out now: Various – VA003 [Matière]










Release Date:
15th October 2019





Television Is God
No Salvation

Walk of Pain

Slaye En Darkster

The Aurem
Suffering Inspires Me

Shotgun Law

Human Enhancer


Press Info:
Demian’s “Tesseract” strikes hard with its poisonous bite, giving off a soaring Ebm-infused energy sculpted in whirling acid lines. A track tinged with a dark sensuality, and set with a hollow vocal (a sample from the goth industrial/ebm project Leæther Strip) rising from beyond the grave that, like a gloomy incantation, brings the damned souls back to life to taste the pleasure of a last filthy rave.

U.r.trax plunges us into a deep and cold universe with “Walk Of Pain”, driven by a commanding and war-like techno pace ; a cinematic trip throughout an oppressive and anxiety-provoking scenery, The perfect track to illustrate Sisyphus’ eternal pain in the bleak depths of the Underworld.

“No Salvation” by Television Is God offers a track loaded with electric energy. This twisted – almost shamanic- aura is boosted by this unexpected vocal ; a sample from work songs recorded during the 50’s by jailed Afro-americans. This vibrating voice echoes from above, carrying something harrowing and adding another layer of intensity to this piece of work.

The track “Human Enhancer”, as the title suggests, draws its inspiration from transhumanism, IA and Cybernetics, which are the narrative threads of BXTR’s productions. Opening on a brief twisted industrial outlook the track then expands into a fast and hypnotic but yet quite somber groove whose powerful magnetism attracts us. The whirling notes of the colourful melody warm up the cold romantism displayed by the rhythmic structure.

With “Slaye En Darkster” 16h07 offers a hybride and corrosive production. The hammering kicks give the track an earth-shaking dynamic and the shiny saturation dazzles us of its mournful frenzy. A very wild melodic track pervaded with trash energy, whose insane burst of epileptic euphoria immediately seizes us.

In “Suffering Inspires Me”, The Aurem blends the dynamism of fast-paced drum arrangements with his taste for very inspired harmonies. A kind of elegiac piece of work that conveys the inner turmoils of the mind. The softness radiating from the pads shrouds the industrial violence of the drums with spleen, and the intoxicating melody plunges us into deep dreamy and poetic atmosphere.

“Shotgun Law” by Blaxad begins on a quite enigmatic introduction. Opening on striking rythmic arrangements driven by a rough kick, it tends to convey a cold and mysterious atmosphere, all the more accentuated by a metalic-taste infused and twisted vocal. However the composition evolves to another tone with the synth throwing this celestial bright melody, which sounds both fragile and powerful, and shrouds the tribal energy of the drums with majesty. As a result it is a very moving and thrilling composition permeated with contrasts, between light and dark, that will surely makes you thrill.


Full Track Streaming:


Blaxad – “#PayeTonSet – S01E02”

U.r.trax – “The Techno’s Children [PDCST112]”

16H07 – “Substantiv Podcast 083”

The Aurem – “31/06/2018 XXXXXX”

BXTR – “Ismcast Presents …”


Blaxad’s self-released EP “For Letters”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “The Acts Of A Play”
Blaxad’s self-released EP “Tomorrow’s Choice”


Buy Digital:
Matière @ Bandcamp




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