[Mix]: Sebastian Kökow – NovaFuture Blog Mix 2014-01-09


Sebastian Kökow


Sebastian Kökow, part of the creative duo the29nov which became famous for the underground techno videos, delivered this great mix using vinyls.


01. Vapauteen – Punish Or Be Damned
02. Silent Servant – Lust Abandon
03. Orphx – Cut Through
04. Headless Horseman – Legend (Ancient Methods Sharp Cut)
05. Concrete Fence – The Unabridged Truth (Sleeparchive Version)
06. Alexander Kowalski – A1 SCR-Dark Series 005
07. Lewis Fautzi – Range
08. PVS – The Fugitive
09. Dj Spider & Franklin De Costa – Control Voltage
10. Your Silent Face – A Place Where Arms Bend Backwards
11. Floorplan – Phobia
12. J.C. – Ghetto Blaster
13. Paul Birken – Funnel Fiends
14. Monolith – Disco Buddha
15. Marcos Cabral – Capri Sozial


Listen & Download:
NovaFuture Blog Mix 2014-01-09


KilleKill Booking


the29nov films
Sebastian Kökow @ Facebook


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