12th May: Spex Live @ Berghain with Marcel Dettmann, Efdemin and many more

on the 12th May SPEX.Live will take place at Berlin’s Berghain with a great line-up including Mute Records founder Daniel Miller.

(click on image for more details)

Spex präsentiert Spex Live
@ Berghain, Panoramabar & Lab.Oratory

20:00-21:00 Max Dax
21:00-21:30 Villagers Norman Palm (Live)
21:45-22:30 High Places (Live)
22:45-23:45 Robyn (Live)
00:00-01:00 Elektro Guzzi (Live)
01.00-03.00 Efdemin
03:00-05:00 Darkstar
05:00-End Marcel Dettmann

24:00-02:00 Will Bankhead & Jon Knight
02:00-05:00 Aeroplane
05:00-08:00 Trevor Jackson
08:00-End Paddy O’Neill

24:00-02:00 Jan Kedves
02:00-04:30 nd_Baumecker & Annie
04:30-06:00 Daniel Miller Andreas Reihse (Kreidler)
06:00-End nd_Baumecker


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