[Mix]: JANEIN – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2019




During his time as a DJ and Producer, JANEIN’s musical career has been akin to the flight of a spaceship. While not without it’s obstacles, the young german artist has been running on full gear unintimidated and has henceforth left big marks on the techno scene like BASSIANI, Distillery, Institut Fuer Zukunft, Blitz Club Munich, ://about blank and TRESOR Berlin to list a few.

Be it by running the SEELEN imprint, dismantling one of the stops on his quickly growing tour-schedule or delivering relentless, trance-tinged techno cuts with a clear nod to pulpy 80’s science fiction. His selection in one of his DJ-sets also shows a particular sensibility to what makes Rave culture, with a unique take o techno spanning modern chugger’s to old school EBM anthems.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2019”


01. ILLNURSE – All Day (Parallx Remix)
02. FU-5 – Compress C4
03. Hioll – Telephaty
04. UVB – Resurrected
05. Danilo Incorvaia – Grey
06. Dax J & UVB – Killer & Clutch
07. Mickey Nox – Come Into The
08. VSK – Contrasto di Luminanza
09. Symmetrical Behaviour – Superconducting Harmonic Oscillator
10. Paula Temple – Open the Other Eye (SNTS Remix)
11. Samari – Retreat (fade)
12. Tham – Protokoll K-278
13. HKKPTR – Reglos


sampler “Artcub Records Digital 003” w/ JANEIN track on Artcub Records
all stuff on Seelen Records




Seelen Records


[Mix]: Parallx – NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2019




Parallx, born and raised in the dirty industrial landscapes of the Ruhr metropolis in West Germany and based in Berlin since 2010, belongs to the new rising techno generation. His EBM- , Industrial- and 90’s Techno inspired productions are despite its rough power on the dance floor, finely designed down to the smallest detail. In 2017 Parallx released his first Records on Kobosil’s imprint R – Label Group as well as on Arts and was voted #3 Newcomer of the Year by the readers of Groove Magazine. His versatile DJ sets, who stand out through the mix of powerful 2000s techno and EBM, as well as his excursion into Darkwave, Synth Pop and Electro, opened him the door to the legendary club Berghain and other clubs all over Europe.

Based in Berlin.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2019”




Parallx’ “RP4” on R-Label Group
Parallx’ “RP2” on R-Label Group
Parallx’ “RP1” on R-Label Group
Parallx’ “RR1” on R-Label Group
Parallx’ “Lost in Time” on ARTS Records
Parallx’ “MOD009” on Modul.
compilation “MOD010” w/ Parallx track on Modul.






[Mix]: Introversion – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2019




For some individuals career choices seem to just turn out naturally. Julius Debler aka Introversion is one of them: “I never planned a music career, it just happened. I started creating music in my early childhood.” The 22- year-old Berliner-by-choice who defines himself as a producer, sound designer and DJ is part of the new breed of young electronic musicians who are right now entering the world of techno, changing it and creating their own unique space on the scene.

Introversion has managed to make quite a name of himself if you consider that he only has a few published releases under his name so far. Two solid outputs hit shelves in 2016: “Overnight” on Your Mother Naked and the “Aftermath EP” on Concepts Of Time, both of these leading up to last years release on Arts Collective – the very well-received “Dystopia”. A well-produced diverse three-track techno EP that already has the rumour on the internet of being a contemporary classic.

For Introversion the producer, drums play an important part in his compositions (it was the first instrument he laid his hands on in adolescent years), many of them being breakbeat focused – not just the odd track here and there, it is definitely something that defines his style over and over again. Other common denominators in his work are the continuous exploration of infusing his furious dark 90’s inspired techno with melancholic trance elements. Drums in full attack or wild synth stabs often get calmed from an emerging wave of classic trance chords finding their way into the arrangement. The way Introversion carefully picks out and introduces these old school-components, not being scared of their effect upon incorporating them, is what makes his tracks sound so fresh and invigorating.

As a DJ, Introversion creates a diverse combination of tracks sprung out of hard, forceful techno. His sets consist mainly out of new or unreleased material, drawing inspiration from 90’s and 00’s techno, rave and trance and from there bridging a way to well-selected classics. To find the right balance for the journey, emphasis lies as much on seeking out the track with the perfect severe kick drum, as well as the one containing the right atmospheric moment: “I love to play melodies and harmonic stuff, not just drum jams. But always quite hard”.

So far there are two solo releases in the pipeline for 2018, both for Berlin based labels – one for Arts Collective to follow up the success of “Dystopia” and the other for Konflkt (where he did a remix for Dotwav in 2017). Arts will also publish a new vinyl collection where Introversion contributes one track, continuing the fruitful relationship with the label. To top things of, there is also a forthcoming remix of techno colleague Marla Singer’s “Go Again” set for release on Bipolar Disorder later this year.


