[Mix]: Krl Mx – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2022


Krl Mx


Without a doubt Krl Mx (Karl Max) is one of the most promising up and coming artists. After having released tracks on Kobosil’s R-Label or Amelie Lens’ Exhale, Krl Mx imposes his intense and effective style.

Kobosil’s protégé has already performed for Synoid, Blackworks or at the Rex Club and spreads with confidence his presence on the European techno scene from Berlin to Madrid through Zurich.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2022”


01. Oguz & Nyctonian – Golden Szn
02. Anetha & Mac Declos – Push Push
03. DJ Daddy Trance – My Body Rocks The Rhythm
04. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement
05. SDK – Emergency Beat
06. Läuff X Hnas – Ap
07. Mareux – The Perfect Girl (Sept Edit)
08. Bours? – XCIXCIXCI
09. Aesztetik & Thoqy – Chaos In My Brain
10. Voodoo And Serano – Blood Is Pumpin
11. Renegade System – Dropkick
12. Roentgen Limiter – Readyhard Techno Mix
13. 6A – Mr. Kitty – After Dark (Funk Tribu Edit)
14. Kreayshawn– Go Hard Kx.Sirk Rebuild


Krl Mx’ “Manifesto 666” on Ismus
Krl Mx’ “Shifter Pro EP” on Maison Close Records
Krl Mx’ “FC Arrogance” on Ismus
Krl Mx’ “Sexy, Vif & Furieux EP” on C O U P
compilation “Sektion 2” w/ Krl Mx track on R-Label Group
compilation “MCVA004 Vol. II” w/ Krl Mx track on Maison Close Records
compilation “Spektrum” w/ Krl Mx track on Life In Patterns
compilation “Exhale VA003” (Vinyl 2 & Digital) w/ Krl Mx track on Exhale
compilation “Various Artists 001” w/ Krl Mx track on Kreatur
compilation “ISMVA003.1” w/ Krl Mx track on Ismus
Geerson’ “Make Sense EP” w/ Krl Mx remix on Ismus


Raise Agency for Krl Mx


Krl Mx @ Facebook
Krl Mx @ Soundcloud


[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Stracid plays NewKids Records




About the concept:
Here is the one hundred and nineteenth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers. or released on a label (and its sublabels. and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Stracid’s mix of stuff released on the label NewKids Records.


About Stracid:
Fast, rhythmic grooves, with a booming kick, accompanied by a versatility of melodic, harmonizing tones- this is how Lukas Böhme aka STRACID characterizes the music he produces. In his songs he processes his feelings and experiences from his life.

The birth of his musical beginnings started early in his childhood. At the age of 5 he learned to play guitar and drums, followed by performances with his family and friends. From the age of 14, Lukas got to know a different side of music with techno. The decisive point for this was Paul Kalkbrenner, who still plays an important role today with his live set.

At the age of 17 he started to get involved with DJing, shortly after that he started playing at parties with friends. Then in 2018, Lukas started producing his own techno, with the goal of one day playing live in front of an audience.

The friends decided a year later to found a label called NewKids Records, which has already achieved several successes in the Beatport Charts Top 100. In the following time they also received support from well-known magazines like Faze Magazine or DJ Mag.

Today STRACID has his own live set, which he plays regularly. His biggest successes so far are that he is a part of the Lehmann Club Stuttgart and played at Nature One 2022, where he was allowed to perform live.

He is constantly striving to move and unite people with his music.


About NewKids Records:
NewKids Rec. is a German label which was founded in 2019 and consists of friends who have been producing together since their youth. Techno, warehouse and acid is the motto! Inspired by the origin of electronic music, the guys unite old and new sounds and make it their business to bring their vision of music to the world.


“Stracid plays NewKids Records”


Stracid About His Choice:
Stracid is regular artist on the label


01. Deadly Alice – Schwarz zu Grau
02. Mad Maex – Mad Groove
03. Stracid – DMT (Lucinee Remix)
04. Mad Maex – Leeway
05. Dyssonanz – Endless Void
06. Systemrauschen – Dying Lights
07. Rauhnächte – Lucid Vision
08. Disruption – Yugen (Stracid Remix)
09. Mad Maex – Sick
10. Fairytale – Transcend Realities
11. Stracid – DMT
12. Source Code – Das Licht der Welt
13. Witzemann – Hyperborea
14. Förm – Birds of Paradise


Stracid’s “Enter Into Another Dimension EP” on NewKids Records
Stracid’s “Analog Gun” on Reload Black Label
Stracid’s “Poly” on Reload Black Label
all releases on NewKids Records we featured


NewKids Records


[Mix]: Blaxad – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022




Blaxad, who took the name from the comic book Blacksad and is based in the suburbs of Paris, will put out the EP “Eternal Light” via his own Bandcamp, the 7th selfreleased EP. Being much inspired by the Berlin techno spirit he tends to transcribe it in the music he plays in his sets and own productions.

In September 2022 he released the EP “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited after releasing “Unname EP” on Aliøm Records and being also featured on Matière’s compilations in the past.

