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Back To Basics EP


Moments In Time




Release Date:
16th December 2022


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Hunters Bark

Basic Bitch


Basic Bitch
(Tham Percussive Remix)

Hunters Bark
(Illiya Korniyenko Remix)


Press Info:
With sounds ranging from polished juggernaut kick drums to gritty basslines & percussion, paired with old school jacking vocals, Belfast based DAHRYL is taking the scene by storm and effortlessly proving to be an artist that can sit comfortably with the elite. His latest release sees him return to Rudosa’s sought-after Techno imprint Moments In Time with another stunning offering, including three new originals and
respective remixes from Tham & Illiya Korniyenko that form his ‘Back To Basics’ EP.

The release commences with ‘Hunters Bark’, delivering a lightning-fast flurry of rattling rhythms and low-frequency growl. Its coarse industrious melodic factors retain an explicitly underground feel whilst creative use of vocal layers and modulating FX bring an abrasive feel, making it an undeniably hard-hitting introduction to the EP.

‘Basic Bitch comes next, pushing along a chugging core of pounding kick drums and murky stabs alongside progressively energetic layers of tonal percussion and cleverly- stacked hat grooves. Add the introduction of offbeat fills and ominous vocals to the mix and you’ve got yourself another largely forceful peaky-time bomb on your hands.

The last of three originals, ‘Sweat’ does exactly what it says on the tin. An unavoidably intense affair from the first beat, the mix is packed tight with an array of demanding frequencies and riveting Industrial layers from the off. A certified warehouse weapon and then some, this is raw adulterated Techno – personified.

Tham’s percussive remix of ‘Basic Bitch’ is next up, grabbing you firmly from the outset. Thumping drum work and racy hat grooves drive the track forwards amongst a sea of rave stabs and rhythmic vox shots as its corrosive melodic core bleeds deeper into the track through climatic breaks and suspenseful transitions, delivering a high-octane rollercoaster from start to finish.

Netherlands-based Illiya Korniyenko sees off the release with a blistering remix of ‘Hunters Bark’, serving up another hardened portion of creative individuality. Keeping a firm foot on the gas, its breakneck tempo is teamed perfectly with an unrelenting array of rasping tones and menacing glitchiness to give it an unparalleled level of unique character.


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“Techno Germany Podcast 052”


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