[Mix]: Desolate Discotheque – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2022


Desolate Discotheque


After 15 years experience as a promoter and performing as a DJ, Berlin based Desolate Discotheque established himself. Back in 2019, he fulfilled a personal dream by starting his own independent cassette label, Crave Tapes.

The inspiration he draws from 80’s underground electronic music and the goth culture, is manifested in his exorbitant, authentic and excessive style – a wild mixture between EBM, Industrial, New Beat, Cold/Dark-Wave, Post-Punk and some Techno.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2022”


01. Upcoming Crave Tapes
02. OTHR – Deltoid
03. Upcoming Crave Tapes
04. Aspecto Humano – Volt Thrower (Kris Baha Remix)
05. Brandski – Brute Factor
06. Black Dahlia – Fire In The Hole
07. Tense – Disconnect Myself (kkoee Remxi)
08. Antoni Maiovvi – Velvet Summer (Cardopusher Remix)
09. Soft Crash – Your Last Everything Part 1
10. Time Modem – Werkzeuge Eines Fernen Willens
11. 3Teeth – Dissolve (Raul Parra Remix)
12. Choke Chain – Losing The Way (Mind | Matter EBM Ritual Mix)
13. The Undertaker’s Tapes – Flesh Lust
14. Unconscious – You Belong To Me Now
15. Publics. – Ecstasy (Struck 9 Remix)
16. Upcoming Crave Tapes
17. Unknown Artist – Untitled 7
18. Karlyv Tyn – Ukusil Sugrob
19. The Sisters Of Mercy – Amphetamine Logic


all stuff on Crave Tapes, the label run by Desolate Discotheque, we featured


Desolate Discotheque @ Instagram
Desolate Discotheque @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Krl Mx – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2022


Krl Mx


Without a doubt Krl Mx (Karl Max) is one of the most promising up and coming artists. After having released tracks on Kobosil’s R-Label or Amelie Lens’ Exhale, Krl Mx imposes his intense and effective style.

Kobosil’s protégé has already performed for Synoid, Blackworks or at the Rex Club and spreads with confidence his presence on the European techno scene from Berlin to Madrid through Zurich.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2022”


01. Oguz & Nyctonian – Golden Szn
02. Anetha & Mac Declos – Push Push
03. DJ Daddy Trance – My Body Rocks The Rhythm
04. Gesaffelstein – Control Movement
05. SDK – Emergency Beat
06. Läuff X Hnas – Ap
07. Mareux – The Perfect Girl (Sept Edit)
08. Bours? – XCIXCIXCI
09. Aesztetik & Thoqy – Chaos In My Brain
10. Voodoo And Serano – Blood Is Pumpin
11. Renegade System – Dropkick
12. Roentgen Limiter – Readyhard Techno Mix
13. Mr. Kitty – After Dark (Funk Tribu Edit)
14. Kreayshawn– Go Hard Kx.Sirk Rebuild


Krl Mx’ “Manifesto 666” on Ismus
Krl Mx’ “Shifter Pro EP” on Maison Close Records
Krl Mx’ “FC Arrogance” on Ismus
Krl Mx’ “Sexy, Vif & Furieux EP” on C O U P
compilation “Sektion 2” w/ Krl Mx track on R-Label Group
compilation “MCVA004 Vol. II” w/ Krl Mx track on Maison Close Records
compilation “Spektrum” w/ Krl Mx track on Life In Patterns
compilation “Exhale VA003” (Vinyl 2 & Digital) w/ Krl Mx track on Exhale
compilation “Various Artists 001” w/ Krl Mx track on Kreatur
compilation “ISMVA003.1” w/ Krl Mx track on Ismus
Geerson’ “Make Sense EP” w/ Krl Mx remix on Ismus


Raise Agency for Krl Mx


Krl Mx @ Facebook
Krl Mx @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Blaxad – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022




Blaxad, who took the name from the comic book Blacksad and is based in the suburbs of Paris, will put out the EP “Eternal Light” via his own Bandcamp, the 7th selfreleased EP. Being much inspired by the Berlin techno spirit he tends to transcribe it in the music he plays in his sets and own productions.

In September 2022 he released the EP “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited after releasing “Unname EP” on Aliøm Records and being also featured on Matière’s compilations in the past.

