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Three Holes In A Bucket EP


Kuiper Noise




Release Date:
12th April 2023


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Three Holes In A Bucket

Access Denied

Waltz With Bashir


Press Info:
One of the hottest new talents to come out of the techno melting pot in recent times, Blaxad makes his full fledged debut on Kuiper Noise with ‘Three Holes In a Bucket’, a stunning 3-tracker complete with all the bits and pieces you might expect from a superior sound craftsman.

In turns dense and menacing, trippy and dream-like, hypnotic and pounding, running at roughly 18 minutes, the EP is both timely in showcasing the French producer’s full skills and surgical in how it erects a self-contained environment that’s quick to transport one’s senses into a territory both strange and familiar — and one that’s all the more precious for it.

From the top, the title track erupts like a noir-movie on steroids, hinting in places at the labyrinthine mindset of modern society, while still grasping for measured gushes of light, giving it the distinct aspect of a foreign object untouched by science.

Next comes ‘Access Denied’, invoking the hunting urgency of a wild beast on the prowl, sneaking into the mix situations of concocted suspense, elevated by the mysterious sensuousness of circular metal works and spontaneous percussion drive-byes.

The record then ends in style with what is perhaps the waviest ride of them all — ‘Waltz With Bashir’ — a one-way mindtrip into early night oblivion, juggling between subdued notes of hope and progressive low-end witchcraft, on top of a seamless tapestry of textures.

All in all, ‘Three Holes In a Bucket’ does what it was always destined to do: dazzle the spirit and sequester the mind.




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“Three Holes In A Bucket”

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