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About the concept:
Here is the third instalment of our series “abc plays xyz”.

The idea behind it is to ask some DJs/mixing artists if they have an artist or label in mind that they love and would like to use for a mix.

So the approach of each mix is clear: the choosen DJ/mixing artist makes a selection of tracks produced by one artist (and her/his monikers) or released on a label (and its sublabels) and creates a nice mix from it.

After Janne Tavi, Repressed Mind & Discrete Circuit here is a fresh mix by C.7even, who admits that it was a nice challenge to mix only tracks of one record label. The fourth label after Ibadan, Modul & Blueprint is Dynamic Reflection.


About C.7even:
Anyone who approaches Techno music with intelligence and finesse is exactly in the right place with C.7even, because the young Frankfurt- native has her craft down to a tee. She found her way into electronic music back in 2009, shaped by many musical genres.

Contrary to many others, her style is constantly evolving and driven by the passion to constantly reinvent herself.Groovy-melodic, mystic- hypnotic, straightforward-uncompromising- this is what she embodies, but she still has always a clear vision her mind of the story that she wants to tell through the medium of electronic sounds.

“A DJ set has to make sense to me, Im no fan of the approach to just step behind the decks and blindly improvise my way through my playtime- Im always aware of what it is that I want to convey to my audience. That moment, when you ignite that spark in your audience- when the dancefloor really lets loose and people follow your leadership- that feeling just cannot be bought, that’s why I personally prefer longer sets (4-5 hours or more) over short and compressed playtimes. You can unfold and spread your wings so much more, and the connection between you and your audience gets so much deeper and more intense.“

In terms of own productions, C.7even doesn’t have anything official under her belt yet- but she doesn’t have to, because good stuff takes his time and her sets more than speak for themselves.“im really not a patient person, that’s why I might need more time than others to complete projects. But I refuse to give in to outside pressure- nowadays everybody says “you have to produce, you have to promote events, you have to do this and you have to do that in order to progress…

„I rather focus on the things that I am good at and what I can represent and stand by to 100%,I wont tolerate a flood of releases and half-assed stuff. That’s why my general rule is: “less is more.”

Anyone who likes to go on a sonic journey through many facets of House & Techno, who likes to let loose in a tightly woven atmosphere and anyone who prefers sophisticated music over anything mainstream- take the leap of faith and and immerse yourself into the world of C. 7even.


About Dynamic Reflection:
When Paul Boex launched Dynamic Reflection back in 2008 his vision for the label was crystal clear; create a platform that reflects intelligent, dancefloor-oriented techno in its purest form. Re-introduce no-nonsense techno capable of turning any venue upside down, while also providing exciting and fresh music for people to think about. Release tracks that stand out from the ever expanding mass; put out techno that triggers.

Consisting of two series under one overarching roof, Dynamic Reflection alternates monthly between a release on both vinyl and digital and a digital-only one. This allows for established names to have their work available online as well as captured on LP and for upcoming artists to have a (first) digi release on one of the finer imprints out there today. The balance between veteran producers and upcoming talent gives the label a solid grounding within the scene and allows it to function as a conduit for quality techno.

Every Dynamic Reflection release is unique and yet somehow familiar; variation and exploration are actively encouraged as the imprint’s musical horizons are broad. Quality and that distinctive “DREF” sound are never compromised however, firmly positioning Paul Boex’s label among the most esteemed around.


Listen & Download:
“C.7even plays Dynamic Reflection”


C.7even About Her Choice:
With Contemporary Spaces, Abstract Division in January 2016 more than inspired me, for me it was with Kobosil’s LP on of the best Albums in 2016. The two boys of Abstract Division, definitely hit the times spirit with the atmosphere and the emotions they convey there. I took some tracks from the album and of course the following Remix Eps and I think it is a pretty round and multi-faceted set, dancefloor oriented but you can also let your thoughts revolve in the background. It was a big pleasure for me to prepare this mix and I hope that you and the Heads of Dynamic Reflection will like it. I think in the future you will hear some more refined releases from DR and I wish all the best for the label. Thanks you for the music


01. Abstract Division – Fade Away
02. Abstract Division – Glide
03. Eduardo De La Calle – Speedlight Speedmind
04. Abstract Division – Comprehend (Jonas Kopp Remix)
05. Woo York – Vacuum (Unbalance Remix)
06. T_st – qq3
07. Tim Wolf – Backstage Fridge (Jeroen Search Remix)
08. Eduardo De La Calle – Speedlight Speedmind (ROD Remix)
09. T_st – qq6
10. Saam – Uncertainly
11. Abstract Division – Passenger (Deepbass & Ness Remix)
12. Abstract Division – Future Existence
13. T_st – qq5
14. Abstract Division – Comprehend
15. Abstract Division – Fierce Tension (Shifted Remix)
16. Abstract Division – Encounter
17. Abstract Division – Passenger
18. Abstract Division – Transmutation
19. Abstract Division – Glide (Perc Remix)
20. Abstract Division – Compound Statement
21. Deepbass & Ness – Inner Expansion
22. Abstract Division – The Hunt (SHDW & Obscure Shape Remix)
23. Abstract Division – Deformation (Area Forty One’s Sunday Morning Cut)
24. Abstract Division – Glide (Stefan Vincent Remix)


Dynamic Reflection


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