He recorded this mix with his vinyl collection playing some of his favorite tracks.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022”


01. Blawan – Immulsion (Come To Me In Full Electric Mix)
02. Aiken – Genetics (Blawan Remix)
03. Kitkatone – Point Of Rejection
04. Exium – Immune Response
05. Amotik – Chautis (Anthony Linell Remix)
06. Reizemann – Skirmish
07. Selección Natural – MG0039
08. Oscar Mulero – Common Frequencies
09. Decka – Fractured
10. Obscure Shape & SHDW – Die Illusion
11. Kaelan – Callout (Fundamental Interaction Remix)
12. Setaoc Mass – Kunfus
13. Volster – The Process Of Becoming
14. The Plant Worker – Spaceshift (Pfirter Remix)
15. Amotik – Atharah


Blaxad’s self-released EP “Eternal Light”
Blaxad’s “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Lonely Cow”
Blaxad’s “Unnamed EP” on Aliøm Records
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Four Seasons”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “No Numbers”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “For Letters”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Tomorrow’s Choice”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Acts Of A Play”
compilation “Utopia” w/ Blaxad track on Matière
compilation “VA004” w/ Blaxad track & collab with Meroj on Matière
compilation “VA003” w/ Blaxad track on Matière


Blaxad @ Facebook
Blaxad @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Mad Maex – NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2022


Mad Maex


Mad Maex is a producer from Stuttgart who has been releasing tracks and standing behind the decks for several years. At home in the Lehmann Club Stuttgart, where he regularly hosts events with his label, NewKids Records, Max has a clear vision of his sound. With his label NewKids Records, he and his friends have created a base where they can give free rein to their creativity.

Mad Maex will inspire you with driving, hard and percussive techno, the way he prefers to do it in front of the crowd.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2022”


01. Illiya Korniyenko – Whipped Cream
02. Marco Leckbert & Luca Maier – Techno Lust
03. ACOR – Free Your Soul
04. Marco Leckbert – Underwater
05. Marco Leckbert – Rock Boy
06. Mython – Presents Blackout
07. Mython – Reverse Funnel
08. Marco Leckbert – Hard Drums Party
09. Marco Leckbert – Fire Burner
10. Jønas – Interfere
11. Krl Mx – Sit Down Satan
12. Tobikz – Metallurgische Kombinat Asow-Stahl (Sopik Remix)


Mad Maex’ “Escape Into The Strobe EP” on NewKids Records
compilation “Home I” w/ Mad Maex track on Lehmann Musik
compilation “We Are NKR Vol. 3” w/ Mad Maex track on NewKids Records
compilation “We Are NKR Vol. 2” w/ Mad Maex track on NewKids Records
compilation “We Are NKR Vol. 1” w/ Mad Maex track on NewKids Records
all releases on Max’ label NewKids Records we featured


Mad Maex @ Facebook
Mad Maex @ Soundcloud
NewKids Records


[Mix]: Force Mass Motion – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2022


Force Mass Motion


It is fair to say that Force Mass Motion is a legend of the UK’s hardcore, rave and jungle scene. The man born Mike Wells has always had a high rate and high-quality output and that has kept him at the heart of the underground since he first emerged in 1989. While he pioneered a nu-school breaks sound and has released on influential labels like Lot49, Kingsize Records, Rabbit City Records and Mute’s sublabel Future Groove, he is now on his own imprint and channeling his earliest musical loves once more.

adapted from PR text by Dispersion


“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2022”


01. Force Mass Motion – You’ll Never Be Alone
02. Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak
03. Stones Taro – Integration
04. 6HRS – Elysium
05. Spivy – Vulcano
06. GVN – Save Me (Extended Mix)
07. Because Of Art – Theory Of Mind
08. Acedias – Dancing – Distorsion Records
09. APHE – Figure 5
10. Sam Paganini – Rave (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix)
11. Stiv Hey – Howling
12. Force Mass Motion – Hung Drawn & Slaughtered
13. Force Mass Motion – Skyline
14. Force Mass Motion – From Fire To Light


Force Mass Motion’s “You’ll Never Be Back EP” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “R-iVAC” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “Piece Of Mind” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “From Fire To Light” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “Hung Drawn & Slaughtered” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “The Stone Of The 5th Sun” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “Neue Tek EP” on FMM Recordings


Force Mass Motion @ Facebook
Force Mass Motion @ Soundcloud