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Piece Of Mind


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Release Date:
24th June 2022


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Piece Of Mind


Press Info:
UK rave, hardcore and jungle legend Force Mass Motion is back on his own self-titled label with another of his explosive dance floor weapons.

Force Mass Motion, aka Mike Wells, is rolling out tunes at a high rate of speed and consistency. He has been doing so for decades having been right at the heart of the UK’s rave and hardcore scene since he started producing in 1989. His essential catalogue takes in all that and more, such as nu-school breaks, another sound he helped to pioneer. He has been associated with key labels over the years from the likes of Lot49 to Kingsize Records to Colin Faver’s seminal Rabbit City Records imprint. Now he is back on his own crucial label.

‘Piece Of Mind’ is a caustic fusion of bristling percussion and twitchy synths with crunchy drums. A breakdown is unexpectedly emotive, with thoughtful melodic lines making for a moment’s reflection before the heavy technoid drums bang again. It’s a timeless and knowing mix of UK dance history in one potent tune.

This is another essential and indelible production from the peerless Force Mass Motion.


Full Track Streaming:
“Piece Of Mind”


“2022 Retroid Mix Di.FM”


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Force Mass Motion


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