[NovaFuture Blog Exclusive Mix]: Rasval plays Non Series




About the concept:
Here is the eighty-fourth instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

Find links to all instalments at our overview. Today we present you Rasval’s mix of tracks released on Non Series.


About Rasval:
As a DJ & producer, Rasval is a member of the Berlin collective Bipølar., a select cut of young artists who inject sub cultural music with the spirit of the new generation. The tracks he selects, while audibly open to new and exciting musical influences, always remain true to his typical inimitable sound. From cerebral and deep to powerful and driving Techno, his audiences can expect an expansive spectrum of sound that always moves them. To Rasval, each set is infused with the same spirit of oneness he experienced all those years ago.


About Non Series:
“non” is the dance imperative incarnation for high-end tool techno.

Created and programed by Manuel Anós aka Psyk.


Listen & Download:
“Rasval plays Non Series” (download coming soon)


Rasval About His Choice:
Functional tool tracks with a certain deepness that are reduced to the essential elements make “Non Series” to one of my favorite labels. Their releases perfectly describe my sound aesthetics.


01. Chevel – Lumen
02. Architectural – Elastic Matter
03. Tadeo – The Net (Abdullah Rashim Remix)
04. Henning Baer – Portico
05. Chevel – Harsh Times
06. Architectural – The Barbershop #3
07. Aiken – Hybrid (Voltage-Face Mongrel Remix)
08. Psyk – Night Currents (Neel Remix)
09. Chevel – Detrimental
10. Tadeo – The Motivation (Efdemin Remix)
11. Tadeo – The Big Step (Function Remix)
12. Psyk – Falling (Peter Van Hoesen Remix)
13. Splice – Blueshift
14. Psyk – Wire
15. Savas Pascalidis – Year Two Alpha
16. From Shade To Stardom – Raffaele Attanasio (Psyk Edit)
17. Echologist – Circles
18. Aiken – Dominance


Psyk’s “Voiceprint” on Non Series
“NON004” by Maan | Psyk on Non Series
“NON006” by Savas Pascalidis | Oswld on Non Series
Savas Pascalidis’ “Transforced” on Non Series
Savas Pascalidis’ “Nightshades” on Non Series
Savas Pascalidis’ “Level Shift” on Non Series
Chevel’s “Air Is Freedom” on Non Series
Chevel’s “Air Is Freedom (Remixes)” on Non Series


Bipølar. for Rasval


Non Series


[Music & Interview]: Peryl


Music & Interview


Peryl … a live act and producer like no other. Intense, dark, rough and driving,



Hi Dennis. Nice to meet you virtually for this small interview. Let‘s start at the very beginning. Where were you born and grew up? What kind of music did you enjoy in your teenager years?
Thanks for having me, it’s always a pleasure to work with you and the novafuture blog.

I was born and raised in a smaller city near Tübingen in South Germany.

When i was four years old i started playing drums and created my own style of punk/metal music. Later my two siblings influenced me into the punk scene. At a young age i already started to visit some festivals and concerts.


Peryl 1
(Peryl, performing)

Assuming that you cannot live from the earnings you get with music, what’s your profession? Or do you study (what?)? What are your spare time activities/hobbies/interests beside making music?
I’m working as a event technician so its kinda familiar with the clubbing scene. I’m spending a lot of time with my friends cause this is a really important thing for myself and of course my music.

Peryl 2
(Peryl, promo pic)

You have 3 EPs out on Codec992, Schizophrenia Crew (now Antagonist Field) and Lebendig. How do you select the labels for your stuff? Are your tracks nearly finished and then got signed by the labels or do you produce on request? If they sign existing tracks are these tracks some kind of demos where some changes are needed or finished ones? Are labels nowadays really necessary to release own stuff digitally? What is the role of a label now – what’s the advantage released on labels instead of doing it yourself?
I always have a bunch of tracks to go. Sometimes i produce on request so i can create an exact mix between my style and the label himself. I think a track is never completely finished. You can always make the track better or change some things on it. I do not think that you need a label to bring your stuff to the audience.

