out now: Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder – Storm Warning EP [MFS]


Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder


Storm Warning EP






Release Date:
02nd July 2020




Heavy Rainfall
(Cats & Dogs Mix)

Heavy Rainfall
(Mark Reeder’s Dripping Wet Remix)

Heavy Rainfall
(Extended Weather Front Mix)


Press Info:
Heavy Rainfall is the outstanding third outtake from the highly acclaimed Children of Nature album on MFS, by Alanas Chosnau & Mark Reeder, and although the title suggests otherwise, this song is not only about the environment, or any other form of natural weather condition.

Yet, it is about the climate – the political climate.

Heavy Rainfall delivers a message of hope.

For no matter how dark it gets, if we don’t give up, we will survive.

Alanas Chosnau grew up in the Soviet Union, so he knows how his life could have turned out if the Communist regime had not collapsed.

He would never have been able to live his dream to be a singer.

Mark Reeder has lived in walled-in Berlin since the late 70s, and has had first-hand experience with the mind-controlling East German authorities.

Heavy Rainfall is about the unfortunate re-emergence of totalitarian regimes and how they can easily creep upon you and change your life, in an instant.

It’s about how they can use uncertainty to gain strengthened social control over the minds of the population, so it is also about how your thoughts are manipulated.

It’s about how your attention is diverted by trivia.
It’s about how unsustainable humanity is today.
It is an echo and a mirror of ourselves.
It’s a storm warning – and yet the message is positive.
That no matter how much Heavy Rainfall we get, we just have to wait and ride out the storm.




Full Track Streaming:


“Heavy Rainfall (Cats & Dogs Mix)”


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Buy Digital:
Mark Reeder @ Bandcamp
more soon


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Mark Reeder
Alanas Chosnau


© Photo By Martyn Goodacre

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