[Mix]: Gerald VDH – NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2021


Gerald VDH


Gerald is the founder and mastermind behind the infamous MEAT MARKET parties in Vienna, Austria’s thriving capital city. For almost a decade he has been running an outrageous amount of techno nights, all of which are well rooted in the LBGTIQ+ community.
Being a DJ first and a producer second, Gerald’s main ambition is to travel and play his favorite music in front of audiences all around the globe. His sets explore various genres of electronic music, while maintaining the balanced energy to keep a dancefloor busy for hours. With gigs in clubs like MMA Munich, Distillery Leipzig and (his favorite place on earth) Berghain Berlin, Gerald made a name for himself as a performer and music lover, who would give his life to save a punter’s night out.
In 2017 Gerald started the label MEAT RECORDINGS. The imprint specializes in pret-a-dancer techno music with a focus on quality and groove. The label has seen fifteen releases so far, six of which have also been published on vinyl. Watch out for more releases in the very new future. Providing the soundtrack for the motion picture NEVRLAND (2019) is another highlight in Gerald’s vita. He has just finished work on his first full length album, which will hit shelves mid 2022.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix December 2021”


1. CTRLS – Running Knock
2. Gerald VDH – Nonetheless
3. Rodiaz – Shen Tsu
4. Phara – Valve Force Circuitry (EMX-1)
5. Jerm – Needle Mover
6. Cleric – Fujjiwara
7. Gerald VDH – Bear Witness
8. Volster – The Wolf
9. Decka – Overexposed
10. D.Dan – Damager
11. CRAVO – QUI (Nørbak Remix)
12. Syberian – Small Room
13. Gerald VDH – The Movement
14. P.E.A.R.L. – Perfume Of Sweat
15. Troy – Heretic
16. Exium – Exosion 1


releases on Gerald’s label Meat Recordings


Gerald VDH
Meat Market
Meat Recordings


[Mix]: Chontane – NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2021




Growing up in Berlin, Chontane started playing in his city’s clubs at the mere age of 19. Starting things off with a residency at the Krach nights in Humboldthain and now having played at some of the most prestigious clubs like Tresor, ://about blank, OHM, and Griessmuehle, Chontane can be increasingly found blurring the lines between techno, breaks, and electro in the German capital.

Part of the new wave of producers more invested in sound design and razor-sharp productions than ever before, Chontane’s early studies in music and sound design allow for surgical precision; the results of which can be found in his densely produced tracks. His sound is anything but conforming, pulling in UK-style rhythms rethought at times through twitchy IDM arrangements to add to his recognizable punch. As a result, his tracks stand at a stylistic crossroads between various dance genres, easily slipping into just about anyone’s tracklist if their goal is to get people moving.

With his first record release in 2018 still receiving praise and support, Chontane has wasted no time in reaffirming his capabilities. With another successful collaborative release on Magic Power with WERK co-founder J.Manuel and a 4 track EP on the Special Projects sub-label of Radio Slave’s Rekids imprint, his most anticipated release yet is on standard-setting label ARTS in 2021.

With his roots grown deep in the world’s techno capital, Chontane’s career is well on its way to becoming international, having joined the VOLTAGE roster in 2021. Ready to push boundaries and surprise partygoers with unexpected blends to fire off his erratic taste in music, Chontane’s mixes and productions represent today’s necessity for the perfect balance between consistent innovation and guaranteed efficiency.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix November 2021”


perhaps later….


Chontane’s “Bygone EP” on Voltage
Chontane’s self-released “Milk Tread”
Chontane’s “Woodlands” on ARTS Records
Chontane’s “Healing EP” on Rekids
Chontane’s “Red Island EP” on THEM
“MP02” by J.Manuel & Chontane on Magic Power
Vermeer’s “Tokyo In EP” w/ Chontane remix on [selected]


Voltage Agency for Chontane


Chontane @ Facebook
Chontane @ Instagram
Chontane @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Scripted – NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2021




The Berlin based DJ is founder of DELUSION, an audiovisual event series and record label launched in 2015 with its roots in Bremen.

His sounds are precisely geared to his idea of giving listeners the chance to escape into their own mindtrip and perceptions of sound by minimising noises that induce associations in order to take the listener to an unknown atmosphere.

Deep spherical tensions and hypnotic synths sophisticated with broken beats build up a continuous arc of suspense to the crowd.
Always meticulously striving to merge the perfect sound patterns and structures, he dived into the analog world of production to round up his musical output which you can explore on the first release of DELUSION.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2021”


01. Rove Ranger – Galactus
02. Marcal – Good Things
03. Deauwd – Duality
04. Hedström & Pflug – Rückzug
05. High Mobility Weapons Unit – Mineral Acquisition
06. Franz Jäger – Animales Males
07. Cravo – Conscious
08. Rene Wise – Swamp Dancer
09. Arkan – Forwards
10. Aint.S – Imagine
11. Sentient – Glade
12. Wrong Assessment – Zygomatic
13. Alarico – Cut 2
14. TWR72 – Coco
15. Vil – The Groove Dealer
16. James Ruskin & Truncate – Sketch 3
17. Petar Dundov – Kalimba
18. Egotot – Research


Mateo Hurtado’s “Umbra EP” on Delusion
sampler “DLSN002” on Delusion
sampler “DLSN001” on Delusion


Scripted @ Facebook
Scripted @ Soundcloud
Delusion @ Facebook
Delusion @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Anton Johnsen – NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2021


Anton Johnsen


Anton Johnsen is a Berlin based dj and producer, known for making no compromises when it comes to delivering energetic dj sets and never taking prisoners on the dance floor. He founded several event series, runs a radio show and started the label Kreatur.