If u have a label to release your work you definitely can reach more people but for me the important thing is to reach the right people. It doesn’t matter how much, it depends on who and why.


(full stream of Peryl’ “Du & Ich” taken from “Lust EP” on Antagonist Field)

Let‘s go deeper into your production process. Where does your inspiration for a new piece of music come from? How do you start to work on a new track? What are the next steps til your track is finished? You use vocals in some of your tracks. Where do you find the samples or singers?
My inspiration comes from listening to a track, trying to get into the producer’s mind, but ultimately not getting what he wants to say. It sound strange but that’s the actual thing that gives me the punch to create something new.

For me the leading thing of a production is to bring over a message. A message with which the listener can do whatever he wants. Every track from myself has a different effect to every single person so everyone can create his own picture of it.

I generally start with an idea that I have recorded on my iphone, and try to implement it as well as possible. In most cases the finished product is no longer comparable to the idea I had at the beginning. All vocals I used In my own productions are self-recordings. Except the LOVE IS JUST A WORD project. These vocals are made by a very talented girl from Stuttgart called LENA BEE.

The track with luca was a very spontaneous one. I posted a melodic idea I had on my instagram and he instantly texted me that I should send it to him, he wanted to sing over it. I thought yeah it could be nice with some german wave vocals and its also a good thing to create a mixture between my perspective of ,,wave’’ and his special part for it. I love him, he’s my favourite secco-boy!


Peryl 3
(Peryl, promo pic)

Your music style is a mixture of EBM-ish tunes and techno. What is your personal connection with EBM and Industrial music – music that is based in the 70ies and 80ies with strong comeback in the last months?
For me it’s the perfect mix between the roughness of punk and techno. I’m really into music that isn’t well known. For me music doesn’t have to be big or famous. It has to be understandable.

(full stream of Peryl’ “Restrained Devotion” from ISMVA001.1)

You come from the southern Germany. Could you please give us a short overview how you see the scene there? Where do you go for party etc?
The main techno scene is really hyped there at the moment but for me I cant really cope with the popular scene. When I go for party I mostly go to LEHMANN CLUB or visit the BASISLAGER events in Stuttgart. Hopefully ill be back in Stuttgart soon but for now I will focus on my start here in Berlin.

( video for Peryl’s “Insurgence” taken from LBNG00.03)

You already played live e.g. at Synoid / Griessmühle. How do you prepare the sets on the technical side and also personally?
I didn’t prepared any special things for this gig, because I knew that the audience was really open minded and ready for everything. I really enjoyed it there and I can say that I’ll be back in berlin very soon!

(snippet “Dein Wahres Gesicht” by Peryl feat. Luca Gillian’ taken from LBNG00.03)

Please name 5 techno and 5 EBM records that are essential for you and tell us why.
We have so much good music out there and I can’t decide witch ones speaks to me the most but here are three of my all time favs at the moment.

01. Limelight Roles by Habits Of Hate
02. Variant by These Hidden Hands feat. Lucrecia Dalt
03. Die Konsequenz ist Logisch by Rosa Nebel


( video for “Die Konsequenz ist Logisch” by Rosa Nebel)

You are a young guy, a digital native so please let us know what you think about the twist between analog fetischist and modern DJ using digital technology.
ANALOG is the opposite of ANA sagte die Wahrheit!

(full stream of Peryl’ “Molotov Brutality” taken from LBNG00.06)

Yes we are already at the end of the interview. So please share your future plans with us! What’s coming next?
I don’t want to say to much but there are big pans for the future!

I have a side project which is called “FEIND” for some Noise/Experimental stuff.

Hopefully I’ll have some free time in 2020 for some productions or maybe some performances. I’m also looking forward to my lebendig-family, we had a really nice year together and we don’t stop!

Let’s see what the other half of the year will bring over.


