[Mix]: Unhealed – NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2022




Unhealed is the name ahead of the Sao Paulo raised and Berlin based artist Igor Girio. Through his live performances and dj sets he delivers powerful doses of EBM, wave, electro and body techno, combining autoral tracks and hidden gems into intense presentations.

Igor is also one of the minds behind the Berlin based label Crave Tapes, where he promotes events around Europe.

With releases out on labels such as Shishi from Tblisi and The Hiddens, from London, he is becoming a regular on the Berlin, Lisbon and Sao Paulo underground circuits.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2022”


01. Bang Eletronika – Blitzkrieg
02. Patriarchy – Lock Jaw (Kris Baha Remix)
03. Alpha Sect – Fear State
04. Struck 9 – Ritual Body Music (Shaman Remix)
05. Teatre – Baptism By Humiliation
06. Mind Matter – Les Echos Dans La Nuit
07. Raul Parra – The Crow
08. Struck 9 – Kapital
09. Alexander Robotnik – Rationality The Only Way Of Freedom
10. Neurotiker – Yatujja
11. Chris Shape – Shidevari
12. Valencia (Jensen Interceptor Remix)
13. Crossover Networks – Perpetual Apoccalypse
14. Mcl – New York, New York
15. White Magik – Total Ego Loss
16. Unconscious – Forced Isolation
17. Italo Brutalo – Knightmares
18. Brandski – Brute Factor
19. Cavalry Stone – Failed Trip
20. Mirèle & Kovyazin D – Злая
21. Mind Matter – Meaningless Sentence (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)
22. Axodry – You


compilation “Sect Of Serpents” w/ Unhealed track on Shishi Records
compilation “Autonomous Strangling …” w/ Unhealed track on Forkha
compilation “Dance Of Death” w/ Unhealed track on Khoinix
Termination_800’s “Opfor Target” w/ Unhealed remix on Crave Tapes




[Mix]: DRIADA – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2022




DRIADA is a sound-producer and singer from Moscow, owner of a label Routine. For the podcast the artist has collected special tracks released on Routine and some other favorite tunes, driving into the nostalgic journey to the world not yet broken by war. Being half Russian and half Ukrainian, DRIADA created a multi-languages vocal mix united by love for music and lust for peace.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2022”


01. Yansyet – Burn Out
02. DRIADA – Drown In My Eyes (Gewalt Remix)
03. DRIADA – Decadence (Randolph & Mortimer Remix)
04. DRIADA – Decadence (Meshes Remix)
05. The KLF vs Rand – What Time Is The Light?
06. Lestat & Lady Maru – Forces
07. DRIADA – Land (Yansyet Remix)
08. DRIADA – Horrowod
09. Jensen Interseptor vs DJ Haus – Stuttgart
10. Meshes – It Follows You
11. Meshes – Joy
12. Nite Fleit & False Persona – Parallax
13. Lestat & Lady Maru – Bloody And Teary Country


DRIADA’s “Край (Remixes)” on Routine Records
DRIADA’s “Край” on Routine Records
DRIADA’s “Obolochka” on Routine Records
DRIADA’s single “Travushka (Znzl Remix)”
DRIADA’s single “Lull Kill (Znzl Remix)”
all Routine Records we featured


Routine Records


[Mix]: Gudrun Gut – NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2022


Gudrun Gut


Gudrun Gut’s story spans many years, scenes, and sounds, from the “ingenious dilettantes” subculture of early 1980’s Berlin as part of Mania D, Einstürzende Neubauten, and Malaria! to Matador into an expansive solo catalog of later work. Her talents extend beyond musician, however, to include founding record labels (the influential imprints Moabit Musik and Monika Enterprise) and the recent experimental feminist collaborations „Monika Werkstatt“. Projects have included collaborations with Antye Greie (AGF) and Hans-Joachim Irmler of Faust and mexican Mabe Fratti. 2021 finally the publishing of the “M_DOKUMENTE” book (Ventil Verlag) together with Beate Bartel and Bettina Köster which was launched by an exhibtion and record release “M_SESSIONS” in Berlin at Silent Green – all about Mania D., Malaria!, Matador.

My Set for NovaFuture is about the recent work with the M_s:
Zukunft, Gegenwart, Vergangenheit / Future, Present, Past.
Listen to my set of the original 80s Versions by Mania D., Malaria! and Matador mixed with the new reworks by Monika Werkstatt including the artists AGF, Anika, Beate Bartel, Gudrun Gut, Islaja, Lucrecia Dalt, Midori Hirano, Mommo G, Natalie Beridze, Pilocka Krach, Sonae; topping it with the new remixes by Pilocka Krach, Acid Pauli and cOOlm8


“NovaFuture Blog Mix February 2022”


