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Sonus Noctis Vol​.​ II


Vitus’ Curse




Release Date:
08th October 2021


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You & Another
Body Control

Red Rooms
Irrational Flow

Kalte Liebe
Toxic Messiah

Jan Goertz

Franz Jäger
Mr. Tods Wild Rise

Lost In Jungles

Talfelt & Fenimore
About Hedonism





Press Info:
Vitus’ Curse strikes once again and brings its second compilation coming in two parts „sonus noctis“ and „sonus diēi“ representing the sound of both, night and day featuring 19 artists with a total of 20 tracks. With a journey from multifaceted rave atmospheres and pumping locked grooves to vivid after hour euphoria and pure emotions we proudly present our meticulously curated selection of modern, dynamic club sounds settled in and around the realm of Techno.” Vitus’ Curse stands for freedom, peace, and togetherness. Diversity is our message, dancing is our weapon.

You & Another – “Body Control”
To kick off this mighty selection You & Another elaborated a clean, highly effective, and floor impact-focused Techno weapon. Crafted with the young Leipzig-based talent’s utterly stylistic confidence and a strong sense for functionality “Body Control” truly follows its approach. Let its rolling percussion elements, lashing drum patterns, and powerful bassline lead the way through the long nights to come.

Red Rooms – “Irrational Flow”
With “Jackin 1101” Red Rooms once again proves his devotion for bouncy bassline-driven Techno. Along with a slightly melancholic touch and an organic break that perfectly prepares the audience for this gems’ fast comeback to its second glorious peak moment – pure groove elegancemade for sweaty club nights.

Kalte Liebe – “Toxic Messiah”
Accompanied by hard-hitting kicks, sharp and fiery rhythms, and amantra-like verse “Toxic Messiah” brings the present atmosphere to a whole new level making it the ultimate secret weapon for every dark rave environment.Watch out for one of Berlin’s hottest up-and-coming crews “Kalte Liebe” and feel the incredible energy of this gem – a guarantor for moments filled with elation at full power.

Jan Goertz – “201”
Starting off strong right from the beginning “201” quickly develops into a raw andminimalistic but highly effective club tool spiked with
carefully crafted percussions.W ith its significantly menacing bassline, it keeps rolling with a style all the way through and shall take each and everybody along on a powerful ride provided by GeheimclubMagdeburg resident JanGoertz – what a blast.

Franz Jäger – “Mr. Tods Wild Rise”
Being no stranger to the scene Stockholm based Franz Jäger made his way on the radar with raw, stomping Tool Techno while repeatedly proving his extraordinary sound design capabilities.W ith “Mr. Tods W ild Rise” being his latest opus he created another sophisticated and honest off-grid banger programmed with wildly grooving rythms, sinister drones and warmly distorted drums and percussions – always keeping it rolling.

Lostbutfollowed – “Lost In Jungles”
With “Lost in Jungles” Berlin-based lostbutfollowed once again presents a captivatingmasterpiece with intense rave energy in an old-school manner. Tribal-sounding drums & percussions lead the way together with an iconically characteristic vocal, a classic Acid bassline, and tangible groovemaking it the perfect reimagination of the early days of techno – fast, euphoric, and without compromise.

Talfelt & Fenimore – “About Hedonism”
Coming up next the power duo Talfelt and Fenimore from the Ruhr area delivered their hard-hitting and trance-injected peak time weapon “About Hedonism” perfectly combining both their styles.W ith hypnotizing groove, a fast galloping bassline, and its acidic touch this stomper shall take the audience along on another fiery journey from the peak into an ominous breakdown that finds itself again in enormous vigor for the finale of the track.

Wrangel – “Reafer”
Known for his fast and eclectic bangers and heaters Hamburg based local legendWrangel once again delivers another utmost energetic rave stomper. Creating galvanic tension from the first second its lethally propelling combination of kick, driving bassline, and arps flow into an unprecedentedly intense climax that turns “Reafer” into a perfect secret weapon rolling almost all the through at full power – you’ ll get it once you’ve heard it.

Förm – “Novichok”
Young Armenian talent Förm has frequently been releasing utmost fresh secret weapons that were played all over. That being all themore reasons for his appearance on Sonus Noctis Vol.II he oncemore designed a fast-paced but uplifting power tool. Driven by its distinctive and catchy melody and the unique set of percussions it is embedded in fascinating soundscapes that transfer vigorous energy from end to end – an ode to the night.

Swooh – “Remanence”
As a wonderfully atmospheric showdown for “Sonus Noctis / Klang der Nacht” french artist Swooh complimented the selection with her latest strike “Remanence”. Casting a spell over the audience with its melancholically trancy approach, this track is just the perfect secret weapon for emotional and yearningmoments on the dancefloor – building up tension until its final outburst in a total trance.


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