Peryl’s “Rebellion EP” on Lebendig
Peryl’s “Dagegen EP” on Lebendig
Peryl’s “White Tight Space” on South London Analogue Material
Peryl’s self-released “She Said It’s Enough EP”
Peryl’s “Lust EP” on Antagonist Field
Peryl’s “Not Yours EP” on Codec 992
compilation “ISMVA001.1” w/ Peryl track on Ismus
compilation “Various Artists II” w/ Peryl track on RND. Records


Exclusive Live Set:


Tracklist of Exclusive Mix:
this is a live set recording during one of Peryl’s gigs


RAW Agency for Peryl




[Music & Interview]: The Chronics


Music & Interview
The Chronics


The Chronics … head of the label Bipolar Disorder



Hi Marc, nice to have you for our interview feature. Let’s start with the very beginning of your life: where were you born and raised? When did you discover music as a hobby (being a music listener) and when did you decide that you want to be part of?
Hi Jurgen 🙂 First of all thank you for having me on NovaFuture Blog. I was born and raised in the beautiful city of Geneva in Switzerland. I discovered music at a very young age because of my parents who would listen to music 24/7. At 8 years old, I inherited an old CD player from my father and ever since, I made it a thing to dig into his CD collection. From Gainsbourg on my father’s side, to The Beatles on my mother’s side, I always had something cool to listen to.

After listening to all kinds of classics, I finally discovered true love for electronic music starting with Eurodance in the year 2000. At this point, I fell deeply in Love with this fast music full of emotion. I got into Techno whilst at a couple of events in Geneva and it was at this moment, I knew that it was the music which make me vibrate the most.

My choice was concretized after a couples of months in Berlin listening to all the greats and being submerge by all this culture related to electronic music. I finally found a place where you can be yourself without being judge. Since then, Electronic Music was a way for me to escape the system and to forget about all your problems. When I had the chance to get my first salary, I spent all of it into my first music equipment that I directly set up in my best friend garage where I started to play for my friends mainly for before and after party.


The Chronics 1
(The Chronics, playing with the machines)

Could you please tell us something about your artist name? What does it mean and how did you choose it?
Ahahaha, I was sure you would ask this question…. well my artist name is basically based on my first Soundcloud name. At the time I created it I was deeply into the « The Chronics 2001» mixtape from Dr. Dre. so, I was like why not. I didn’t take it too seriously and I had my first gig, my second gig and at the end I kept it this way. 4:20 for Life.

The Chronics 2
(The Chronics)

What are your inspirations and influences as a recording artist and as a dj?
I would say that my main influences have come from the Eurodance era, which is based on synths full of emotions and fast rhythms. I am also really into all these organic sounds that feel like they come from a living machine, which gives the track a real dynamic and depth.

(full stream of The Chronics’ “Contemporary Answer” taken from BDD007)

You play regularly in Switzerland and invite people to play with you at Folklor (Lausanne). How do you see the scene there? How would you compare it with other countries?
First of all you have to know that Switzerland is mainly separate in three parts: the French one, the Italian one and the Swiss German one. Concerning the French part of Switzerland, I would say that the scene is born from rave parties hosted in squat many years ago and at this time few clubs were hosting techno events. But since a couple of years techno has been the new thing in our area. We now have electronic music events every weekends in different clubs and during the summer, we got almost every weekend rave parties.

Since 3 years, we have plenty of motivated persons who are getting more and more involved in the scene and who are trying to make things move. The only problem we have regarding our scene is coming from the persons who are doing that only for the hype; pretending to be authentic music lover and make some for a cause but at the end they are only fake persons and this kinda person doesn’t last. The scene here is not comparable to any others because of its lack of maturity but our scene is mainly based on Rave Parties and the spirit of raving remains strong and you can see that there is more motivation regarding a rave party than commercial techno events. Keep it real!


The Chronics 3
(graphic for one of the gigs at Folklor in Lausanne)

We talked about inspirations but how do you work on new tracks? What is different when you get a remix request?
I finally found my final (LOL) set up (there is no final set up ahaha; that’s why “ LOL“) which is composed of an analog rhythm, my modular and a moog Sub 37. I always start a new track by creating a sound on my synths/modular and as soon as I find something that triggers my emotions, I keep it and build a track around it.

