28th April 2022: Raster. Alphabet @ RSO.Berlin, Berlin (Germany)


Raster. Alphabet


Date & Time:
28th April 2022 at 09:00pm


Atom™ live & A/V
Albert Van Abbe live & A/V


RSO.Berlin, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Atom™️ (also known as Atom Heart, real name Uwe Schmidt) is often regarded as the father of electrolatino, electro gospel and aciton (acid-reggaeton) music. With a history of impressive pioneer for A/V and the curation of 1,500 titles and over 150 revisited albums, the presentation of his new live performance (and upcoming album) »Neuer Mensch« will be legendary.

Sound nerd & visual artist Albert van Abbe has just about covered the whole field of electronic music over the course of the last 21 years; from minimalistic sound installations to uncompromising Hardcore Acid productions, a long list of collaborative works, institutional partnerships and public projects with artists of various mediums add to an exciting list of performances both inside and outside the club. The latest edition to his oeuvre are »Dual«, are collaborative impro release together with Byetone, as well as »Nondual«, his new solo record and A/V live performance, both released on raster.

Yanling is stubborn. – The Hong Kong native emerged in Berlin‘s left-field dance scene pushing a unique approach to a bass heavy sound, traversing an abundance of textures and hard-hitting club rhythms; inspired by early grime and uptempo techno at a time when that mix of sounds had few admirers. Yanling’s DJ sets find her mixing cyber techno with dazzling incursions of electro and gliding breakbeats including tribal elements. Since early 2018, she has been a resident of the Forbidden Planet Records where she has pushed a corporal sound characterized by jagged mixes and an uncompromising focus on the dance floor. She showcases her music across transcontinental clubs, alongside soundtracking various projects.

Raster. Alphabet is a new bimonthly event series in collaboration with RSO Berlin. Every two months raster will curate a lineup of live A/V shows dedicated to the ABC. The series is meant to be an experimental contribution to the vibrant Berlin club scene.


The Ukrainian people need immediate help now. This is why we will donate 1 EUR from every admission fee. All guests on our guest list are requested to pay 5 EUR as a contribution to this donation. In addition, there is a donation pot for all guests at the box office. The raised funds will be split equally between Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.. Let us stand together. This madness must end.

Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted from the 1st of April, Covid Pass or testing will no longer be required. However, in order to protect our guests and our community, we encourage all participants to test themselves before entering.

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Yanling – “RSO Berlin – XForm – 19-03-22”

Albert Van Abbe – “UV Podcast 062”

Atom™ – “The Bunker Podcast 106”


“Nondual” by Albert Van Abbe on Raster
“<3" by Atom™ on Raster
“0.9” by Atom™ on Raster
“HD” by Atom™ on Raster-Noton
“Riding The Void” by Atom™ on Raster-Noton
“Ich Bin Meine Maschine” by Atom™ on Raster-Noton
“Physik 1 EP” by Atom™ & Tobias. on Ostgut Ton


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22nd April 2022: DURCH @ Fies & Zornig, Berlin (Germany)




Date & Time:
22nd April 2022 at 11:55pm


Brutalismus 3000 live
Dance Divine
Dj Schere
Dj Pheromone


Fies & Zornig, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Fies & Zornig – Köpenicker Straße 18
11 hour queer madness – two dance floors

w/ Frederic., BRUTALISMUS3000 – live, Hybral, Dance Divine – live, GIA, Giulia_, Dj Schere & Dj Pheromone

There will be a donation box at the door for queer causes – this time for Woman in Afghanistan.

[sonar-infopoint / awareness team]

We have much love for creatures of the night. Doors open at 11.59pm. coming early & staying late.

If u cant afford the entrance fee, get in contact with us (via email).

racism / sexism / homophobia / transphobia / body or slut shaming is not tolerated.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.

artwork by: https://www.sophia-krasomil.com/

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Brutalismus 3000 – “Possession Podcast #188”

Frederic. – “Geheimclub Podcast 057”

Dance Divine – “DURCH podcast No 41”

Hybral – “IOD Podcast #057”

GIA – “DVTN―39”

Giulia_ – “Kinky Sundays Porncast #19”

Dj Schere – “For Widows Radio 14.03.2021”

Dj Pheromone aka Kandy K – “Groove Resident Podcast 21”


all releases on DURCH




14th May 2022: Staub @ :// about blank, Berlin (Germany)




Date & Time:
14th May 2022 at 10:00 am


a secret that will be a secret until … the party ends


://about blank, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Info (German):
Samstag // Techno // STAUB

Eine Party bei der Lineups der Vergangenheit angehören und Techno den Geräten überlassen wird um eine musikalische Reise zu erzählen.

Eine Party bei der das Publikum sich den überraschenden Moment der Ungewissheit hingibt, nur getragen von ausgesuchten Künstlern und Newcomern.

