[Mix]: Rocko Garoni – NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2023


Rocko Garoni


Rocko Garoni has been socialised by Bremen’s Drum ‘n Bass scene and the Berlin Techno from the late 90s. Well experienced, he transfers his sounds into future – raw, trippy and driving.

Starting his career in the early 2000s as a DnB vinyl DJ, he often melds Breaks and straight Techno.

With his positive energy and his charismatic sounds he shakes every venue. With CDJs and also turntables, he loves to test out musical boundaries.

While leaving his mark on almost every puzzle piece in the scene, Rocko also started as a music producer. During the last five years he turned his sound to his favorite likes. As a gear freak Rocko discovers always a new way to create his kind of Techno. His releases are signed on Second State, Etruria Beat, Odd Recordings, Tresor Records.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix March 2023”


01. Planetary Assault Systems – Red
02. Mark Broom – She Don’t Like The Collar (Mike Parker Remix)
03. Zenker Brothers – Bias
04. Rene Wise – Don’t Care
05. Amotik – Daya
06. Mathys Lenne – I.F.Z.
07. Rene Wise – Changa
08. Edgar De Ramon – New Territories (Gimeno Remix)
09. Angelo Stasi – Radiation Effects
10. Kwartz – Hole
11. Yan Cook – Toucan
12. Ricardo Garduno – PMTL
13. no.name – Grind
14. A.Morgan – Zip Groove
15. Psyk – Powder
16. Answer Code Request – Calm Down
17. Daniel Bell & DBX – Losing Control (Remastered)
18. Justin Walter – 1001


“Surf EP” by Komfortrauschen x Rocko Garoni on No Love
Rocko Garoni’s “Blank EP” on Second State
Rocko Garoni’s “Ammoniak EP” on Second State
Rocko Garoni’s “Phobia EP” on Second State
compilation “Pronomina II” w/ Rocko Garoni track on Substantiv
compilation “Room 004” w/ Rocko Garoni track on Room Trax
Johannes Menzel’s “Gestalter EP” w/ Rocko Garoni remix on Suspekt
“Dirty Pattern EP” by Angioma & Blanka w/ Rocko Garoni rmx on Room Trax


Rocko Garoni
Rocko Garoni @ Soundcloud


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