[DJ Set]: CEO Of NovaFuture – Playing at NovaFuture Recordings OYE Instore Session on 13-08-2019


CEO Of NovaFuture


To celebrate the launch of NovaFuture Recordings the CEO invited his artists to play an instore session at OYE Kreuzkölln. Unfortunately Anselm and Non Reversible didn’t find the time to play so only Repressed Mind and Christian Gerlach were left. To fill up the “line-up” it was decided that the CEO himself shall play too.

One of the requirements of OYE for their sessions is that the artists have to play vinyl-only. Something new and challenging for the CEO and his poor mixing skills. Additionally as collector he didn’t want to take rare vinyls or vinyls he only owns once so every record to play had to be twice in his collection or been provided by OYE.

Here is the result – a mix or better mixtape which still reflex the CEO’s music taste.




01. Can – Millionspiel (Edit)
02. Zola Jesus – Go (Blank)
03. Moby – Disco Lies
04. Renegade Soundwave – Positive Mindscape
05. Luke Slater – She Showed Me Heaven (Luke Slater’s Junk Funk Remix)
06. T.Raumschmiere + Sandra Nasic ‎- A Very Loud Lullaby (Si Begg Remix)
07. Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (Chamber’s Remix)
08. Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Huntemann & Bodzin Dub)
09. Nitzer Ebb – Voilent Playground
10. The Normal – T.V.O.D.


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NovaFuture Recordings OYE Instore Session on the 13th August 2019


CEO Of NovaFuture @ Soundcloud
CEO Of NovaFuture @ Resident Advisor
NovaFuture Blog @ Facebook
OYE Kreuzkölln


© Original Photo by Laura Herz

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