Veranstaltung @ Resident Advisor
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Info (English):
Line-up? Dust from yesterday.

It remains exciting: Samstag // Techno // STAUB

A party where lineups are a thing of the past and techno is left to its devices narrating a musical journey.

A party where the audience gives in to the surprise of uncertainty, carried by carefully selected artists and newcomers.

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someone or someone else – “Mixes recorded at Staub parties”


“Groove Podcast 146” (5 years anniversary feature)


Video Specials:
“Staub #36.1”

“Staub #36.2”

“Staub #38”

“Staub #39”

“Staub #40”

“Staub #41”

“Staub #44”

“Staub #57”

Sebastian Kökow – “Staub 25/05/2019”


sampler “Staub 006”
sampler “Staub 005”
sampler “Staub 004”
sampler “Staub 002”
sampler “Staub 003”
sampler “Staub 001”
sampler “Moments 1”
sampler “Moments 2”


://about blank


08th April 2022: Crave Tapes ‘CRAVE004’ Release Party @ Christa Kupfer, Berlin (Germany)


Crave Tapes ‘CRAVE004’ Release Party


Date & Time:
08th April 2022 at 11:00pm CET


Carlos Grabstein
Desolate Discotheque
The Professor


Christa Kupfer, Berlin (Germany)


Admission fee:


Press Info:
After another lockdown, we’re back in the nightlife again and hosting our first club night in Berlin as a release party of CRAVE004!

Crave Tapes is delighted to welcome Termination_800 to the family, the young french artist debuting with a 6 track tape “Opfor Target“ with a wild feature with XTR HUMAN and two filthy remixes by Notausgang and Unhealed.

As our performing guest’s we’ve invited our friend’s Skelesys hailing from Buenos Aires and based in Berlin with huge vinyl releases on Ombra International and Oraculo Records, Carlos Grabstein from Miseria Records and of course the man himself Termination_800 from Paris alongside the Crave Tapes runners Desolate Discotheque and Unhealed.

Second floor will be curated by The Professor with shoegaze, dream pop and post-punk duties all night long!

No pre-sale – pay at the door only!

See you on the dark side!

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Termination_800 – “The Forgotten CCXCI”

Skelesys – “Hostage Radio Vol: 53”

Carlos Grabstein – “Crave Cast 017”

Unhealed – “at The Brvtalist event series @ Dream Baby Dream (Berlin)”

Desolate Discotheque – “Inferis 023”


Termination_800 feat. XTR Human – “Organization (Unhealed Remix)”

Unhealed – “Die Panne”

Termination_800 – “Spec Ops”

Skelesys – “Twisted Desire”

Termination_800 – “Waiting Orders”

Skelesys – “The Scorpion Sting”

Unhealed – “Sinners And Lovers”


Termination_800 – “Mauler”


all stuff on Crave Tapes


Crave Tapes
Christa Kupfer


23rd April 2022: 4 Years Of Seelen. “PART II” @ Institut Fuer Zukunft, Leipzig (Germany)


4 Years Of Seelen.


Date & Time:
23rd April 2022 at 11:59pm


Sue Lèwig live
CEO Of NovaFuture


Institut Fuer Zukunft, Leipzig (Germany)


Admission fee:
tba EUR


Press Info:
Time to celebrate 4 YEARS SEELEN. “PART II” at Institut Fuer Zukunft 💀

Event @ Facebook
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Sue Lèwig – “Live@Red Light Radio Amsterdam”

JANEIN – “Cosmonauts Podcast #017”

Shaleen – “DURCH Podcast No 38”

Narciss – “[Selected] Podcast 026”

CEO Of NovaFuture – “Inferis 024”

Verschwender – “Wiener Gerüstbau Invites 07”

Stigmatique – “T3R Hyperspace 24”

Karapapa – “Corpus Monthly, Chapter 009”


Sue Lèwig – “Lestat”

Sue Lèwig – “Lestoi”
< JANEIN - "Escape"

JANEIN – “Meteor Rain”

JANEIN – “Alien Love Syndrome”

JANEIN – “Kobald M”

Shaleen – “Hopscotch Master”

Narciss & Shaleen – “Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee”

Shaleen – “Consolidation”

Narciss – “Tall People”

Narciss – “Sundowner (Body 2 Body Mix)”

Narciss – “Pop The Hood”

JANEIN & Verschwender – “Collective Consciousness”

Verschwender – “Dangerous Move”

Verschwender – “Trakt I”

Verschwender – “Them Boys Some Frauds”

Stigmatique – “Unholy Discription”

Stigmatique – “Somewhere At Nowhere”

Stigmatique – “Weltschmerz”

Stigmatique – “A Never Forgotten Soul”


all stuff on Seelen. Records


Institut für Zukunft