For his most favourite techno blog, Anton recorded a massive 3hrs mix with fast transitions, rumbling basslines and driving synths, featuring a lot of unreleased tracks and some all-time classics.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix September 2021”


01. Parallx – Sueben
02. Uron – Leda (Escape To Mars & Repressed Mind Remix)
03. Anja Zaube – Dark Lake (Headless Horseman Remix)
04. Anton Johnsen – Hiram
05. Ferdinger – Organum
06. Kander – Red Brick
07. Echoes Of October & Tham – Sklave
08. Exil der Schatten – Honour The Fallen
09. Fractions – Nite Nrg
10. Mython – Frontline
11. Alignment – Distance
12. Thomas P. Heckmann – Amphetamine
13. Vinya – Caun (Rezystor Remix)
14. Jan Vercauteren – Roll’n’Rock (Tham Remix)
15. Mython & Pesante – Renitent
16. Danilo Incorvaia – An Eye For An Eye
17. Quentin Ravn – See The Light
18. Inhalt Der Nacht & Frank Heise – Berliner Schnauze
19. Tham – Hyaena
20. Nur Jaber – We Are The Power
21. Klone – Frenetic Polarity
22. Don Woezik – Wardance
23. Matasism – Cold And Blank
24. Kander – Born To Fail
25. Krl Mx – Tears Drop
26. Blame The Mono – Youkounkoun
27. Matasism – X-Side Block
28. Non Reversible – Biological Efficiency
29. Remco Beekwilder – This Is Religion
30. Stranger – Highest Sense
31. DLV – Redemption
32. Non Reversible – Intoxication
33. HKKPTR – Dreifaltig
34. Krl Mx – Holy Gucci
35. Chlär – Question
36. MRD – Fastlane
37. Mython – Cave Rave
38. Danilo Incorvaia – Kong
39. Swart – Mary x Molly
40. Dax J – Sonic Drones
41. Exil der Schatten – Raigeki
42. Non Reversible – Mental Absorbing
43. Quentin Ravn – Locked Door
44. HKKPTR – IV Furcht
45. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Der Sturm
46. Anton Johnsen – Virgil
47. B2 – Born To Be Wild
48. Rezystor – Sonne
49. Remco Beekwilder – LSD
50. Nur Jaber – Es Gibt Platz Für Alle
51. HKKPTR – Einsam
52. Non Reversible – Fearless Approach
53. Anton Johnsen – Say My Name
54. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Die Weiße Rose (Anterist Remix)
55. Anton Johnsen – Zorn
56. Quentin Ravn – Mentally Unavailable
57. HKKPTR – Zweisam
58. Pondrr – Hypocrisis
59. Rezystor – Untergang
60. Dimi – Interconnected Lines
61. Anton Johnsen – Tephra
62. Under Black Helmet – Bad Sector
63. Anton Johnsen – Im Regen
64. Rezystor – Synthetic Nightmare
65. Proxyma – Die Gruft
66. Obscure Shape & SHDW – Du Hast
67. Mython – Pyramid
68. Amon Tobin – Surge (16bit Remix)
69. Noisia & The Upbeats – Inverse
70. DAF – Als Wärs Das Letzte Mal (Boys Noize Remix)


Anton Johnsen’s “Serum EP” on Physical Techno Recordings
compilation “Various Artists 001” w/ Anton Johnsen on Kreatur
compilation “Various Artists 002” w/ Anton Johnsen on MITSU2000


Anton Johnsen @ Facebook
Anton Johnsen @ Instagram
Anton Johnsen @ Soundcloud


[Mix]: Matias Aldana – NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2021


Matias Aldana


Matias Aldana was born in 2001 in Salt Lake City (USA) and is founder of the collective, podcast channel and record label No Signal Spectrum following the legacy of the old school of performers and producers of the innovative english techno, this architect became a faithful follower, researcher and pedagogue of the sound that today floods the ears of a revolutionary and futuristic generation. He has worked alongside collectives.

Beside digital stuff on No Signal Spectrum Matias also released on labels like Underzone, Motivant Records and NovaFuture Recordings.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix August 2021”




Matias Aldana’s “Earth in Tears” on Motivant Records
Matias Aldana’s “The Spectrum” on No Signal Spectrum Records
Matias Aldana’s “Antibiotic” on No Signal Spectrum Records
Matias Aldana’s “Cooperton” on No Signal Spectrum Records
Matias Aldana’s “Savi Host” on NovaFuture Recordings
vinyl sampler “Modern Love” w/ Matias Aldana track on NovaFuture
compilation “Movimiento UZ” w/ Matias Aldana track on Underzone


Matias Aldana @ Instagram
Matias Aldana @ Soundcloud