[Mix]: Hephaistos – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2020




With always having been surrounded by different musical influences, the Berlin based project Hephaistos tries to capture the raw essence of volatile emotions using a variety of approaches on techno itself. Shaping the time with heavy industrial, acidic and dark rave sounds, Hephaistos is telling tales of suffering and anger as well as hope and love.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2020”


01. Ali Renault – Blood Eagle
02. HKKPTR – Erniedrigung
03. NN – Don’t Fall Into Their Holy Dogma
04. Angel Karel – Made of Black Leather (Animal Holocaust Remix)
05. Dax J & UVB – Murder Wave
06. PØLI & Lorenzo Raganzini – Human Nature
07. Parallx – Stormbringer
08. Dread – Your Only Hope
09. VINYA – Blitz
10. New Frames – Frost
11. I Hate Models – Romantic Psycho
12. Znzl – Pathfinder
13. Downwell – Out From Your Pain
14. Manni Dee – Mephi
15. B2 – Ghetto Patron
16. Swart – Acid Roadtrip
17. Reset Robot – Ana Strings


Hephaistos’ self-released “Renaissance”
Hephaistos’ self-released “Hate Me But Call It Love”
Hephaistos’ self-released “Dead But Dreaming”
Hephaistos’ “CVII” on Ōtomo
Hephaistos’ “Mutter EP” on Mutter Records
split EP “Voices From Beyond #1” w/ Hephaistos on Voices From Beyond
sampler “Red Shell” w/ Hephaistos track on Carcères Records
compilation “Perceptions” w/ Hephaistos track on Vast Perception
compilaiton “War Phase” w/ Hephaistos track on SCTR
sampler “Jaelos 01” w/ Hephaistos track on Jaelos




[Mix]: Flug – NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2020




Flug, as his name suggests, allows his audience to take a trip back to their roots, back to their inner self and what it is to really feel techno. In venues such as, Space Ibiza, Suicide Circus Berlin, Rex Paris, Razzmatazz Barcelona, Hyte Amsterdam, or festival as DGTL, Nature One , MAYDAY, to name a few, the Argentinian´s definition of techno has been clearly demonstrated not only through his DJ sets that are as devastating as they are uplifting with his serious kick drums, use of hi-hats and reverberating basslines, but also through driving his own organically produced techno forward with an EP released on Chris Liebing imprint CLR – ‚Sincrodestino‘, remixes for SOMA – Slam Reverse Proceed Remixes, his recently releases on Jam, Sam Paganini’s label and Spanish best seller label Suara only to scratch the surface, cutting his industrially chizzled sound with melodical rythms both elegant and almost eloquent in nature.

His album ‘In Safe Hidding’ released on mid 2016 on the german label Nachtstrom Schallplatten by far his most personal and reflective piece of work, as it is, in his words, „statement of freedom” was acclaimed by the press, Mixmag Germany album of the month, and rated with a 10/10.

His music is now recognized and played worldwide having artists such as, Chris Liebing, Adam Beyer, Sam Paganini, Amelie Lens, Len Faki, Dave Clark, Ben Sims, Speedy J, DVS1, Joseph Capriatti, among many others, as supporters of his work.

Flug´s unrivaled and brutal self-discipline in the studio, his humbleness in approach, his fierce passion for and overall dedication to the cause, as well as having grown up living and breathing electronic music, have given Flug, real name Sebastian, a long and welcoming insight into what it really means to be a DJ and producer in today’s techno world, which in his opinion, means keeping it real.

Having a solid carrer in what he truly loves, Flug announces the start of his own record label called Rawcuts Musik later this year.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2020”


01. SLV – Slight Disturbance
02. Vertical Spectrum – Oko Bez Sowy
03. Zafiro – Aleja Sanchez
04. Megatron – Klotz
05. Flaws – Humankind
06. VIL – Cargo
07. Flug – Walking Arround
08. Pfirter – Void
09. Joton – The Wolf Inside
10. Reeko – Regnum Asturorum
11. Vinicius Honorio & Duncan Macdonald – One
12. Phantom Regiment – Breaking Earth’s Atmosphere (Counterpart Remix)
13. Ritzi Lee – Functional 004
14. Linkan Ray – 4 Capas
15. Linkan Ray – My Matters
16. Gaetek – Advanced Series Vol. 1 A1 (The Avent Remix)
17. Flug – Non Stop


EP “Fading Echoes” on Format
album “The Collection” on Quartz Rec


Blakksheep for Flug




[Mix]: Daniel Miller – NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2020


Daniel Miller


Daniel Miller is the founder of Mute and NovaMute, launched in 1978 with his own 7” single – ‘Warm Leatherette’ under the name The Normal.

Since then, Mute has grown from Miller’s one-man operation into a global group of companies and today, as ever, Miller remains heavily focussed on Mute’s creative output.

