[News]: Arca releases digital deluxe edition of his debut “Xen” via Mute


Arca – Digital Deluxe Edition released


News Text:
Mute newcomer Arca, who released his highly acclaimed debut album “Xen” last year, just put out a digital deluxe edition of the same album.

This edition which is called “Xen (????? Edition)” features stuff was only available on the very limited vinyl edition. So it contains the two bonus tracks “????? A” spanning the tracks “Empath”, “Get Out The Fucking Car”, “Snatch” and “Vanity” from the limited 10inch vinyl and “????? B” that is known as “Dog Crying At Its Owner’s Grave” (also from the limited edition).

The edition also features videos for the tracks “Xen” and “Thievery” created by Jesse Kanda.

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