out now: Lars Huismann – Infinite Dimension EP [Soma Records]


Lars Huismann


Infinite Dimension EP


Soma Records




Release Date:
08th July 2019




Among The Blinds




Press Info:
Berlin based Lars Huismann makes an incredible debut on Soma with the Infinite Dimension EP. Lars has slowly but surely built his name in the Techno scene with a steady stream of release all marked with his signature hard hitting, futuristic sound. This 3 track release continues Lars’ run of form with devastating results.

Among The Blinds opens the EP with Lars not holding back as he hits the ground running at a furious pace. Syncopated synths power the rhythmic elements as his excellent drum programming and use of FX drive home the opening, thunderous track. Lars continues to up the tempo with Mercury once again displays great prowess with his excellently constructed rhythms that continually evolve through out the track. Pandora closes Lars’ debut EP on much the same intensity as the previous tracks. His powerful synth work takes control here as pulsing drum workouts help to really drive the track right onto the dance floor.




“Revelation Session # 130”


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Lars Huismann
Soma Records


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