[Mix]: Linn Elisabet – NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2022


Linn Elisabet


Linn Elisabet is a Berlin-based producer, DJ, singer, and live performer. Led by their own ethereal vocals, raw broken beats, and immersive sound design, their contemporary and transgressive interpretation of techno strives to reimagine possibility and desire. With a classically trained past in cello and church choirs, it is a given where their reverberant soundscape has its roots. Linn Elisabet has released acclaimed works on labels such as A R T S and Unitas Multiplex, as well as their own imprint Acts of Rebellion. The label expands on Elisabet’s mission: making traditional functionality and outdated policies bow for non-compliance.


“NovaFuture Blog Mix July 2022”


01. Linn Elisabet & Rå feat. MIT-Y – Rave (Autonomous Zone)
02. Ancient Methods & Tommy Four Seven – Xix
03. Znzl – The Missing Channel
04. NN – Deception
05. Manni Dee feat. Ewa Justka – London Isn’t England (Ansome Remix)
06. Öspiel – Blades and Shades
07. Linn Elisabet & Rå feat. Hybral – Beauty
08. Öspiel – The Second Before
09. Linn Elisabet – In Which I Am Reflected
10. Rave Syndicale – I Will Lead You Astray
11. Bjarki – This 5321
12. Tommy Holohan – Fear What You Don’t Understand
13. Regent – Simulation
14. Balrog – Delusion of Change
15. Varg²™ & Exploited Body – Bass2TM (Cease & Desist)
16. Peder Mannerfelt – Sissel & Bass (Perc Remix)
17. Linn Elisabet – Dysphoria Carry Me Home
18. Linn Elisabet – Emotion vs Affect (I Hear Too Much)
19. Manni Dee feat. DI-Vincent – The Remedy
20. Linn Elisabet & Rå – Reframe (Metaraph Transcension Version)
21. Linn Elisabet & Rå – Reframe


“The Hills We’ve Chosen” by Linn Elisabet & Rå on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “Dysphoria Carry Me Home EP” on Unitas Multiplex
Linn Elisabet’s “Time:We Won’t Fail” on Diffuse Reality Records
Linn Elisabet’s “Fac Ut Ardeat / Made To Burn” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “Gravity Will Keep Us Apart” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “Our Names Are Acts Of Rebellion” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s “As We Prevail” on Acts Of Rebellion
compilation “Karma 001” w/ Linn Elisabet track on Cérémonie
compilation “Énervé Part II” w/ Linn Elisabet track on Affûté
compilation “The Storms We Became” w/ L.E. track on Acts Of Rebellion
Głós’ “Wounds” w/ Linn Elisabet remix on Diffuse Reality Records


Outlined AM for Linn Elisabet


Linn Elisabet
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