Blaxad, who took the name from the comic book Blacksad is based in the suburbs of Paris. Being much inspired by the Berlin techno spirit, he tends to transcribe it in the music he plays in his sets and own productions.


EPs, Singles & Albums (featured on our blog):
self-released EP “Glacial Rhythms”
EP “Three Holes In A Bucket” on Kuiper Noise
EP “The Never Ending Fight” on Black Square Recordings
EP “The Time We Can’t Control” on Helrad Limited
self-released EP “The Lonely Cow EP”
“Unnamed EP” on Aliøm Records
self-released EP “Four Seasons”
self-released EP “No Numbers EP”
self-released EP “For Letters”
self-released EP “Tomorrow’s Choice”
self-released EP “The Acts Of A Play”


Compilation & Split EP Contributions (featured on our blog):
compilation “Theta” on Genau Recordings
compilation “This Is Nothing Vol. I” on Kuiper Noise
compilation “Utopia” on Matière
compilation “VA004” on Matière
compilation “VA003” on Matière


Remixes (featured on our blog):
not yet


NovaFuture Blog Streams (Tracks & Remixes):


Our Very Own Mixes:
“NovaFuture Blog Mix October 2022”

“Blaxad plays Norman Nodge”


Mixes (what we found):




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Blaxad @ Soundcloud

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