out now: Buried Secrets – Of Lost Things EP [Soma Records]


Buried Secrets


Of Lost Things EP


Soma Records




Release Date:
28th September 2020


vinyl & digital


Of Lost Things

Of Lost Things
(Obscure Shape & SHDW Tool Remix)

Affliction Of The Absent

Affliction Of The Absent
(Inhalt Der Nacht Remix)


Press Info:
Masked Techno assassin Buried Secrets returns for his 2nd EP with Soma with the ‘Of Lost Things EP’. Hi End, face pounding Techno is standard from Buried Secrets and this latest release is nothing less than that. The EP feature two stellar remixes from two of techno’s most exciting acts in Obscure Shape & SHDW and Inhalt Der Nacht. Both of whom stamp their own unique style on the originals.

Title track Of Lost Things opens the A side in true Buried Secrets style as euphoric synths are balanced perfectly against driving, punishing kicks and sub. Obscure Shape & SHDW turn their production prowess to Of Lost Things with a straightforward and direct Tool Mix of the original. Harnessing the power of the synth hook and warping it to their will. On the flip, Affliction Of The Absent renders more high octane Techno. More minimalistic throughout, the industrial vibes are still prominent with subtlety being the key. Inhalt Der Nacht turns in a more cinematic driven affair with his remix of Affliction Of The Absent. A slow burner that utilises epic sound design showing a fantastic and generally unheard, side to his productions.




Full Track Streaming:
“Affliction Of The Absent (Inhalt Der Nacht Remix)”

more soon


“Affliction Of The Absent (Inhalt Der Nacht Remix)”


“#SlamRadio – 393”


Buried Secrets’ “Echoes From The Past EP” on Soma Records
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compilation “The World of …” w/ Buried Secrets track on Monnom Black
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“Oblique Strategies” by Slam vs. Obscure Shape & SHDW


Buy Vinyl:
Soma Records Shop
Red Eye Records
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Buy Digital:
Soma Records Shop
more soon


Buried Secrets
Soma Records


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