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Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder


Life Everywhere






Release Date:
25th March 2022


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All You Need To Love

[feat. Shark Vegas]

Life Everywhere

Love Can’t Turn To Fear

I Wonder

The Void Empire

Last Night


Press Info:
This is the second album by Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder.

After the thaw of the Cold War and throughout the 1990s, Germany stood on the edge of positive progress and experienced a true feeling of freedom, and with the fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of communism in Europe, the World breathed a sigh of relief. We all danced together in love, peace and unification. While the West let liberty run naked and dance in the streets to Techno, it also fell head over heels to do business with the East. Those countries emerging from the crippling chains of communism, became fearful that they would be taken advantage of, and therefore, they gave in to the crazed gangsters who craved for power, which they achieved through subversion, corruption and lies. On the surface however, the fear of imminent nuclear holocaust had finally been lifted, and happiness pointed the way towards a bright and optimistic future. At last, the Cold War was over. Or so we thought. Twenty- two years later, and it now seems the World is spiralling out of control once again, falling into a 21st Century version of the dark ages. George Orwell’s 1984 is actually becoming reality. Lies has replaced Truth, War is now a Peace mission, and Freedom is Slavery. Our one-time business partners are now our enemies. Ecstasy is indeed, a crime in the 21st Century. All around the Globe, humanity is confronted by über-paranoid authoritarian leaders, each bent on maintaining power at whatever cost to their country, and their people. As we stepped into this second decade of the 21st Century, the desire to return to those good old Cold War years of the 80s, had already started to manifest itself in popular culture. Not only did we see a return of the old guard, but also a new crop of young Artists were beginning to emerge, mixing every music genre that had preceded them, into a new musical cocktail.

However, it now looks like the retro nostalgia for the good ol’ 80s has returned in full, not only in the form of synthesized sound, or ABBA, but we are back to borders, hatred and division between East and West and the Cold War has suddenly become, very hot. This was the backdrop under which we composed the songs for Life Everywhere. On the surface, the songs appear to be love songs, but in reality, their subjects are veiled, clandestine warnings – to protect the innocent – thus giving the listener the opportunity to interpret them as they wish. The songs take the standpoint of what living under a strict authoritarian regime is like today, or what would it be like if suddenly you found yourself in such a life changing situation. A few of the songs are directed at these narcissistic leaders, or from their imagined viewpoint. Ice is about two lovers breaking up, but it is basically a metaphor for two countries that were once united. Alanas certainly knows all about living under a totalitarian regime. As a small child he lived in Saddam Hussain’s Iraq, and he grew up in what was then the Eastern Bloc – the Soviet Union, now it is Lithuania. Mark has lived in West-Berlin since 1978 and has experienced life in the East and West. STOLEN are from Chengdu, China. “When we started recording this album, we were fearful that the 45th President might win the US election and drag the USA deeper into nu-fascism or worse. We decided to follow on with the similar subliminal messages, as with our first album ‘Children of Nature’ – which also touched on political themes, as well as environmental subjects” This album is our way of bringing East & West together. For it is we the people, who want to live in peace and not have our dreams and desires destroyed by one man’s thirst for war and infamy. The cover artwork of Life Everywhere by Stephanie Hamer, resembles the style of 1930s Soviet posters, and it depicts a man, trying to get out of the prison cage of the World – where there is only one way out – only one escape. Due to the War in Ukraine, we decided to bring the release date forward so we could send the music to the Ukrainian troops fighting their Invaders and the Russians fighting their tyrants, in the hope it will inspire them. After all, together on the dancefloor we are ALL equal.


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