[Mix]: Force Mass Motion – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2022


Force Mass Motion


It is fair to say that Force Mass Motion is a legend of the UK’s hardcore, rave and jungle scene. The man born Mike Wells has always had a high rate and high-quality output and that has kept him at the heart of the underground since he first emerged in 1989. While he pioneered a nu-school breaks sound and has released on influential labels like Lot49, Kingsize Records, Rabbit City Records and Mute’s sublabel Future Groove, he is now on his own imprint and channeling his earliest musical loves once more.

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“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2022”


01. Force Mass Motion – You’ll Never Be Alone
02. Bonobo & Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Heartbreak
03. Stones Taro – Integration
04. 6HRS – Elysium
05. Spivy – Vulcano
06. GVN – Save Me (Extended Mix)
07. Because Of Art – Theory Of Mind
08. Acedias – Dancing – Distorsion Records
09. APHE – Figure 5
10. Sam Paganini – Rave (Adam Beyer & Layton Giordani Remix)
11. Stiv Hey – Howling
12. Force Mass Motion – Hung Drawn & Slaughtered
13. Force Mass Motion – Skyline
14. Force Mass Motion – From Fire To Light


Force Mass Motion’s “You’ll Never Be Back EP” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “R-iVAC” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “Piece Of Mind” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “From Fire To Light” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “Hung Drawn & Slaughtered” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “The Stone Of The 5th Sun” on FMM Recordings
Force Mass Motion’s “Neue Tek EP” on FMM Recordings


Force Mass Motion @ Facebook
Force Mass Motion @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Linn Elisabet – NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2022


Linn Elisabet


Linn Elisabet is a Berlin-based producer, DJ, singer, and live performer. Led by their own ethereal vocals, raw broken beats, and immersive sound design, their contemporary and transgressive interpretation of techno strives to reimagine possibility and desire. With a classically trained past in cello and church choirs, it is a given where their reverberant soundscape has its roots. Linn Elisabet has released acclaimed works on labels such as A R T S and Unitas Multiplex, as well as their own imprint Acts of Rebellion. The label expands on Elisabet’s mission: making traditional functionality and outdated policies bow for non-compliance.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2022”


01. Linn Elisabet & Rå feat. MIT-Y – Rave (Autonomous Zone)
02. Ancient Methods & Tommy Four Seven – Xix
03. Znzl – The Missing Channel
04. NN – Deception
05. Manni Dee feat. Ewa Justka – London Isn’t England (Ansome Remix)
06. Öspiel – Blades and Shades
07. Linn Elisabet & Rå feat. Hybral – Beauty
08. Öspiel – The Second Before
09. Linn Elisabet – In Which I Am Reflected
10. Rave Syndicale – I Will Lead You Astray
11. Bjarki – This 5321
12. Tommy Holohan – Fear What You Don’t Understand
13. Regent – Simulation
14. Balrog – Delusion of Change
15. Varg²™ & Exploited Body – Bass2TM (Cease & Desist)
16. Peder Mannerfelt – Sissel & Bass (Perc Remix)
17. Linn Elisabet – Dysphoria Carry Me Home
18. Linn Elisabet – Emotion vs Affect (I Hear Too Much)
19. Manni Dee feat. DI-Vincent – The Remedy
20. Linn Elisabet & Rå – Reframe (Metaraph Transcension Version)
21. Linn Elisabet & Rå – Reframe


“The Hills We’ve Chosen” by Linn Elisabet & Rå on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “Dysphoria Carry Me Home EP” on Unitas Multiplex
Linn Elisabet’s “Time:We Won’t Fail” on Diffuse Reality Records
Linn Elisabet’s “Fac Ut Ardeat / Made To Burn” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “Gravity Will Keep Us Apart” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “Our Names Are Acts Of Rebellion” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “As We Prevail” on Acts Of Rebellion
compilation “Karma 001” w/ Linn Elisabet track on Cérémonie
compilation “Énervé Part II” w/ Linn Elisabet track on Affûté
compilation “The Storms We Became” w/ L.E. track on Acts Of Rebellion
Głós’ “Wounds” w/ Linn Elisabet remix on Diffuse Reality Records


Outlined AM for Linn Elisabet


Linn Elisabet
Linn Elisabet @ Facebook
Linn Elisabet @ Instagram
Linn Elisabet @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Non Reversible – NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2022


Non Reversible


DJ/Producer from Berlin. Between deep hypnotic and Raw banging Techno cuts.

Captured moments while traveling thru black hole singularity into infinitely His set‘s has a constant deep and driving mood to it with an organic texture and fluctuates between hypnotic rhythms, dark mind-blowing emotions with hard hitting Industrial percussions. Since Non Reversible discography has grown with standout and as part of the EarToGround family he released on Labels like Bipolar Disorder, Knotweed Records, Affekt Recordings, Binary Cells, Sonntag Morgen, NovaFuture Recordings and others. In 2019 he has started his own Imprint Non Reversible Structures to pushing forward his vision and signature sound with a focus on Deep hypnotic and Raw industrial bangers.

