out now: Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Soma25 Remixes) [Soma Records]




Dark Manoeuvres (Soma25 Remixes)


Soma Records




Release Date:
November/December 2016


vinyl & digital


Dark Manoeuvres
(Dax J Remix)

Dark Manoeuvres
(Norman Nodge Dub)

Dark Manoeuvres
(Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)

Dark Manoeuvres
(Tensal Remix)


Press Info:
Soma proudly present the first in an exciting series of releases to celebrate 25 years at the top of electronic music as we turn to some of our favourite modern artists to reinvent some of the best from the back catalogue and up first is Envoy’s timeless classic, Dark Manoeuvres. Originally released as part of the “Coalition EP’ in 1996 (which also featured the classic Seawall), Hope Grant’s instantly recognisable hit is still found in nearly every Techno DJs record box and has continually served as a beacon of Soma since it’s release Four new versions are served up here as Dax J, Norman Nodge, Obscure Shape & SHDW plus Tensal all deliver fine interpretations of this Soma classic.

Dax’s furious style is the opener as he uses the original chords as they were intended but all the time firing his concussive drum patterns directly to the dance floor. Ostgut Ton’s Norman Nodge turns in a delectable dub version in only the way he can by keeping Envoy’s original muted and delivering a subtle, introverted version. The duo of Obscure Shape & SHDW are next up and delivery one epic take on Dark Manoeuvres. The pair build the tension early, teasing the strings then unleashing an onslaught, adding their own beautifully led, string section before hammering home. PoleGroup’s Tensal closes out our first Soma 25 releases, twisting and cutting the hook to suits his means as thunderous beats work away behind this solid tool.

With much more on the horizon, Soma has their gaze fixed firmly on the future of Techno.




Dax J – “NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2016”

Norman Nodge – “NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2015”

SHDW & Obscure Shape – “Reclaim Your City 190”

Tensal – “Curated by DSH #015”


Dax J’s EP “The Invisible Man” on Monnom Black
Norman Nodge’s EP “The Happenstance” on Ostgut Ton
“Nachtblende EP” by SHDW & Obscure Shape on From Another Mind
Tensal’s EP “Future Initiation Rituals” on The OwnLife


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Envoy @ SomaRecords.com
Soma Records


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