01. Monika Werkstatt – Zukunft
02. Mania D. – Zukunft (Sfb)
03. Mania D. – Zukunft (Live Düsseldorf)  
04. Malaria! – Geld/Money
05. Monika Werkstatt – Geld 
06. Mania D. – Herzschlag
07. Monika Werkstatt – Herzschlag 
08. Monika Werkstatt – Paradise
09. Matador – Paradise (Demo)
10. Mania D. – Radiator (Cute Version)
11. Monika Werkstatt – Radiator
12. Monika Werkstatt – I Will Be Your Only One
13. Malaria! – You You
14. Monika Werkstatt – You You
15. Malaria! – You You (Live In Washington DC)
16. Monika Werkstatt – You You (Acid Pauli’s YoYo Mix)
17. Monika Werkstatt – Schreiender Tag
18. Matador – Schreiender Tag 
19. Monika Werkstatt – Schreiender Tag (c00lm8 Remix)
20. Matador – Mother (Demo)
21. Monika Werkstatt – Mother 
22. Monika Werkstatt – White Sky White Sea 
23. Malaria! – White Sky White Sea (Edit)
24. Mania D. – Komm Darling Lass Uns Tanzen Gehen (Live DD)
25. Monika Werkstatt – Komm Darling Lass Uns Tanzen Gehen
26. Monika Werkstatt – Komm Darling Lass Uns Tanzen Gehen (Pilocka Krach Mix)
27. Monika Werkstatt – Nite Time


Gudrun Gut’s “Moment Remixes” on Monika Enterprise
Gudrun Gut’s “Moment” on Monika Enterprise
Gudrun Gut’s “Wildlife” on Monika Enterprise
“Let’s Talk About The Weather” by Gudrun Gut + Mabe Fratti on Umor Rex
st.raumen’s “Ponyhof” w/ Gudrun Gut vocals on straumenmusic
releases we featured and were released on Gudrun Gut’s label Monika Enterprise incl. the “M_Sessions” releases


Gudrun Gut


[Mix]: Reka Zalan – NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2022


Reka Zalan


Reka Zalan is a Berlin-based Techno DJ and promoter, co-organizing the ://elements series at ://about blank, where she’s resident and part of the booking team. Her activities in the local music and club culture scene also include working at Hard Wax, one of Berlin’s essential record store addresses. Reka’s sound is a palpable blend of cosmic and driving Techno, combining deep, gloomy vibes and trippy elements as well as percussion-heavy, groovy and tooly facets. Besides her passion for Techno realms, she loves various forms of (UK) Bass music, Electro (Wave) or experimental beatless soundscapes. She also plays under the moniker No Life Signal, a B2B duo with ://elements colleague and DJ fellow THNTS.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix January 2022”


01. Feph – Star Trex
02. Bipolar State – Satellite Cosmos
03. Troy – Spirit Navigation
04. TWR72 – Dreamscape
05. Fabian Wegmeth – Slide Out Of My Hands
06. Oliver Rosemann – Mama Mapenzi Fashion Design
07. Taupe – Joker
08. Müzmin – Lofive
09. Force Reaction – Control Abuse
10. Atonism – Still
11. Marcal – Ainozama
12. Dustin Zahn – Hand Over Control
13. Chontane – Instinct
14. Savage – Threshold
15. Hertz Collision – Jvlia
16. Phara – Sensory–C
17. _asstnt & Roll Dann – Drunkenness Of The Deep
18. Feph – Soil
19. Echologist – Knot Twist
20. Troy – Voyage To Pollux
21. Yan Cook – Exomoon


Outlined AM for Reka Zalan


Reka Zalan
:// Elements


[Mix]: Gerald VDH – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2021


Gerald VDH


Gerald is the founder and mastermind behind the infamous MEAT MARKET parties in Vienna, Austria’s thriving capital city. For almost a decade he has been running an outrageous amount of techno nights, all of which are well rooted in the LBGTIQ+ community.
Being a DJ first and a producer second, Gerald’s main ambition is to travel and play his favorite music in front of audiences all around the globe. His sets explore various genres of electronic music, while maintaining the balanced energy to keep a dancefloor busy for hours. With gigs in clubs like MMA Munich, Distillery Leipzig and (his favorite place on earth) Berghain Berlin, Gerald made a name for himself as a performer and music lover, who would give his life to save a punter’s night out.
In 2017 Gerald started the label MEAT RECORDINGS. The imprint specializes in pret-a-dancer techno music with a focus on quality and groove. The label has seen fifteen releases so far, six of which have also been published on vinyl. Watch out for more releases in the very new future. Providing the soundtrack for the motion picture NEVRLAND (2019) is another highlight in Gerald’s vita. He has just finished work on his first full length album, which will hit shelves mid 2022.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2021”


1. CTRLS – Running Knock
2. Gerald VDH – Nonetheless
3. Rodiaz – Shen Tsu
4. Phara – Valve Force Circuitry (EMX-1)
5. Jerm – Needle Mover
6. Cleric – Fujjiwara
7. Gerald VDH – Bear Witness
8. Volster – The Wolf
9. Decka – Overexposed
10. D.Dan – Damager
11. CRAVO – QUI (Nørbak Remix)
12. Syberian – Small Room
13. Gerald VDH – The Movement
14. P.E.A.R.L. – Perfume Of Sweat
15. Troy – Heretic
16. Exium – Exosion 1


releases on Gerald’s label Meat Recordings


Gerald VDH
Meat Market
Meat Recordings