Regarding remixes, it is Christmas every time I received a stems pack. You open it and I discover what is inside. Sometimes it is some pretty good material well exported with nice and well processed parts at the good volume and sometimes it s not… (Laugh) but in any case remixes are for me a way to re interpret someone feelings. I used the stems and process them into many effects to change the way it sounds but trying to keep whats make the original sonority as much as possible. After all the sound processing, I start to build a track which is telling a total different story than the original.


(full stream of The Chronics’ remix of “Excessive” by Åre:gone taken from BDD016)

You are also part of the duo. We want to keep the name secret but would like to know how you work together as a duo and when you came up with this idea.
The duo is a story of two people who share the exact same energy. It comes naturally that I have to work and collaborate with this special person and after a year of collaboration we ended up with something innovative, which represents us. Living in two different countries does not help a lot so we have to travel to work together. However, we remain an efficient team and have a productive sharing system, and our shared love for music has created a harmonious and efficient comradely.

The Chronics 4
(this duo? The Chronics w/ his cat)

You are the head of the label Bipolar Disorder which we supported already from a very early stage. Your artist & track selection is very nice. Please tell us something about the history of the label. How do you select tracks/artists for your releases? What is your concept? Most of the releases are digital-only – just 3 vinyl releases are available now. Do you think vinyl is still something that has its value in the scene?
The label was created in January 2016 with the aim of promoting and giving the best tools to local artists who wants to release their music. I would say that I consider more Bipolar Disorder Rec. as a big family of people who are on the same vibe more than a typical label. The concept behind the track selection, without sounding selfish, is based on music we love. There are no special criteria, we focus on the energy and the emotions we wish to share. We rarely accept demos; we always look for artists with potential and based on that we try to work with the artist on the development of an EP.

Regarding the vinyl question, I would say that this format is for me a unique piece of art expressing itself through different support such as audio and visual art. As a physical object vinyl is something you can easily do a collection of and which aims to last forever. I have a lot of respect for artists who spent ages digging for the perfect gems but on the contrary I m a bit tired of DJ’s playing vinyl only for the hype with the famous words; « Hey Mate vinyl’s sounds 10 time better than digital tracks… blablabla ». Vinyl is something you will keep with you forever and that you will pass to your grandchildren like “yeah that was what I was listening at your age” (with a huge smile on your face).


Bipolar Disorder
(logo of Bipolar Disorder)

You provide an exclusive mix with stuff from your own roster. What is your intention and why did you select these tracks (from over 19 releases)?
I have built this podcast with the aim of showing what Bipolar Disorder Rec. was capable of. The podcast start with some chill tracks setting up a deep ambience and minutes after minutes the emotions will rise and the the BPM will increase to something more rhythmic and more trancy until it reaches its full power and at this time the tension decrease and we go for something deeper with these kind of tracks which will let you in a good feeling fulfilled of love and happiness. I tried my best to play as much as possible releases we had on the label but it is not an easy task; I’m sorry for those I forgot to play.

BDD001BDD004 BDD010 BDV001
(a few artworks of Bipolar Disorder releases)

What are you all time favourite records/tracks (name them and please also tell us why)?

01. Played A Live by Safri Duo
I was 10 years old when this track was released. I think thats the track which convince me about the power of drums and the emotion you can put in synth. This mix between emotion and fast rythmic made me deeply found in love with the electronic music.

02. Pick It Up by Redman
This track put me always on a good and chill mood. Redman always has the flow and I always felt close to his way of thinking.

03. Si Tu Kiffes Pas by Booba
Booba at its beginning what else should we say?

04. Spacer Woman by Charlie
This track is for me the beginning of the electronic dance music it feels like a robot who’s feeling and talking like a human; the in between of electronic coldness and human feelings.

05. L’Hotel Particulier by Serge Gainsbourg
Used to listen to Serge Gainsbourg since year one, I got the chance to get through all his albums and for me this track makes me discover the power of a perfectly executed synth and all the changes in term of vibe you can bring with only one synth. (2min15)

06. Cheree by Suicide
I think that’s pretty much the track which make me fall in love with all these organic synths and breakable rhythmic.

07. Lagonda by Deepchord
This track is not that old but the work of Deepchord always astonished by its perfect vibe. There is so many thing going on that your brain is like completely travelling across the amount of information delivered by the track.

