out now: Linn Elisabet – Time:We Won’t Fail [Diffuse Reality Records]


Linn Elisabet


Time: We Won’t Fail


Diffuse Reality Records




Release Date:
19th November 2020


CD & digital


Ultimate Trash

You Are Made To Make Them Sing

Write Your History In Their Books
[feat. Hanna Ekström]

What, Seriously?

Except This Time We Won’t Fail

You Are Made To Make Them Sing
(Denise Rabe Remix)

Ultimate Trash
(Killawatt Remix)

Except This Time We Won’T Fail
(Electric Indigo Remix)


Press Info:
“The world can’t go under, because we have come so far. There is so much to explore and we have come so far. Don’t let that future we worked so hard for be taken away from us. We have to believe in the fact that people can digest complex concepts, about themselves, about others. We have to believe that the fault isn’t in the people, but the frames they are stuck within. This time in particular we have to believe, because this time, we won’t fail.”

Linn Elisabet is a Swedish born artist, actively involved in Berlin’s techno scene as DJ, producer, and label founder. The drive behind their involvement in music is deeply rooted in their classical music schooling – something that still prevails Linn’s own productions and track selection as an echo of the days spent in orchestras and choirs. At the same time, their fondness for raw and broken beats moulded their idiosyncratic and affectionate interpretation of techno music. For Linn alternative dance music is a world of boundless opportunities, transgressively referring to both music and gender identity. They envision it as a dynamic process liberated from established frameworks, schemes, and societal norms. Within music we can be whoever, and whatever, we want to be – a heart which is ready for anything.


Full Track Streaming:


“Vehemence №014 Audio Diary”


Linn Elisabet’s album “Fac Ut Ardeat / Made To Burn” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s single “Gravity Will Keep Us Apart” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s single “Our Names Are …” on Acts Of Rebellion
Linn Elisabet’s single “As We Prevail” on Acts Of Rebellion
Specific Objects’ “Concluded Compound” on Diffuse Reality Records


Buy CD:
Diffuse Reality Records @ Bandcampp
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Buy Digital:
Diffuse Reality Records @ Bandcampp
more soon


Linn Elisabet
Diffuse Reality Records


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