He recorded this mix with his vinyl collection playing some of his favorite tracks.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022”


01. Blawan – Immulsion (Come To Me In Full Electric Mix)
02. Aiken – Genetics (Blawan Remix)
03. Kitkatone – Point Of Rejection
04. Exium – Immune Response
05. Amotik – Chautis (Anthony Linell Remix)
06. Reizemann – Skirmish
07. Selección Natural – MG0039
08. Oscar Mulero – Common Frequencies
09. Decka – Fractured
10. Obscure Shape & SHDW – Die Illusion
11. Kaelan – Callout (Fundamental Interaction Remix)
12. Setaoc Mass – Kunfus
13. Volster – The Process Of Becoming
14. The Plant Worker – Spaceshift (Pfirter Remix)
15. Amotik – Atharah


Blaxad’s self-released EP “Eternal Light”
Blaxad’s “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Lonely Cow”
Blaxad’s “Unnamed EP” on Aliøm Records
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Four Seasons”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “No Numbers”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “For Letters”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Tomorrow’s Choice”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Acts Of A Play”
compilation “Utopia” w/ Blaxad track on Matière
compilation “VA004” w/ Blaxad track & collab with Meroj on Matière
compilation “VA003” w/ Blaxad track on Matière


Blaxad @ Facebook
Blaxad @ Soundcloud


[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Vermeer plays selected




About the concept:
Here is the one hundred and eighteenth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers. or released on a label (and its sublabels. and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Vermeer’s mix of stuff released on their label selected.


About Vermeer:
The Berlin-based DJ/producer duo Vermeer merges experimental sound design and cinematic-music-like atmosphere on fast techno grooves. Especially influenced by futuristic scores à la Sci- Fi-Noir their detail-oriented sets definitely result in sounds one rarely experiences on dancefloors. With their latest release “Nebulas EP” on BLAKE Records, they have further established their special blend of peak-time grooves and dark goosebumps-creating textures and received early support from some of the biggest names of the genre.

Additionally, they ever since have been involved in the Berlin underground party collective “Selected Berlin” which also turned into a label last year and already hosts releases from some of the scenes’ most promising names such as Chlär, SWART, DIMI, Niki Istrefi or The Chronics. Hosting and playing at parties among many prominent acts for years, Vermeer is deeply ingrained in Berlins’ underground techno scene.


About selected:
Being originated in 2015 as an underground party collective in Berlin Selected rapidly became one of the main forces of parties for the faster styles of techno. With its members deeply immersed in the genre, they shined with their up-to-date bookings, bringing rising talents such as Kas:st to Berlin for the first time.
As the members were widely connected in the scene and have been producing music themselves for years, Selected then shifted its focus to becoming a label and again convinced with giving the stage to soon-to-be exploding newcomers like Chlär, Narciss, SWART, MCR-T, and The Chronics.

7 years into the game, they now have a resident-roster that includes Chlär, MCR-T, and CAIVA, conduct events internationally, and celebrate their 10th release with an EP from Elad Magdasi. Events are flourishing, their underground artists Lyric, Part Time Killer and Vermeer are getting more and more traction and Frederic is dropping his first solo EP in 2022. The heat is on for Selected and the temperature’s rising fast.


“Vermeer plays selected”


Vermeer About Their Choice:
Vermeer is part of the label


01. Vermeer – Tokyo In
02. Lyric – Screw
03. Corium – Aqua Regia
04. SWART – Genesis
05. Chlär – Naughty Boy (Narciss BDSM Remix)
06. WAST – Mental Groove
07. Vermeer – See You Again
08. Part Time Killer – Bell Ritual
09. MCR-T – Mars Defense System
10. Chlär – Body Interactions
11. Part Time Killer – Satswai Narrative
12. Karl Schwarz – She Walks Away
13. Vermeer – Komodo Dragon
14. Vermeer – Ghoul
15. The Chronics – Techno Sounds Better With You
16. Elad Magdasi – Glow


Vermeer’s “Nebulas EP” on Black Lake Records
all releases on selected we featured


Vermeer @ Instagram
selected @ Instagram


[Mix]: Mad Maex – NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2022


Mad Maex


Mad Maex is a producer from Stuttgart who has been releasing tracks and standing behind the decks for several years. At home in the Lehmann Club Stuttgart, where he regularly hosts events with his label, NewKids Records, Max has a clear vision of his sound. With his label NewKids Records, he and his friends have created a base where they can give free rein to their creativity.

Mad Maex will inspire you with driving, hard and percussive techno, the way he prefers to do it in front of the crowd.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2022”


01. Illiya Korniyenko – Whipped Cream
02. Marco Leckbert & Luca Maier – Techno Lust
03. ACOR – Free Your Soul
04. Marco Leckbert – Underwater
05. Marco Leckbert – Rock Boy
06. Mython – Presents Blackout
07. Mython – Reverse Funnel
08. Marco Leckbert – Hard Drums Party
09. Marco Leckbert – Fire Burner
10. Jønas – Interfere
11. Krl Mx – Sit Down Satan
12. Tobikz – Metallurgische Kombinat Asow-Stahl (Sopik Remix)


Mad Maex’ “Escape Into The Strobe EP” on NewKids Records
compilation “Home I” w/ Mad Maex track on Lehmann Musik
compilation “We Are NKR Vol. 3” w/ Mad Maex track on NewKids Records
compilation “We Are NKR Vol. 2” w/ Mad Maex track on NewKids Records
compilation “We Are NKR Vol. 1” w/ Mad Maex track on NewKids Records
all releases on Max’ label NewKids Records we featured


Mad Maex @ Facebook
Mad Maex @ Soundcloud
NewKids Records