08. Parade (Dominik Eulberg Remix) by Rone
The first sunrise I had in Berlin was at an open air where Rone was playing; it was one of the first time I cried listening to music. The moment was perfect. Perfect music, Perfect people, perfect vibe everything was aligned to get this perfect moment which will be forever one of my best memories.

09. Computer Interface by Computor Rockers
“Break Beat is the future » – The Chronics 09.08.2019


(stream of “Cheree” by Suicide)

Already the last question: what’s coming next? On your label? For you personally? Give a glimpse of the near future 😉
I have a couple of digital releases planned before the end of the year and I will have my first vinyl release end of 2019. Regarding the label, we will announce the next vinyl release end of this month.

The digital release of September will be special and I’m pretty sure you’re going enjoy it :).

Moreover, we started a new concept of releases, which will come up 3 to 4 times a year with a special and unique vibe quite different from the original material we usually release.

Regarding events, we are planning the 3 years anniversary of the Label in January 2020. The birthday party will be hold in 2 different cities during the weekend and we are still thinking about the perfect line-up. Stay tuned ❤


The Chronics 4
(The Chronics, chilling)


compilation “Formless Vol. 1” w/ The Chronics track on Abstraction
Distant’s “Der Damm, Die Aufpasser & Der Mörder” w/ The Chronics remix on Terra Furia
Irregular Synth’s “Alive EP (The Remixes)” w/ The Chronics remix on Dirty Minds
all featured Bipolar Disorder releases


Exclusive Mix:


Tracklist of Exclusive Mix:
01. Zaehler – Okerlo
02. Tronus – Ater (Vilix Remix)
03. Opal -Obsidience
04. Netsh- Bot Heart
05. Tronus – Ordos
06. Isolated Lines – Ombres
07. Casual Treatment – Silicate (Splinter Remix)
08. The Chronics – Primitive Reaction
09. Opuswerk – Fractions (Antigone Remix)
10. Chlär – Momentous Sacrilege (Takaaki Itoh Remix)
11. Non Reversible – Ellipsoid (Philippe Petit Remix)
12. MTD – Impulsive Noises (Hertz Collision Remix)
13. Netsh – Layer (Keikari Remix)
14. Opuswerk – Eme
15. Bylly – Confusion
16. Åre:gone – El Cuarto De Las Puertas
17. Hioll – Methodical Way
18. Lars Huismann – High voltage (Gareth Wild Remix)
19. The Chronics – Contemporary Answer (Lars Huismann Remix)
20. Chlär – Occult Authority (Mørbeck Remix)
21. Lars Huisman – Grey Rock
22. Chlär & Apothicaire – Absolute Control
23. Willy Parker – Vehement (Violent Remix)
24. Niclas Erlandsson – Of Color Restrained
25. Non Reversible – Initial Mass Function
26. Mercury 200 – unreleased
27. Mercury 200 – unreleased
28. Niclas Erlandsson – Subdued By Reality (Rune Bagge Remix)
29. Åre:gone – Excessive (The Chronics Remix)
30. Antonio De Angelis – unreleased
31. Apothicaire – Oath


Urbanum for The Chronics


The Chronics
Bipolar Disorder


[DJ Set]: CEO Of NovaFuture – Playing at NovaFuture Recordings OYE Instore Session on 13-08-2019


CEO Of NovaFuture


To celebrate the launch of NovaFuture Recordings the CEO invited his artists to play an instore session at OYE Kreuzkölln. Unfortunately Anselm and Non Reversible didn’t find the time to play so only Repressed Mind and Christian Gerlach were left. To fill up the “line-up” it was decided that the CEO himself shall play too.

One of the requirements of OYE for their sessions is that the artists have to play vinyl-only. Something new and challenging for the CEO and his poor mixing skills. Additionally as collector he didn’t want to take rare vinyls or vinyls he only owns once so every record to play had to be twice in his collection or been provided by OYE.

Here is the result – a mix or better mixtape which still reflex the CEO’s music taste.