Although he DJ’d many years ago, Daniel Miller’s recent DJing was inspired by an invitation from Karl O’Connor aka Regis who invited him to perform at a Sandwell District event at Berlin’s Berghain. There he caught the bug to play again and since has been playing regular techno sets worldwide including Sonar, ENTER at Space in Ibiza, ADE in Amsterdam, IMS at Ibiza, Electron festival, LEAF festival in London as well as at Culture Box in Copenhagen, Bootleg in Tel Aviv and, of course, a legendary performance at M-Nus’ Christmas Boiler Room in Berlin.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix June 2020”


01. Terence Fixmer – The Silence
02. Populist – Temple
03. Fidelity Kastrow – Daughter Of Darkness
04. Polly Scattergood – In This Moment (Chris Liebing Remix)
05. Motor – Sweatbox
06. Terence Fixmer – Elevation (Fixmer’s Reinterpretation)
07. Nicolas Bougaïeff – Thalassophobia
08. unknown
09. Chris Liebing – Card House (Radio Slave Remix)
10. Chris Liebing – Trilogy (ANNA Remix)
11. Collabs – untitled


“TtatLD001” by Populist (aka Daniel Miller & Nicolas Bougaïeff)
compilation “Hammahalle” w/ Daniel Miller track on Sisyphon
“Warm Leatherette / T.V.O.D.” by The Normal (Daniel Miller) on Mute
NovaMute releases on our blog
Mute stuff on our blog
special about “Warm Leatherette”


Noviton for Daniel Miller


Daniel Miller @ Mute.com
Daniel Miller @ novamute.co


[Mix]: Frankie Bromley – NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2020


Frankie Bromley


Frankie Bromley is a young man coming out of Manchester UK. Frankie started to self teach himself music theory and guide himself into the depths of techno from a very young age of 10 years old.
With being influenced by artits like, Speedy J, Function, Chris Liebing, Richie Hawtin, Ben Klock & Oscar Mulero. Over the years Frankie began to develop his own style and started to get recognised from the DJs and producers he looked up to.

In 2019 Frankie started playing gigs professionally with his first gigs taking place at Manchester’s finest record store ‘Eastern Bloc’ where he also played on vinyl and still to this day plays vinyl.

Also in 2019 frankie had the chance to play gigs in London at the clubs of Corisca Studios and Egg London!

With Frankie Bromley being the age of 18 he has already made lots of good friendships & close connections with people in the techno scene, whilst gaining recognition from the djs & producers he admires.

We can undoubtedly say that the young man has a very bright future in the techno world, with already receiving lots of support from Chris Liebing, Ben Klock, Richie Hawtin and many others.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix May 2020”


01. Xhin – Incidental
02. Reeko – Sunday Night
03. Clotur – Hyperspace Travel (BLNDR Remix)
04. Oscar Mulero – Solarized
05. Lars Huismann – Mechanical Thoughts
06. Anthony Linell – Crystal Storms
07. Conforce – Atrum
08. Field Of Dreams – Nothing Is Perfect
09. SynnyS – Jalfezi
10. D. Dan – Vaults
11. Oscar Mulero – Transparent Ray
12. Jerome Sydenham – On The Run
13. Jonas Kopp – Distance
14. Philus – Ionit
15. Synthek – Consciousness & Intent (Natural/Electronic System Remix)
16. Neel & Natural/Electronic System – Mira
17. Mod21 – 1950
18. Reeko – Bad Mood
19. Oscar Mulero – Opposite
20. Jerome Sydenham – Big Yam
21. Inland – Time Leak
22. Jonas Kopp – STP
23. Conforce – Aphelion
24. Hayes & Zeitgeist – Club Rush


self-released album “MMXIX” by Frankie Bromley
self-released EP “Isle Of Skye” by Frankie Bromley with Jupetto


Frankie Bromley


[Mix]: Jan Wagner – NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2020


Jan Wagner


Jan Wagner is a pianist and producer. With his personal work he explores a simplicity of expression, one that maximises the emotional truth of each composition. He’s fascinated by the music hidden beneath the surface: overlapping overtones, textures and the sounds created by the piano’s intricate mechanism (clicks, creaks etc). Over the years, Jan mixed a whole lotta records for Berlin-based techno label Ostgut, which might explain his inclinations towards minimalism and the unwavering commitment to a sonic efficiency and immediacy. He’s been working at the legendary Faust Studio Scheer, alongside Hans Joachim Irmler, for over a decade. He can also be often spotted at the Hitipapa Studio of Pola Roy and Judith Holoferenes. Jan’s debut record entitled Nummern was released on Klangbad and Quiet Love Records.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix April 2020”


01. Hubert Bognermayr & Harald Zuschrader – Bolero Du Nouvel Age
02. Holm – Glazed Over
03. Kobosil – The Exploring Mountain
04. Brian Eno – Signals
05. Function – Inter
06. Alphawezen – Apre’s Midi
07. Ryuichi Sakamoto – Zure
08. Eli Keszler – We Live In Pathetic Temporal Urgency
09. Answer Code Request – Crack City
10. Jan Wagner – Kapitel 11
11. Alphawezen – Wald2 (Edit)
12. DJ Koze – Chiminea


Jan Wagner’s album “Kapitel” on Quiet Love Records
Jan Wagner’s album “Nunmern” on Quiet Love Records


Jan Wagner