electronic cuts with amazing sound-design. “Rhun” takes the listener on a journey through otherworldly soundscapes accompanied by stomping drums and driving percussions full of verve.

Somoah – “Galax 2143”
Coming straight out of the Swedish Techno capital Malmö Somoah is no stranger to the scene. As part of Pommes 94 he released some high-quality material and also had numerous club appearances in the local nightlife. Still, “Galax 2143” surely comes as a massive surprise. Straight forward Techno with hypnotizing patterns, a blurred but kind of mesmerizing atmosphere and massive drive – purely unique and waiting to be heard at the next rave.

Talfelt – “Disparaître”
Exclusively working with hardware, the young German Talfelt already possesses an astonishingly huge creative output. Whilst every single track is a one take, he keeps surprising with diverse but always fresh ideas. As his first out of two appearances on the compilation he delivers his latest peak-time weapon called “Disparaître”. Driving and crafted with an outstanding sense for the dancefloor this gem shall relentlessly carry everything along.


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