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Club Portrait
Club 27



Some basic facts
Who are you?: My name is Philipp Pesenhofer aka Monostep, i’m 24 years old, founder of Codec 992 record label & resident at Club 27 Tuebingen.

Owner: Mihael Ivankovic

Where: Duesseldorfer Str. 4, 72072 Tuebingen (Germany).

Former locations: none

Capacity: 1000

Floors: 4 (Mainfloor, 2 Floor, 3 Floor & Open Air)

Opened in: 2009

Minimum Age: 18 (for parties)

inside Club 27 pic 1
(inside Club 27 pic 1)
After these short facts please tell us something about the club and its history. What’s the philosophy behind? The idea? Which styles can your visitors celebrate here?

The name Club 27 recalls the ‘‘Club of 27‘‘ and commemorates the deceased artists like Amy Whinehouse, Kurt Cobain and many more.
Those are also represented on the walls of the club.

Club 27 offers Techno & Indsutrial as well as EBM, Wave & Synth Pop.

The club has an LED ceiling, beamer and wall-mounted lights that create a party atmosphere.
There is also a sonic smoker lounge with a bar – space for more than 200 people who als put value on a conversation in a quieter environment.

A well organized team welcomes our guests week after week and tries to fulfill every wish.

In 1987, the discotheque Cinderella was opened.

Again and again the program was adapted to the general public taste. In additon to miss elections in the early nineties, there were also several successful techno-events.

Another highlight was the performance of techno princess DJ Marusha. In the mid-90’s, a very elaborate and expensive cultivation, the so-called Orangerie was realized by the then owners, but in 1999 it came to an end. Various discotheques followed as Cantaloop or Milleniumdas but had to close again after two weeks. The Turkish local club Mozaik (from 2003) with live music and turkish family celebrations had been “quite successful”, says the landlord of the building. But even this tenant decided in 2008 “to relocate his business interests” – which resulted in the beginng of Club 27 in 2009.

inside Club 27 pic 2
(inside Club 27 pic 2)
Could you give us a short overview about your technical equipment? Is there special?
As already mentioned, one of the highlights in our club is the LED light ceiling and LED wall behind the artist. We also have a beamer for the matching visuals and light runs along the wall.

For all floors we have a d&b soundsystem which is very clear and powerful – set to celebrate the intense nights with our audience.

inside Club 27 pic 3
(inside Club 27 pic 3)
Do you run own parties? Do you have some resident DJs?
Most of the events in the club are our own events.

Well known is probably the “33H Rave” that takes place twice a year with us.

Through innumerable events, we put our stamp on the city and, above all, southern Germany as we are trying to give people a place to unfold and celebrate with ease.

Racism, sexism and homophobia lead to immediate party exclusion in the club.

Resident Djs see next step for details

inside Club 27 pic 4
(inside Club 27 pic 4)
Short introduction of the residents

Monostep …. Facebook | Soundcloud

Hermann Hesse …. Facebook | Soundcloud

Cedric Scheibel …. Facebook | Soundcloud

Marco Spitaleri …. Facebook | Soundcloud


(selected resident mixes/sets)
Besides own parties: are the regular parties by other promoters? Please tell us some details.
I would not say that we have regular parties from other organizers here.

Because our own program, our own vision and our series of events would be simply too much involved in their concept.

With Codec 992 we had 3 label nights here, and we were also invited to a resident night at the beginning of the year.

Likewise the Lehmann Club from Stuttgart hold events several times with us.

inside Club 27 pic 5
(inside Club 27 pic 5)
Please name a few artists who already played here.
Alex.Do, André Galluzzi, Brian Sanhaji, DJ Rush, Dr. Gomez aka DGS, Inhalt der Nacht, Intoversion, Kaiser, Peryl, Remco Beekwilder, SHDW & Obscure Shape, Silent-One, Terence Fixmer, The Advent & Industrialyzer, Thomas P. Heckmann and many more.
Coming to an end of this short feature. What are your future plans? Any nice DJs playing here soon? Anything else you wanna say?
With our new booker, we are working to bring even more quality to Tuebingen and bring our vision closer to our audience.

A well thought-out concept and a fresh breeze with strong headliners, as well as a good mix of local artists.

We want to offer what many would only experience through wide travels.


Exclusive Mix by Monostep:


Tracklist of Exclusive Mix:
01. Oake – Tiharire
02. Marla Singer – Complicated
03. Opål – Revenge
04. Blicz – Modern Revolt
05. Introversion – Lichtenberg Figure
06. Matasism – Bassiani Rave
07. PØLI & Lorenzo Raganzini – Raving In Paris
08. Buried Secrets – Abandoned In Destiny
09. PØLI & Lorenzo Raganzini – No Escape (Regal Remix)
10. Regal & Alien Rain – Acid Affair Pt.01
11. Alignment – Mental Rave
12. Regal – The Eyes


Next Dates at Club 27(via Facebook):
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Club 27 @ Facebook
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