All the while he has performed his Dj-sets in clubs like Rote Sonne, Institut für Zukunft, Geheimclub Magdeburg and played in Berlin‘s mythical places such as Tresor, Griessmuehle, Suicide Circus, KitKat Club and OHM. His releases earned great feedback and have been picked up by Techno veterans such as Marcel Dettmann, Slam, Dax J, Laurent Garnier, DVS 1,
Ben Sims, Len Faki, Cleric, Remco Beekwilder and many more… As Non Reversible continues to spread his creative wings, expect nothing less than powerful unapologetic Techno. Based in Berlin.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2022”


01. Yan Cook – Reg Giant
02. Planetary Assault Systems – Devotion (Truncate Remix)
03. Inland – Hallen
04. Fixon – Vestiges Of The Classic (Cravo Remix)
05. Deetron – Tokyo
06. USAW – Diagnostik
07. Robert Hood – The Cure
08. Baugruppe90 – Feedback
09. Fadi Mohem & Rødhåd – 210409.1
10. Par Grindvik – Wave
11. Regent – Magnolia
12. Alessandro Grops – Connect
13. KaioBarssalos – Eternity
14. Yan Cook – Hope


our special about Non Reversible with all featured releases and more


Non Reversible @ Facebook
Non Reversible @ Soundcloud
Non Reversible @ Electronic-Press-Kits.com


[Mix]: Evil Dust – NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2022


Evil Dust


Evil Dust was born in Whitechapel in the late nineties, with early inspiration coming from post-punk, punk and witch-house; the project has always embodied the concept of provocation and agitation with a thirst for cursed images. Evil Dust remains mysterious and many tracks are self-released such as the Holograms (Evil Dust Remix) which was featured on SPFDJ’s RA.744 mix for Resident Advisor.

Label releases on X-IMG, Autonome Records and more were followed by the ‘Desolation EP’ on Crave Tapes (featuring a Mind | Matter remix) which paved the way to a larger audience. Tracks from Evil Dust have been played by artists such as Ancient Methods, Inhalt Der Nacht, ANFS, Qual, I Hate Models,Philipp Strobel, VTSS, SPFDJ, Zanias and more. More recently Dust has started playing DJ sets with the last coming in Berlin’s Suicide Club.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2022”


01. Blac Kolor – Hundred Drums
02. Ontal feat. 2nd Gen – Shock (Unhuman Remix)
03. Christian Wünsch – Graphene
04. Room 506.- Drop Out
05. Stave – Hardened Chord (Regis Remix)
06. Evil Dust – Wrath
07. Eschaton – Kali
08. Evil Dust – Usual
09. Surgeon – Convenience Trap Part 2
10. Broken English Club – Nil By Mouth
11. Factory Floor – 16-16-9-20-1-14-9-7
12. Fodra – Gajes
13. Violet Poison – Midnight Conversation With The Beyond
14. Didier Burgundi & The Outsiders – Sergej
15. Unhuman + Surit – Havoc
16. Ossian – Necessary Illusions (UVB Remix)
17. Jk Flesh – Herd Mentality
18. British Murder Boys – Rule By Law


Evil Dust’ “Desolation EP” on Crave Tapes
sampler “Modern Love” w/ Evil Dust track on NovaFuture Recordings
compilation “Die Erlösung (Kapitel 1)” w/ Evil Dust track on Crave Tapes
compilation “Dance Of Death” w/ Evil Dust track on Khoinix
compilation “SDR VA Vol 1” w/ Evil Dust track on Still Distant Records
compilation “Various Artists 01” w/ Evil Dust track on Untreated
compilation “Chapitre 02” w/ Evil Dust track on Autonome Records
compilation “ASM-II” w/ Evil Dust track on Forkha
compilation “Broken + Wings” w/ Evil Dust track on Crestfallen Electronics
Kutkh Jackdaw’s “Sweat & Thunder EP” w/ Evil Dust remix on Dark Disco
Berlin Bunny’s “Maneki Neko EP” w/ Evil Dust remix on I-Traxx


Evil Dust


[Mix]: Unhealed – NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2022




Unhealed is the name ahead of the Sao Paulo raised and Berlin based artist Igor Girio. Through his live performances and dj sets he delivers powerful doses of EBM, wave, electro and body techno, combining autoral tracks and hidden gems into intense presentations.

Igor is also one of the minds behind the Berlin based label Crave Tapes, where he promotes events around Europe.

With releases out on labels such as Shishi from Tblisi and The Hiddens, from London, he is becoming a regular on the Berlin, Lisbon and Sao Paulo underground circuits.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2022”


01. Bang Eletronika – Blitzkrieg
02. Patriarchy – Lock Jaw (Kris Baha Remix)
03. Alpha Sect – Fear State
04. Struck 9 – Ritual Body Music (Shaman Remix)
05. Teatre – Baptism By Humiliation
06. Mind Matter – Les Echos Dans La Nuit
07. Raul Parra – The Crow
08. Struck 9 – Kapital
09. Alexander Robotnik – Rationality The Only Way Of Freedom
10. Neurotiker – Yatujja
11. Chris Shape – Shidevari
12. Valencia (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
13. Crossover Networks – Perpetual Apoccalypse
14. Mcl – New York, New York
15. White Magik – Total Ego Loss
16. Unconscious – Forced Isolation
17. Italo Brutalo – Knightmares
18. Brandski – Brute Factor
19. Cavalry Stone – Failed Trip
20. Mirèle & Kovyazin D – Злая
21. Mind Matter – Meaningless Sentence (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)
22. Axodry – You


compilation “Sect Of Serpents” w/ Unhealed track on Shishi Records
compilation “Autonomous Strangling …” w/ Unhealed track on Forkha
compilation “Dance Of Death” w/ Unhealed track on Khoinix
Termination_800’s “Opfor Target” w/ Unhealed remix on Crave Tapes