[Mix]: Ike Dusk – NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2023


Ike Dusk


Ike Dusk is a german based artist and has been honing his skills in production for the past several years. Originally a DJ since the early 2000’s (yeah, he only played Vinyl), Ike’s passion für electronic music made him start his own productions in 2013, which led to his first EP release on JoeFarr’s Label User Experience (RIP) in 2018.

He subsequently released his tracks & remixes on numerous labels like Animal Farm, Mindcut , Green Fetish, Codec 992 or Diffuse Reality just to name a few and his productions gained support by the likes of:
Dave Clarke, Surgeon, Dave Tarrida, Cleric, Dax J, Dj Dextro, Seatoc Mass, Endlec, Manni Dee, JoeFarr, Ghost In The Machine, Tommy Four Seven, Rebekah, Fernanda Martins and more.

Quote from Ike:
„My greatest personal achievements to date were having my tracks played by Dave Clarke in his White Noise Radioshow, Surgeon opening his Dekmantel Set with one of my tracks and Dax J. including me in his BBC Essential Mix. That’s what keeps me going and still makes me proud. Never would have imagined that when i started making tracks back then.“Not your typical social media guy, Ike sees himself more of a producers producer and is constantly developing his music instead of searching for instagram content.

Stay tuned for more fresh music from him in the future.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2023”


01. Jokasti & Nek – Writer’s Block
02. Tensal – Bihotxak
03. Pfirter – Take A Stand
04. Dean Gustavsson – Mytomani
05. Rethe – Stairwell
06. Damne – Last Day (Nicolas Vogler Remix)
07. Chlär – It’s A Common Thing
08. Modig – Object 0892
09. Blawan – Talatone
10. Schrzø – Prisma
11. Altinbas – Ionosphere
12. Vegim – Show Your Face In The Open
13. Surgeon – Oak Bank
14. Headroom – Mutate
15. Mystics – Fake Three
16. E.L.I.A.S. – White Dots (JoeFarr Remix)
17. Ike Dusk – Wrench
18. Nørbak – Myelination (Lewis Fautzi Remix)
19. Antony Doria – Kill The Business
20. Mal Hombre – Frozen Heights
21. Stanislav Tolkachev – Blue Mood
22. Mystics – Brmngm
23. Luz1e – Surge


Ike Dusk’s “Phantom” on Melt Trax
Ike Dusk’s “Coded Structures EP” on Codec 992
compilation “NullZehn” w/ Ike Dusk track on Drec
compilation “Children Of The Atom” w/ Ike Dusk & Axel Sohns track on Mindcut Music
compilation “UX VA For Ukraine” w/ Ike Dusk track on User Experience
compilation “Lexicon EP” w/ Ike Dusk track on Promena
compilation “UX Remixed Vol. 2” w/ Ike Dusk track on User Experience
compilation “Decoded Identity” w/ Ike Dusk track on Codec 992
compilation “UX VA 1” w/ Ike Dusk track on User Experience
compilation “Various Artists III” w/ Ike Dusk track on RND. Records
Kracht’s “Bender EP” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Green Fetish Records
Blame The Mono’s “Beat Skipper” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Bipolar Disorder
Rowka’s “Watch The Riot EP” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Mindcut Music
Kaylah’s “Greed EP” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Krachtvoer
b.mod’s “Down To Us” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Animal Farm Records
Massimo Iannece’s “Resistance EP” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Helrad Limited
Ingen’s “Syrup Plate EP” w/ Ike Dusk remix on Prospekt
JoeFarr’s “Don’t Be Afraid (The Remix’s)” w/ Ike Dusk remix on User Experience


Ike Dusk
Ike Dusk @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: 10.000 BC – NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2023


10.000 BC


10.000 BC is the new project of .defaultbox label head Patrick. He started his new project in order to tap back into his passion of electronic music he had in over 20 years. Aside from mainly Techno, 10.000 BC provides also a mix of Ambient, Electro, House and Electronica, focused on the essence of music and avoiding too much of todays digital consumption by playing vinyl only again.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2023”


01. Dold & Remco Beekwilder – Dream Of Dub
02. Ribé & Roll Dann – Delirio
03. Jacobworld – Divison
04. Nørbak – Retrato
05. Kaiser – Patience
06. Lewis Fautzi – Murder The Limits
07. Electric Deluxe – Electric Deluxe
08. Kaiser – Reckless Men
09. Remco Beekwilder – Early Birmingfunk
10. Miro – Frequence Man
11. The Advent – Live 98 Tour
12. DJ Rush – Get On Up (Chris Liebing Remix)
13. Slight Function – Parallel Lines
14. Raffaele Attanasio – Rukbat
15. Troy – The Rite
16. Annē – Pulsar
17. Alexander Johansson & Mattius Fridell – Klot
18. Kaiser & Matrixxman – Armed & Dangerous
19. Sev Dah – Alligator And His Birds
20. Hemka – Bazaar
21. Dold – Strained Strings


10.000 BC’s “Rise” on .defaultbox
all other releases on .defaultbox we featured


10.000 BC
10.000 BC @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Sawlin – NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2023






“NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2023”


01. SPORT2000 – Heavy Baggage Heavy Baggage
02. The Cruiser – Starcruiser
03. Paranoid London – From The Back
04. Metapattern – Compliance
05. Karizma – DNA Karizma Dub
06. Bokeh – A Slew of Amber Birds
07. Kenji Hina – Cargo
08. SunkLo – Mercy
09. Kenji Hina – Stuck Off The Realness
10. MasCon – Knowledge
11. Ben Klock x Etapp Kyle – A Friend Of A Friend
12. Sawlin – Studerbissigkeit
13. Bokeh – Passive Stars
14. Sawlin – Rhythm & Grinds