Listen & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2019”


01. Silent-One – Decide Your Fate
02. Introversion – Cataphiles
03. Narciss – Actions Speak Louder Than Words
04. PTU – Castor and Pollux
05. Seleccion Natural – Replicant Isolation
06. Mike Parker – Novus Wave
07. Petter B – Tool 01
08. Anselm – RAVE3000
09. Roseen – Refused
10. Eskapist – Question Memories
11. Schacke – Check It
12. Randomer – Ruffa
13. Introversion – Onryo (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
14. MRD – Uttarakhand
15. Florian Meindl – Black Market
16. Introversion – She Said
17. Steve Stoll – Texture One
18. DYEN – Funky Pills
19. Olēka – Tain (Lag Remix)
20. Astronomical Telegram – Razón
21. Stanislav Tolkachev – Sometimes Everything Is Wrong
22. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Nur Die Sonne War Zeuge
23. Placebo – Every You Every Me


Our Artist Special:
Releases, remixes and mixes


Outlined AM




[Mix]: Cassegrain – NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2019




In techno circles, Cassegrain shouldn’t need too much of an introduction. With a label résumé that includes, among others, Prologue, Infrastructure New York, Killekill, and Ostgut Ton – as well as highly regarded performances at Berghain, Village Underground, Concrete, amongst others – they’ve more than stamped their name on the scene. Alex Tsiridis and Hüseyin Evirgen – the two artists behind Cassegrain – formed the project after a chance meeting at the Redbull Music Academy in Barcelona. In the years following, they collaborated remotely via email, sending stems back and forth before making a move to Berlin where they currently share a studio.

Back in May 2016, the duo folded a former secret alias and launched it as a label under the same name, Arcing Seas. The label was created to be an outlet for Cassegrain’s projects and has included a highly praised remix EP (featuring The Mover, Shifted and Peder Mannerfelt) and a special collaborative release with DJ Nobu, Lady Starlight and Tensal which is the first in a series of collab-records with “friends, heroes and inspirations” as they put it.

Although Tsiridis and Evirgen obviously have an affinity for collaboration – the pair also work alongside Tin Man, a relationship that has delivered a handful of EPs and standout live shows – they are also now stepping out as solo artists. Evirgen is releasing as Magna Pia while Tsiridis is Rhyw. With several releases already out, many more projects are in development.


Listen & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2019”


01. Anthony Rother – Ab Ab Ab
02. Terrence Dixon – Vertical Hold
03 Furtive – Unreleased
04. Peter Van Hoesen – Trim The Facts
05. Keikari – Harmi
06. P. Lopez & Octavio – Corpus
07. Max Duley – Shiver
08. Luke Slater – Love (Marcel Dettmann’s Black Gloves Remix)
09. Roman Poncet – Atlas (Antigone Remix)
11. PTA – A2
12. Schacke – Trained to the Floor
13. James Ruskin – Cipher
14. Modig – Latissimus (Blawan Remix)
15. Lenson – Time Merchant
16. Inland – Noisefields
17. Tim Taylor & DJ Slip – Pleasure Unit
18. Thanos Hana – Unreleased
19. Rhyw – Tap to Resume
20. Cleric – Fuck it
21. Cassegrain – Unreleased
22. Blenk – Frames
23. Nobusawa – Rasberry
24. Reeko & Psyk – Agitated Minds
25. Magna Pia – Ina
26. Hendrik Van Boetzelaer – Sieste Juvénile
27. Love Letters – CMB
28. Delta Funktionen – SIMO#3
29. Convextion – Oil On Meta


Cassegrain’s “Addax EP” on Warm Up Recordings
Magna Pia’s “Daiauna” on Feral Note
Magna Pia’s “Incantations” on Counterchange Recordings
“High And Low” by Cassegrain & Tin Man on Killekill Records
“Carnal” by Cassegrain & Tin Man on Killekill Records
sampler “Wiring Harness” w/ Cassegrain track on Voltage
compilation “Co-Ops Vol. 2” w/ Cassegrain & Tin Man track on Counterchange
Border One’s EP “Restive” w/ Cassegrain remix on Escapism


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[Mix]: Dahlia – NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2019




Pushed in front of the scene only a few months ago, the black phenomena Dahlia is knowing a lightning expansion thanks to a shattering exploration of darkness.

The electronic research and agonizing expression of sadness makes him one of those who needs to be listen to understand Black. « Stay black »


Listen & Download:
“NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2019”


01. Wolfsheim – The Sparrow And … (Ode To The Night Remix)
02. Incident prism – Violent resurrection
03. Mariel Ito – Sintex49
04. Manni Dee – Hostile Environment
05. End of Mortal Life – Korventenn
06. QUAL – Rip Doth Thy Scarlet Claws
07. Scalameriya & VSK – Realgar
08. Locked Club- Punk Navsegda
09. Unknown artist – Unreleased
10. Eschaton – Answer My Prayer
11. CVK – Geller Bends
12. HAT-R – Heiß
13. Keikari – Roska
14. Blind Delon – Rule I
15. Umwelt – Tremblement
16. Unit Black Flight – Shortwave Radio Antenna … (Antoni Maiovvi Remix)
17. Kuetzal – Their Game (Anthro Remix)
18. Sharplines – Sacred Bullet
19. Poison Point – Oblivion
20. Dahlia – Unreleased
21. Holygram – Still There


Dahlia’s “Shades Of Black EP” on Märked
Dahlia’s track “Apoptosis” as free download
Dahlia’s track “Les Papillons Noirs” as free download