[Mix]: Nic Araújo – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2018


Nic Araújo


During the years of growing and developing a creative soul, Nic founded several bands to evolve as a songwriter, whether on the guitar, keys or drums. With an organic-instrumental background, he found his way to electronic music.

After releasing his debut EP with Shape Of Void (Berlin) in June 2016, he has played several shows all over the North of Germany and worked out a concept for his own imprint Drasma, which consistently hosts Labelnights and releases digital records.

During 2016, when he lived in Hamburg, Nic has put out records on Labels such as Robert S’ Imprint Trau-Ma, Nulectric Records, Simpelcoding and Drasma. Furthermore his second release on Shape Of Void came out late 2017 when Nic also moved to Berlin to study music and production. His sound is made up of a multitude of spherical sounds that change, blend, disappear and reappear to create an atmospherically dense sound along with hypnotic drum-arrangements.


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2018


01. Singular Anomalies – Polynomial Function
02. Function – Reykjavik
03. Biemsix – We’re
04. Trs. – Living In A Spiral (Mix Down)
05. Hiroaki Iizuka – OPD
06. Pris – Etiquette
07. Lewis Fautzi – Ancient Way
01. Vil – Loss Of Sence
08. Shlømo – Parhelion
09. Kwartz – No Way Out Of The Hole
10. Christian Wünsch – Bleeding Walls
11. A.Morgan – Synapse
12. Marco Bailey – Icefyre (Setaoc Mass Remix)
13. Slam – Fractions
14. Yan Cook – Kingfisher
15. Temudo – Cava
16. Vladw – Angulate
17. ArchiveOne – II
18. Christian Morgenstern – Miscellaneous 6 (Ctrls Remix)
19. DJ Saint Pierre – Walk Under Water I (Endlec Remix V1)
20. Peryl – Not Yours
21. Inland – Cosinaxis (3KZ Remix)


“Achromatic Vision EP” on Shape Of Void
“Arrangement Of The Folds I” on Drasma
“Oceanity EP” on Nulectric
“Discovery” on Trau-ma
“Impulse EP” on Shape Of Void


Nic Araújo


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