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Oooohhh. It happened again. Like every year. The recent year has passed so fast. “The same procedure as last year – the same procedure as every year” …

We discovered labels like Norite, Mechatronica, Soundscape, Voitax & Ravage.

Some new labels just started in 2016 – Second Base, Raw Imprint, Gravitational, Unequal Records, Escapism and the new Killekill’s sublabels Boidae, Vanta Series & Death By Rainbow.

Other labels continued with excellent output like Ostgut Ton, Ressort Imprint, Lanthan.Audio, Aufnahme+Wiedergabe, Modul. and many others.

But there were (actually are) some artists who are still unsigned but produce really nice stuff – eg. Background Radiation, Adam Pfeiffer or Mark Groot who got a lot of our attention and worked with us in several series releasing his own stuff via bandcamp.

Sometimes we wondered that well-known labels like Mute didn’t release so much stuff but for sure they had some nice things like On Dead Waves (Mute).

We selected some track in full stream taken from releases that got our attention. For sure it is a small selection. We had also so many others in mind but this list is already much longer than we planned it. We had to split it into two parts (check out the first one here).


Głós – “Collapse (Border One Remix)”
[from ESCAPISM001]

On Dead Waves – “Blue Inside”
[from STUMM383]

Adam Pfeiffer – “So Spielen Wir”
[from not # – self-released]

Repressed Mind – “BRTW”
[from MOD010]

Opål – “The Fear Within”
[from AD078]

Subjected – “Untitled #3”
[from VAULT020]

Głós – “Through Limbs & Wires”
[from RWS002]

Planetary Assault Systems – “Behind The Eyes”

Mike Davis – “Voyage To The Seventh”
[from CRSL002]

Ausgang – “Pteron”
[from A003]

Antti Simola – “Train”
[from SBASE001]

Sedvs – “Lust”
[from barehands005]

AG Geige – “Ich Bin Ihr Boy”
[from ML100-ML104+ML109]

Savas Pascalidis – “Paradise Syndrom”
[from IY007]

Bistro Boy feat. Edward F. Butler – “Memories”
[from Helga052]

Deutsche Bank – “Transmission”
[from recording session of E-Shock-CD 013]

Mark Groot – “Directions”
[from not # – self-released]

FS Bart – “Through the Forest”
[from 12OC006]


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