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Rosa Anschütz


Goldener Strom (Remixes 3)






Release Date:
21st April 2023


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Goldener Strom
(Gudrun Gut Douru Remix)

(Dollkraut Remix)


Press Info:
Continuing the series of coveted remix packages based around her highly acclaimed album Goldener Strom, Rosa Anschütz presents two distinct inversions from Dollkraut and Gudrun Gut. Goldener Strom Remixes 3 is out digitally 21st April via BPitch.

Goldener Strom further consolidated Rosa Anschütz’s position as one of the most crucial artists of the moment. For this ongoing remix series, she invites respected figures from a wide range of genres, expanding the album into uncharted territories.

First up, Dollkraut provides a rework of the third single from the album, ‘Peak’. Fusing the original into something entirely new, the Dutch producer inverts Rosa’s melodies into an electro-inspired dose of broken beats and fuzzy distortion. Having released previously under his DJ Europarking alias on BPitch’s sub label UFO Inc, Dollkraut morphs Rosa’s vocals almost beyond recognition, subverting them into melodic leads that levitate over a gritty percussive framework.

A pioneering musical figure in Germany and far beyond, Gudrun Gut’s productions draw upon decades of genre synthesis. From early industrial and post-punk through to current forms of techno, via alternative pop and more, her breadth of musical sensibility is governed by an activist spirit and an innate curiosity for new forms. Having launched her musical endeavours in 80s Berlin, Gudrun cut her teeth as a founding member of legendary acts such as Einstürzende Neubauten, MALARIA! and MATADOR amongst others. She has gone on to build a legacy that has involved explorations of the most niche sonic aesthetics alongside career achievements of vast proportions, including but not limited to launching her own label and artist support network Monika Enterprise, hosting a radio show on Radio Eins from 1997-2012, and curating her own festival. Activist, rebel, organiser…her role as a seminal figure in the world of experimental music over the past four decades is undisputed. For her remix of the title track, Gudrun crafts a sparse, atmospheric take on the original, weaving touches of dark wave and industrial minimalism into an aesthetic entirely her own.


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“Total Care – 02/03/2023”


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