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Chronicles Of Freedom






Release Date:
25th November 2022


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Objects Around

Boyd Schidt
Rapid Love

Lilith. & Objector Trax

Ly Sas
For No One

Petit Astronaute
Diverse Fields


Press Info:
Deestricted strikes again with its third vinyl EP with a trippy excursion into Georgian landscapes and sounds.

Techno beats in favor of oppressed cultures, bring new light and freedom for all.

On November 25, 2022, Deestricted will release its third vinyl EP entitled “Chronicles Of Freedom” [DEES003], just less than a year after “Fighting In Ostkreuz” [DEES002].

For this release Deestricted decided to turn away from hard techno, where previously the label direction was predominantly focused on, and to pay a passionate and intimate tribute to Georgian technoscape and its artists, who are shaping new boundaries in the contemporary electronic music

This diverse and stomping Techno mini-compilation includes 5 gems from Irakli, Boyd Schidt, Objector Trax & Lilith, Ly Sas and Petit Astronaute.
The title takes its inspiration from the iconic monument that overlooks the city of Tbilisi called “Chronicles of Georgia” and by the strong “will of fight” of Georgian people, led by the spirit of freedom, unity, love and friendship.

Why Georgia?
Because in its capital, techno is the soundtrack of social change; in a place where anti-homophobia rallies end in violence, underground clubs are emblems of tolerance and progress.
Over the last few years, Tbilisi has become a new hotbed for the underground dance scene. Its dance scene is more than a nostalgic trip back to the 1990s in Berlin that is regularly associated and compared together.
Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia has lived through two wars and years of abject poverty. And yet, over time it nurtured a devoted underground of DJs and promoters that in the last few years, have flourished into something extraordinary.
Even more so because it represents such an exhilarating break from the past. 20 years ago Tbilisi barely had any electricity; today, it has one of the best scenes for electronic music in the world.
Just like in Berlin in the early ‘90s or the UK in the second summer of love, raves in Tbilisi have a social and political element that makes them something more than just a way of having fun. In Georgia, raving is a political act.

DEES003 translates these principles into frequencies warming the heart and taking the brain on a deep mystical journey made of cosmic synths, mesmerising sounds, driving bass-lines and syncopated rhythms chained with fast-paced percussions.
“Chronicles Of Freedom” blends different emotions that are a part of the techno culture of Tbilisi, giving them compactness and solidity that only wax can honour and inherit.

For all those who order their copy from our Bandcamp page, they will receive a copy enhanced with an illustration by the Georgian street artist Gagosh, who through his paintings and graffiti tells the feelings and contradictions of the whole country.

Giulio Urbini took care of the design, mastering was entrusted to Conor Dalton at Glowcast Audio Mastering, Berlin.




Full Track Streaming:
Boyd Schidt – “Rapid Love”

Ly Sas – “For No One”

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Irakli – “Mutant Radio w. Irakli [30.07.2022]”

Boyd Schidt – “Deestricted Podcast 063”

Lilith. & Objector Trax – “Lilith. b2b Objector Trax”

Petit Astronaute – “@ SubRadio Bcn / 07.10.22”

Ly Sas – “Deestricted Podcast 057”


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