Sawlin’s “Grand Cinéma EP” on Technorama Records
Sawlin’s “Bikiniarz 001” on Bikiniarz
Sawlin’s “In Meiner Mitte EP” on Code Is Law
Sawlin’s “Vault Series 14.0” on Vault Series
“Foreign Awake Part 1” by Sawlin & Subjected on Electric Deluxe
“Foreign Awake Part 2” by Sawlin & Subjected on Electric Deluxe
compilation “Braindead Metaverse” w/ Sawlin track on Drec
compilation “Leipzig” w/ Sawlin track on Naven
compilation “Lemon” w/ Sawlin track on Much More Recordings


Sawlin @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Rocko Garoni – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2023


Rocko Garoni


Rocko Garoni has been socialised by Bremen’s Drum ‘n Bass scene and the Berlin Techno from the late 90s. Well experienced, he transfers his sounds into future – raw, trippy and driving.

Starting his career in the early 2000s as a DnB vinyl DJ, he often melds Breaks and straight Techno.

With his positive energy and his charismatic sounds he shakes every venue. With CDJs and also turntables, he loves to test out musical boundaries.

While leaving his mark on almost every puzzle piece in the scene, Rocko also started as a music producer. During the last five years he turned his sound to his favorite likes. As a gear freak Rocko discovers always a new way to create his kind of Techno. His releases are signed on Second State, Etruria Beat, Odd Recordings, Tresor Records.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2023”


01. Planetary Assault Systems – Red
02. Mark Broom – She Don’t Like The Collar (Mike Parker Remix)
03. Zenker Brothers – Bias
04. Rene Wise – Don’t Care
05. Amotik – Daya
06. Mathys Lenne – I.F.Z.
07. Rene Wise – Changa
08. Edgar De Ramon – New Territories (Gimeno Remix)
09. Angelo Stasi – Radiation Effects
10. Kwartz – Hole
11. Yan Cook – Toucan
12. Ricardo Garduno – PMTL
13. no.name – Grind
14. A.Morgan – Zip Groove
15. Psyk – Powder
16. Answer Code Request – Calm Down
17. Daniel Bell & DBX – Losing Control (Remastered)
18. Justin Walter – 1001


“Surf EP” by Komfortrauschen x Rocko Garoni on No Love
Rocko Garoni’s “Blank EP” on Second State
Rocko Garoni’s “Ammoniak EP” on Second State
Rocko Garoni’s “Phobia EP” on Second State
compilation “Pronomina II” w/ Rocko Garoni track on Substantiv
compilation “Room 004” w/ Rocko Garoni track on Room Trax
Johannes Menzel’s “Gestalter EP” w/ Rocko Garoni remix on Suspekt
“Dirty Pattern EP” by Angioma & Blanka w/ Rocko Garoni rmx on Room Trax


Rocko Garoni
Rocko Garoni @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Black Mirror Park – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2023


Black Mirror Park


Black Mirror Park is DJ and producer located in Berlin, Germany. He’s been a founding member of Sonntagsinstitut Collective, a crew that works on the intersection of club culture, electronic music and politics and has been hosting a radio show, curating a label and throwing parties for a few years already. Black Mirror Park has played DJ-sets at clubs and events like ://about.blank, Institut für Zukunft, Anomalie, Arena, Rummels Bucht, Mensch Meier and Sa Terza Metari Festival and many more. He’s released tracks and EPs on KONFLKT, Entourage Concept, trau-ma, Front Left Records, Sonntagsinstitut Records, Death Bell Records, Ōtomo Trax, Be Sure and Axaminer Records. More tracks, remixes and EPs will follow very soon.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2023”


01. Moddullar – Full Moon
02. тпсб – Laika’s Revenge
03. Reformed Society – Headspace (Bambounou Remix)
04. LUAP – Contigo
05. Pino Peña – Officer Rumba
06. Tobhias Guerrero – Elemental Force
07. Maccari – The Clue
08. Fergus Sweetland – What You Warp
09. Maloog – SX3
10. CucaRafa – Deves Achar Que Eu Nasci Ontem
11. Rill – Tripple Sec
12. PKD – What Would We Do
13. Aiken – Dominance
14. Palma – In The Loop
15. Alessandro Cocco – Refuse
16. Kameliia – At The Edge
17. Radar – Code 2
18. jxxxo – XXX02
19. Sev Dah – 1984
20. Krow – Floor It
21. MZR – Closing


Black Mirror Park’s “Reel To Reel EP” on Konflkt
Black Mirror Park’s “Golden Groove EP” on Entourage Concept
Black Mirror Park’s “The Second Coming EP” on Death Bell Records
Black Mirror Park’s “Arcade Tryout EP” on Trau-Ma
compilation “Be Sure Selected Vol. 4” w/ BMP track on Be Sure
compilation “#TheSceneAgainstWar” w/ BMP track on Entourage Concept
compilation “Sonntagsinstitut 001” w/ BMP track on Sonntagsinstitut
compilation “Front Left VA 01” w/ BMP track on Front Left Records
compilation “Ōtomo Trax Compilation II” w/ BMP track on Ōtomo
Elad Magdasi’s “Hold The Night EP” w/ BMP remix on Front Left Records


Black Mirror Park
Black Mirror Park @ Soundcloud