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Release Date:
19th April 2023


vinyl, download & streaming


Tracklist Vinyl:
Le Monde Est Témoin

Le Temps D’un Souvenir Perdu

Regardez Moi Dans Les Yeux

Je Gravite Autour Du Soleil


Tracklist Digital:
En Attendant HIL

Le Monde Est Témoin

Le Temps D’un Souvenir Perdu

Regardez Moi Dans Les Yeux

Je Gravite Autour Du Soleil

This is HIL


Press Info:
I have no mentor, you learn more from failure and defeat than from success and victory, but look at you. Even if you made mistakes that eat away at you, don’t choose the truths that suit you. I should have kept my mouth shut.
I’m making a song for them, true story, long story HIL.

I remember when you told us you had cancer, broken plates littering the floor, a tear on your face. I’m not here beside you but I hope you know I love you, we will fight it together.

You know it’s a rude winter here and I hope Dad is okay. It’s weird but I feel the end so rest up it’s my turn to drive.

Sometimes I think back to that New Year’s Day when I saw my two buddies trying to stab each other with knives. At that road, I was in the second car, the first one was in too much of a hurry to get to heaven.
I remember this stranger who gave me his shit, I should have died but I think I like living too much, I hold on to life like it’s gold. And then there’s this friend, he let me into his garage, a shotgun in his hands, thinking he was invincible, white and green bags, a police raid, you didn’t make it long. How much bullshit have we done?

Here I see their sadness, do they know that I love them? Do they know I understand their pain.
I’ve taken on their faults and their mistakes, I’ve got my own too, I don’t think I’m above it, so I’ll keep reaching out to them when they ask for it. I hope they know I’m doing my best, if they’re mad at me I just have to disappear.
People are vulnerable, they told me “flo in life hide your emotions or people will hurt you”, so I tell them I don’t care about their judgement. And what would happiness be without these emotions ? I would be true to the end.

And sometimes they call MSKD the phone ring, how about doing business together ? They tell me underneath we can do something.
I don’t think I care, they won’t dress me up so I work undercover. In their business I ain’t married to nobody, i do my own i live good.
And then there’s these people you call fans or followers, I thank them for all the support.

And I’m losing my patience waiting for my turn. Where is our talk mum, cause i need it one more time, might lose it all i swear.
Can’t wait to see what the future holds. In the meantime I’ll give it all, ignorance is a cancer, I’ll learn until this shit dies.
I hope dad knows that I have forgiven him.

Message say delivered Why the fuck you keep goin’ missing on me? Feel like if it’s meant it’s what it is so just let it flow.

I am not happy, not sad, i just try to be me.

To those I love, deep down you are my stars, the artists of this story. And if this has an end, my music will stay.




Full Track Streaming:
“This Is HIL (A Letter Of Love)”

“En Attendant HIL”

“Le Monde Est Témoin”

“Je Gravite Autour Du Soleil”


“Deestricted Podcast 069”


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