01. Can – Millionspiel (Edit)
02. Zola Jesus – Go (Blank)
03. Moby – Disco Lies
04. Renegade Soundwave – Positive Mindscape
05. Luke Slater – She Showed Me Heaven (Luke Slater’s Junk Funk Remix)
06. T.Raumschmiere + Sandra Nasic ‎- A Very Loud Lullaby (Si Begg Remix)
07. Depeche Mode – I Feel Loved (Chamber’s Remix)
08. Depeche Mode – Everything Counts (Huntemann & Bodzin Dub)
09. Nitzer Ebb – Voilent Playground
10. The Normal – T.V.O.D.


Related Event:
NovaFuture Recordings OYE Instore Session on the 13th August 2019


CEO Of NovaFuture @ Soundcloud
CEO Of NovaFuture @ Resident Advisor
NovaFuture Blog @ Facebook
OYE Kreuzkölln


© Original Photo by Laura Herz

[Mix]: Introversion – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2019




For some individuals career choices seem to just turn out naturally. Julius Debler aka Introversion is one of them: “I never planned a music career, it just happened. I started creating music in my early childhood.” The 22- year-old Berliner-by-choice who defines himself as a producer, sound designer and DJ is part of the new breed of young electronic musicians who are right now entering the world of techno, changing it and creating their own unique space on the scene.

Introversion has managed to make quite a name of himself if you consider that he only has a few published releases under his name so far. Two solid outputs hit shelves in 2016: “Overnight” on Your Mother Naked and the “Aftermath EP” on Concepts Of Time, both of these leading up to last years release on Arts Collective – the very well-received “Dystopia”. A well-produced diverse three-track techno EP that already has the rumour on the internet of being a contemporary classic.

For Introversion the producer, drums play an important part in his compositions (it was the first instrument he laid his hands on in adolescent years), many of them being breakbeat focused – not just the odd track here and there, it is definitely something that defines his style over and over again. Other common denominators in his work are the continuous exploration of infusing his furious dark 90’s inspired techno with melancholic trance elements. Drums in full attack or wild synth stabs often get calmed from an emerging wave of classic trance chords finding their way into the arrangement. The way Introversion carefully picks out and introduces these old school-components, not being scared of their effect upon incorporating them, is what makes his tracks sound so fresh and invigorating.

As a DJ, Introversion creates a diverse combination of tracks sprung out of hard, forceful techno. His sets consist mainly out of new or unreleased material, drawing inspiration from 90’s and 00’s techno, rave and trance and from there bridging a way to well-selected classics. To find the right balance for the journey, emphasis lies as much on seeking out the track with the perfect severe kick drum, as well as the one containing the right atmospheric moment: “I love to play melodies and harmonic stuff, not just drum jams. But always quite hard”.

So far there are two solo releases in the pipeline for 2018, both for Berlin based labels – one for Arts Collective to follow up the success of “Dystopia” and the other for Konflkt (where he did a remix for Dotwav in 2017). Arts will also publish a new vinyl collection where Introversion contributes one track, continuing the fruitful relationship with the label. To top things of, there is also a forthcoming remix of techno colleague Marla Singer’s “Go Again” set for release on Bipolar Disorder later this year.


Listen & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2019”


01. Silent-One – Decide Your Fate
02. Introversion – Cataphiles
03. Narciss – Actions Speak Louder Than Words
04. PTU – Castor and Pollux
05. Seleccion Natural – Replicant Isolation
06. Mike Parker – Novus Wave
07. Petter B – Tool 01
08. Anselm – RAVE3000
09. Roseen – Refused
10. Eskapist – Question Memories
11. Schacke – Check It
12. Randomer – Ruffa
13. Introversion – Onryo (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
14. MRD – Uttarakhand
15. Florian Meindl – Black Market
16. Introversion – Unreleased
17. Steve Stoll – Texture One
18. DYEN – Funky Pills
19. Olēka – Tain (Lag Remix)
20. Astronomical Telegram – Razón
21. Stanislav Tolkachev – Sometimes Everything Is Wrong
22. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Nur Die Sonne War Zeuge
23. Placebo – Every You Every Me


Our Artist Special:
Releases, remixes and mixes


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